Masuda Method Without Shiny Charm

I restored it back to an earlier version before stuff began disappearing. Unless someone else wants to take the lead and create a new one with editing restriction, I can go ahead a be the maintainer for this.
I'll start off with 100 Froakie eggs. I can't remember the region my foreign spitback is from, but I think it might be French. My pack is English, U.S. as region.
I'm a bit busy at the moment, but I'll report back when I get this done.
I am pledging 300 eggs. The ditto is 6iv Jpn while the Doublade is 4iv Eng. I shall commence at once! I will return after 100 eggs

Wow! 13 eggs in and I got a shiny female honedge. I will still be hatching eggs but of a new pokemon. will that change anything?
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Can I add to this with pledges I've already completed? I went for batches of 100 and kept at it... in 800 Honedge I got 2 shinies (1 at 654, 1 at 702) and in 400 Marill's I got one shiny at 388. I don't want to add my details if they can't be considered valid considering pledging after hatching, however I'm about to work on a Treecko so I will pledge 300 eggs to that and update when completed.
Ill help. I pledge you batches of 30.Will be updating.
Edit:Batch 1 0-30 no shinies will continue the mudkip.Parents are mudkip English and mudkip Japanese.Will switch when acquired
Edit:Batch 2 finished Tipped 3000 $No shinies.
Edit:Batch 3 completed no shiny
Batch 4 no shinies
Batch 5 no shinies
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In 900 Treecko I got two shinies, 1 at 94 and 1 at 814. I'm terrible at spreadsheets so if somebody could update information on my behalf i would greatly appreciate it.
I pledge 1000 Lapras eggs in batches of 100 each.
Batch 1: None
Batch 2: None
Batch 3: None
Batch 4: None
Batch 5: None
Batch 6: None
Batch 7: None
Batch 8: None
Batch 9: None
Batch 10: None

Since I'm actually trying to get a shiny, I pledge 500 more.

Batch 11: None
Batch 12: None
Batch 13: None
Batch 14: None
Batch 15: None

Ugggg... I'm just gonna pledge 100 at a time...

Batch 16: None
Batch 17: None
Batch 18: None
Batch 19: #1867 was a shiny
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I haven't transfered up my living dex, because most of it is in White and I want to move it to White 2, to get the Shiny Charm there. Been breeding Froakie eggs today/yesterday. I bred the first 30 or so with a Spanish Frogadier and Japanese Ditto, before switching the Spanish Frogadier for an English Greninja when I bred a better Froakie. I'm up to 170 hatched now. Not one Shiny.
If nothing else, at least I got a Greninja I can use online, because I didn't bother breeding one before this. :P

I added myself to the spreadsheet, if that's OK. I was going to add a rating of 9 to my tipping scale, but for some reason I can't edit that column.
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I have a long-term non shiny charm MM project going, I thought I may as well share my results. I will add myself to the spreadsheet today.

So Vivillion, huh? I got it into my head that I'd quite like to have all of the shiny forms as well as the regular ones. I discovered that by resetting a game with the available region settings of a European 3DS I have access to 14 of the 18 Vivillion patterns. So I have been resetting my Y with different region settings, playing up until I get the bike in Cyllage, then going back to the breeding centre and trading with my X for the parents (JPN 4IV male Vivillion@Destiny Knot and an ENG 5/6IV modest female Vivillion@Everstone with a good pokéball) and MMing until I get a shiny Scatterbug.

Because I do not have access to the central part of Lumiose City, I hatch the eggs as I go with a Flame Body Fletchinder in-party, collecting new ones and depositing hatched ones as needed. When I get a shiny, I take the parents out and hatch any eggs that are left over and trade the parents and the shiny back to X. I can't pledge any numbers but I can update with my results if that's OK.

Running Total:
Archipelago - 87th egg
Monsoon - 1079th egg
Tundra - 2615th egg
Polar - 4180 and counting...
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Since I need +250 Pokemon to finish the Dex I'll contribute. The parents are Ditto from Japanese BW and Charizard from Spanish BW. I pledge to breed 1000 eggs, after I finish my current project.
EDIT: I forgot to memtion that I use Everstone on Ditto amd Destiny Knot on Charizard. I will do 10 batches (100 eggs each) and I will tip 1000 to the camera guy on Route 7.

Well, that was shorter than expected.

Batch 1: 0/100 shinies
Batch 2: 0/100 shinies
Batch 3: 0/100 shinies
Batch 4: 0/100 shinies
Batch 5: 0/100 shinies
Batch 6: 0/100 shinies
Batch 7: 0/100 shinies
Batch 8: 0/100 shinies
Batch 9: 1/100 shinies Egg #817 was shiny
Batch 10: 0/100 shinies

That equals 1/1000 shinies

Also fuck tipping. It slows down the egg rate. You guys'll have to wait till I get the oval charm before I ever get back to this post
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