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  • Meloetta acts as an incredible balance breaker, being capable of breaking through a wide variety of the metagame's best offensively and defensively built threats.
  • With its considerable bulk and power, Meloetta can take out several offensive threats like Mega Charizard, Greninja, Porygon-Z, Mega Gardevoir, and Garchomp without fear of being KO'd.
  • Additionally, Meloetta uses setup moves to break through top tier defensive threats like Magearna, Kee Berry Mew, Zygarde, Mega Altaria, and Mega Venusaur.
  • Sadly, though, Meloetta is mostly limited to using its STAB moves, meaning it is very easily walled off by pokemon with type resistances like Mega Metagross, Celesteela, Mega Sableye, Ferrothorn, and Registeel.
  • In addition, Meloetta has relatively low Defense, which leads to it having issues when matched up against some of the more prominent physical attackers of the metagame like Choice Band Victini, Donphan, Mega Mawile, Sawk, and Mega Medicham.

name: come on!
move 1: Celebrate
move 2: Hyper Beam
move 3: Laser Focus
move 4: Psychic / Psyshock
item: Normalium Z
ability: Serene Grace
nature: Modest
evs: 248 HP / 132 Def / 12 SpA / 16 SpD / 100 Spe


  • Celebrate is the backbone of this set, as it is used alongside Normalium Z to boost all of Meloetta's stats, which aids it in reliably handling threats like offensive Mega Charizard-X, non-Crunch Mega Gyarados, and Serperior.
  • Hyper Beam is Meloetta's main damage dealing move, and can be used alongside Normalium Z to become a destructive Breakneck Blitz, which also mitigates the need to recharge on the following turn.
  • Laser Focus is an important stallbreaking tool that Meloetta uses to deal with SpD boosters like Mega Gardevoir, Kee Berry Mew, Clefable, and Deoxys-S.
  • Psychic is Meloetta's secondary STAB move that is helpful for hitting the Ghost and Rock types like Aegislash, Z-Conversion Porygon-Z, and Mega Diancie that would otherwise resist Hyper Beam in addition to breaking potential Substitutes from pokemon like Zygarde, Landorus-T, Garchomp, Primarina, and Serperior.
  • Psyshock is an alternative Psychic type STAB to Psychic that performs the same role, but deals physical damage in the interest of aiding matchups against Vivillon, Nihilego, and Mirror Coat Avalugg at the expense of being unable to break Zygarde's Substitute.

Set Details

  • 248 HP and 132 Def allow Meloetta to withstand the combination of Fake Out and Giga Impact from Jolly Mega Lopunny.
  • 100 Spe ensures that Meloetta outpaces Timid Magnezone and Serperior after using Z-Celebrate.
  • 16 SpD allows Meloetta to withstand a Blast Burn from Timid Mega Charizard-Y.
  • 12 Spa with a Modest nature ensures that Meloetta KOs offensive Magnezone with the combination of Breakneck Blitz followed by Hyper Beam.
  • Normalium Z grants Meloetta the ability to use any of Z-Celebrate, Breakneck Blitz, or Z-Laser Focus.

Usage Tips

  • You want to think your moves carefully when using Meloetta. You will be using your Normalium Z in just about every matchup, with several variances in how you go about using it:
    • The most prevalent instance will be using Z-Celebrate against opposing pokemon that you need the boosts against like offensive Mega Charizard, Porygon-Z, Kee Berry Mew, Zygarde, Kommo-o Serperior, and Tapu Fini. Pokemon like these all mandate that you either outspeed them, outbulk them, overpower them, or any combination of the three, which is why you lead with Z-Celebrate against them.
    • The next most common case is when you'd just go for the KO as soon as possible with Breakneck Blitz against pokemon like Greninja, offensive Magnezone, Mega Blaziken, Haxorus, Kartana, and Mega Lopunny, as these pokemon would simply overwhelm you if you went for Z-Celebrate.
    • Laser Focus is to be used sparingly and only for fringe cases against SpD boosters that Psyshock can't handle like Mega Gardevoir, opposing Meloetta, Kee Berry Mew, Clefable, and Stored Power Necrozma. Against all of these threats besides Clefable, you'd need to use Z-Celebrate and then Laser Focus, as a critical hit from +0 Breakneck Blitz isn't as reliable at KOing these as a +1 critical hit from Hyper Beam, in addition to needing to outspeed Mew and Mega Gardevoir.
  • The Psychic type moves are typically only to be used for the sake of breaking Substitutes from pokemon like Landorus-T, Garchomp, and Serperior. Against Landorus-T and Garchomp, in particular, you need to be wary of the potential that they use Rock Tomb to make you slower once again after using Z-Celebrate, as this means they can just use Substitute again to block out your Hyper Beam while a +1 Psychic move isn't necessarily guaranteed to KO them at 75%.
  • Against Porygon-Z, it's best to lead off with Z-Celebrate, as this will ensure Meloetta survives any combination of attacks from Choice Scarf Porygon-Z, in addition to allowing it to outspeed Normalium Z Porygon-Z in the event that they attempt to KO Meloetta with Breakneck Blitz instead of Z-Converting. If Porygon-Z Converts into Ghost, it should be easy to take it down with Meloetta's Psychic type moves, though it may be necessary to use Laser Focus if Meloetta is equipped with Psyshock in place of Psychic, as many Normalium Z Porygon-Z sets are often built with a lot of Def EVs. If Porygon-Z Converts into any other type, a Laser Focus followed by a Hyper Beam should be sufficient to blast them away, while they fail at KOing Meloetta with anything other than Dark Pulse.

