Mafia Summer Royale!

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Welcome to the Mafia Summer Royale! We're back with another cross-room competition, but have decided to use a different set-up this time. We're staying closer to original Mafia, so we're doing a Hydra game this time.

Once again, all rooms on PS! are allowed to send in a team of three players. These three players will together get access to an account (which the hosts - Snaquaza and ajhockeystar ) will make pre-game. They all get access to the same account and will have to play a traditional Mafia game. The goal is, to win with your faction - and the MVPs of the game will win a shoutout in the Mafia Room Intro, with a link to your room!

We'll announce which theme will be played when we know how many rooms want to sign up. Rooms are allowed to combine forces if they can't get enough (though it shouldn't be needed). Subrooms and hidden rooms are allowed to participate, as long as they are alright with being publicly mentioned. Private rooms are not allowed to participate.

Once again, there will be a thread dedicated to discussing the game on the PS! Mafia Forums. Additionally, there will be a subroom of Mafia on PS! specifically dedicated to this game and its players, so you'll have no issue finding people. We'll likely create a Discord as well.

Anyone is allowed to play for any rooms, but we'd like you to prioritise people who are active in the room, instead of random people who ask to participate. If you do need a third player, feel free to seek one out, though!

We're expecting to start July 21st, and would like to have all signups by July 14th at the latest (this gives you all 1 more week to sign up, we'll try to reach out to you with reminders if possible). Please post in this thread if you would like to join using this format (and make sure you've gotten approval from an RO).

Room: Room Name
Players: Player1, Player2, Player3

0. I am the host of the game, and my word is law. I reserve the right to modkill or sub anyone out those who break the rules. I may also change the rules midgame if I feel the need to do so. You will most likely be informed if this happens.

1. You may talk about the game outside the game thread, as this is an OC game. Once you are dead though, you cannot talk to anyone about the game. Knowledge acquired after death cannot be transferred from a dead player to a living player. You can, however, make a "bah" post within 24 hours after your death starting with "N" and a reasonable amount of "O"s. You can also talk about how sad you are, but this post must be contentless.

1.5. Outside influences (eg. Threatening, bribes, wagers, promises, alliances, trust tells) are not tolerated and will be dealt with severely.

2. Every user has a role PM. Role PMs may not be shown to other users ever.

2.5. Screenshotting is disallowed. If anyone finds a person encouraging others to screenshot or do so themselves, please be sure to report it.

3. Each day will have a deadline of XX hours. You may vote to lynch users during the day by posting "lynch USER" in bold, or "No lynch" if you don't want to lynch anyone (lynch votes will not count if they're not in the correct format!). If you wish to change votes, you must post "unlynch USER" before posting your new vote (these may be in the same post). DO NOT edit your previous post to remove the "Lynch USER".

3.5. This game, like most OC games, runs on definite plurality, in that the player with the most votes on them at deadline is lynched, regardless of if it's majority or not. Also, there are no hammers, meaning someone can exceed the amount of votes needed for "hammer", and they will only be lynched at deadline. Also, if there is a tie, nobody will be lynched.

4. Each night will have a deadline of YY hours. This gives you YY hours to send your night action.

4.5. If you're not going to do anything at night, send a PM saying "Night X - idling". This makes keeping track of things easier and informs me that you're still playing the game.

5. Do not edit your post, if you need to correct something make another post.

6. Only sign up if you know you're going to be at least fairly active. It is not necessary to post in the thread, though if you don't, inform the host that you are still active.

6.5. Activity on the server is necessary. If you are not active on PS, please don't sign up, as you will need to talk to others out of the game thread. If you cannot find others in the room to contact them about the game, use forum PMs.

7. Do not try to exploit any loopholes or circumvent the rules.

1. People sharing an account, when posting, cannot state which of the two they are. "I'm the first poster, the one that said X was scum". Nope. Sure, you can have different posting styles or whatever, but one partner who wants to cover for their partner can easily post with their style.

2. The people on the same account share everything. This includes their vote etc, so prepare for vote arguing between partners. This also includes death, when your account is out, all of you are.

3. For people saying, "Only one person has to be active, the other person can do nothing!!!!" I'll be asking you on PS/on discord etc. who has been active. You'll be subject to normal activity rules and can potentially be subbed out if you’re not active. However, if you have to be inactive for a short period of time, your teammates can take over from you! (Just make sure to let them know)

We hope everyone'll have fun! We'll post in this thread if there are any updates. If you have any questions, post them in this thread or PM the hosts on Smogon or PS.
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