Making Mentorship Banners Stack With Moderator Ones


By this I mean have the Moderator (aka custom) and Mentor banners both show at the same time.

  • People don't have to visitor message or private message moderators just so they can link them to the mentorship program
  • Makes it possible to tell if a moderator is a mentor or not without having to find the mentor list and command/control f'ing their name
  • Helps promote the mentorship program with fun clickable links
  • As a bonus it makes moderator post bits even bigger which I'm pretty sure everyone wants
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We can have double banners but I'm pretty sure we don't want this because of aesthetic reasons. There are tons of mentors that you can find who aren't mods who can redirect you to someone who can help. Also, mods, mentor or not, can help the user who is asking questions. This isn't a necessary change.

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