Team Options

  • Meloetta appreciates backup from the various Ground types like Zygarde, Landorus-T, Donphan, Garchomp, and Krookodile that cover the Steel and Rock types that resist Meloetta's STABs. In turn, Meloetta handles the Water types that threaten these pokemon like non-Crunch Mega Gyarados, Choice Specs Greninja, Primarina, Tapu Fini, and Manaphy.
  • Physically bulky pokemon like Mega Metagross, Mega Slowbro, and Mega Aggron all serve to handle the powerful physical attackers that would otherwise overwhelm Meloetta, while it returns the favor by covering special attackers like Mega Charizard-Y, Choice Specs Greninja, Porygon-Z, Aegislash, and Kommo-o.
  • Particular pokemon like Kommo-o, Primarina, Mega Altaria, Mega Blaziken, and Pheromosa act quite nicely as partners for Meloetta on account of their resistances to the Bug and Dark type attacks that threaten it. Meanwhile, Meloetta covers particular threats to them like Tapu Lele, Mega Gardevoir, Tapu Fini, and opposing Mega Altaria.

name: Calm Mind + Laser Focus
move 1: Calm Mind
move 2: Laser Focus
move 3: Uproar
move 4: Psyshock
item: Normalium Z
ability: Serene Grace
nature: Modest
evs: 248 HP / 148 Def / 40 SpA / 16 SpD / 56 Spe


  • Calm Mind is an important setup move that boosts up Meloetta's special stats by one stage in order to aid it in beating Type:Null and Manaphy
  • Laser Focus is used alongside Calm Mind to bypass special stage changes in order to take on Magearna and Stored Power Necrozma.
  • Uproar is Meloetta's base move for Breakneck Blitz, in addition to being a useful regular move for going through Torrent Greninja, Jumpluff, Serperior, and Whimsicott's Substitute.
  • Psyshock is Meloetta's secondary STAB attack that allows it to deal damage to Ghost types like Aegislash and Mega Gengar in addition to dealing physical damage in the interest of aiding matchups against Nihilego and Mirror Coat Avalugg.
  • Hyper Beam can be used in place of Uproar or its Psychic STAB for the extra damage against certain threats like Mega Slowbro, Magnezone, Registeel, and stall Deoxys-S, but sacrifices either the ability to bypass Substitutes or the ability to deal with Ghost and Rock types.

Set Details

  • 248 HP and 148 Def allow Meloetta to withstand the combination of Fake Out and Giga Impact from Jolly Mega Lopunny as well as giving it the best odds it can get for withstanding the combination of Tectonic Rage + Ice Shard from Donphan.
  • 56 Spe ensures that Meloetta outpaces non-Timid Magearna.
  • 40 Spa with a Modest nature ensures that Meloetta gets the OHKO with Breakneck Blitz against offensive Mega Charizard-X, Landorus-T, and Mega Lopunny.
  • 16 SpD allows Meloetta to withstand a Blast Burn from Timid Mega Charizard-Y.
  • Normalium Z grants Meloetta the ability to use either Breakneck Blitz or Z-Laser Focus.

