Marowak [QC 0/3]

  • Marowak is a powerful threat while holding Thick Club
  • Natural bulk allows it to take most neutral physical moves
  • Is slower than most other NU threats
  • Powerful STAB moves, including exclusive move Bonemerang
  • Easy to intimidate opponent to switch into another Pokemon
  • Small number of Pokemon in NU tier that can take more than one hit
  • Easy to chip away at since it doesn't tend to run leftovers
Name: Speedcreep Sub
Move 1: Bonemerang/ EQ
Move 2: Stone Edge
Move 3: Substitute
Move 4: Double Edge
Item: Thick Club
Ability: Rock Head
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 88 HP/ 252 Att/ 168 Spe
This set's strength relies on the speed investment. 168 speed EVs allows it to be faster than 4 speed EV invested base 65 Pokemon and under, but to do this the trainer must know base speeds to be able to utilize set. Speedcreep Marowak always brings a surprise factor, for it has a monstrous attack stat and is able to out-speed most common switch-ins before they can even attack. Added onto this, with Bonemerang being able to hit twice this set is a great lead to prevent the opponent from getting up hazards with Pokemon such as Golem, Bastiodon, and Probopass without any troubles, and Focus Sash leads such as Banette are slower and killed in one turn. The set allows for Marowak to continue to have bulk while being able to be faster than opponent, where it is useful in situations such as facing Bulk Up sweepers like Throh. Important walls are now slower than Marowak with this investment, most importantly Alomomola. It is faster than Tangela, but with Regenerator and grass typing it would be difficult to make use of being faster. Pokes such as Eelektross, Glaceon, and Roselia that were faster than Marowak are now slower when they have the correct set. Predict the switch correctly and you can set up a substitute while the opponent brings those pokes in only to get OHKOed or 2HKOed. Substitute is a stable for the set, for it can be used as a scouting move or to sponge status effects and is easy to set up because of the intimidating factor of Marowak. As a bonus, due to ground typing, Marowak doesn't have to worry about becoming slower due to pesky T-Wavers. It also doesn't have to worry about constantly switching in while Stealth Rocks are on the field due to typing, so HP can be preserved for creating substitutes.

[Additional Comments]
While being able to take physical attacks because of its natural defensive bulk, it can't take multiple because of lack of recovery. Marowak's great attack stat relies on Thick Club, and without it Marowak is mediocre at best. With that said, Leftovers doesn't even become viable. Marowak doesn't look the speediest, so it is great to surprise the enemy, but getting greedy is a mistake with it. Confirm the enemy's set to make sure you out-speed, they could run a more offensive build or they might have a rogue 8 Spe investment on their base 65. A strong special attack will crush your Marowak's soul, so a special wall on the team is generally a good idea. Water types such as Mantine and, more importantly, Samurott are still faster with this EV spread, so watch out. Custom EV investment into Spe could allow Marowak to be faster, but that only draws away from the bulk that the set still needs. Golurk can live a Bonemerang somewhat comfortably without a crit and still set up SR if you try to kill it before it sets up. Your own SR and spikes support greatly increases your OHKO and 2HKO range with Bonemerang, for example physically defensive Lickilicky is OHKO with it after SR. Meganium and Tangela, along with any other bulky grass type, will be the hardest counter to Marowak. Fire Punch can be run over Double Edge, but you would be losing a strong general coverage that gives you no recoil. Beware of encore trappers, for almost every one out there in the NU will be faster. Predictions are this set's best friend, so paying attention to team preview will be rewarding if you guess the opponents switch-ins correctly.


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I'm not sure if this is a set or an update.. If this is an update, make sure you post here, stating that you are taking this analysis. If this is an update, you'll also need an [Other Options] and a [Checks and Counters] section.

However, if you just decided to post a simple set, then all you need is [SET COMMENTS] and [ADDITIONAL COMMENTS]; you don't need an Overview. Also, having your info in bullet points all the way through is recommended, as it would save you a lot of work if this is rejected.
Hopefully I helped you out! :D


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You need to follow the C&C guidelines by starting with a bullet point skeleton of what you're going say in the set. In addition, this set isn't different enough from the set already on-site to be considered separately. You should also consider doing a full revamp of the whole Pokemon. Look at other skeletons for help, or ask a QC member.

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