Usage Tips

  • You want to be very selective with how you go about using Meloetta, as different matchups have different ways that they are ideally played out.
    • Breakneck Blitz is very powerful, but not powerful to get OHKOs on too many threats, and as such, should only be used immediately against particular pokemon that aren't naturally specially defensive like offensive Mega Charizard-X, Greninja, Porygon-Z, Landorus-T, Haxorus, Kartana, and Naganadel.
    • Calm Mind is necessary for breaking through bulkier threats like Magearna, Tapu Lele, opposing Meloetta, Aegislash, Primarina, Heatran, Mega Venusaur, Necrozma, Porygon2, and Type:Null.
      • Mega Charizard-Y only requires a single use of Calm Mind before Meloetta can OHKO it with Breakneck Blitz. Setting up any further only gives them more opportunities to flinch Meloetta with Air Slash.
      • Against Magearna, in particular, Meloetta only needs to set up to +3 before using Laser Focus followed by Breakneck Blitz. Setting up further only gives Magearna more chances to land critical hits or outright KO Meloetta.
      • Against Type:Null, you will need to have Meloetta burn through all of its Calm Mind PP in order to match Type:Null's Confide PP; if they otherwise let Meloetta have a free boost, you can just lay into them with a boosted Breakneck Blitz. Once this process is done, Meloetta can begin using Psychic to fish for a Serene Grace boosted SpD drop, thus allowing it to overwhelm Type:Null while it fails to do any significant damage to Meloetta with Flame Charge.
      • Against Kyurem, it is ideal to set up with Calm Mind as much as possible in order to minimize any potential damage from its attacks, then follow up with using Psychic repeatedly in order to fish for SpD drops and eventually overwhelm Kyurem with a Laser Focus-boosted Breakneck Blitz.

Team Options

  • Meloetta appreciates assistance from physical attackers and stallbreakers like Taunt Mega Gyarados, Choice Band Garchomp, Mega Mawile, Taunt Mega Tyranitar, and Mega Blaziken that threaten the specially defensive pokemon that Meloetta fails to pressure offensively. In turn, Meloetta covers the bulky offense threats like Zygarde, Primarina, Mega Altaria, and Krookodile.
  • Meloetta welcomes pokemon like Z-Move Dragonite, Zygarde, Kommo-o, Mega Altaria, and Donphan that either completely wall or break down the Sturdy users that overpower Meloetta. Meloetta returns the favor by handling threats like Magearna, Greninja, Tapu Lele, Clefable, and Necrozma.
  • Prominent Dark types like Mega Tyranitar, Incineroar, Krookodile, and Scrafty cover Meloetta's problem with pokemon that are immune to its STABs, in addition to handling various other threats. Meanwhile, Meloetta covers their backs by handling the Fairy type threats like Magearna, Tapu Lele, Mega Gardevoir, Primarina, and Mega Altaria.

Other Options

  • Meloetta can alternatively use a Choice Specs set that takes advantage of its immediate power and access to a wide variety of coverage moves like Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, and Hidden Power Fire that enable it to power through opponents that its Normalium Z sets can't handle, like specially defensive Mega Charizard-X, Mega Slowbro, Mega Tyranitar, Ferrothorn, and Incineroar at the expense of being able to set up and needing so many Spa EVs that you can't afford to bulk as much.
  • Hyper Voice is an alternative to Uproar that deals the same damage and allows Meloetta to freely choose a move after its use, but isn't capable of blocking stally threats like Type:Null and some Mega Slowbro from using Rest.

Checks and Counters

**Type Resistances**: With Meloetta being so reliant on its STABs, it is left susceptible to pokemon that resist them like Mega Metagross, Celesteela, Mega Tyranitar, Mega Aggron, Ferrothorn, and Jirachi, or just resisting Normal type moves and being able to deal with the damage from Meloetta's Psychic STABs like Gigalith, Mega Lucario, Marowak-Alola, and Rhyperior.

**Overwhelming Offense**: While Meloetta does its best to withstand what it can, there are still a plethora of pokemon that either outright KO it or set up to do so, like Dragonite, Mega Mawile, Choice Band Victini, Grassium Z Kartana, Choice Band Archeops, Mega Medicham, and Tapu Bulu.

**Super-effective Attacks**: On top of Meloetta's frailty, it also suffers from its weaknesses to Bug and Dark types that pokemon like Crunch Mega Gyarados, Genesect, Hoopa-Unbound, Incineroar, and Volcarona take advantage of.

**Special Bulk**: Pokemon Mega Charizard-X, Mega Blaziken, and Kyurem can invest into their special bulk in order to withstand Meloetta's attacks and ensure the win, or otherwise set up by increasing their SpD or lowering Meloetta's Spa and win by eventually stalling down Meloetta like Mega Slowbro, Z-Thunder Wave Togekiss, Registeel, Mega Scizor, Chansey, and Umbreon.

**Sturdy**: Pokemon with the ability Sturdy like Crustle, Sawk, Magneton, Carracosta, and Golem all threaten Meloetta by being able to withstand a single attack from Meloetta and proceed to KO it with their combinations of moves.

**Type Immunities**: Certain pokemon like Mega Sableye, Aegislash, and Plasma Fists Zeraora can negate pretty much any attack from Meloetta and safely KO it, Aegislash in particular needing a move of its own to damage Meloetta with, in addition to a move like Metal Sound or Laser Focus in order to get around Meloetta's special boosts.

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