Media Metalheads Thread III

does anyone have any suggestions/recs to get into more extreme metal? I already have long crossed the bridge of not minding uncleans (children of bodom and opeth are my two most listened to bands in general lol), but have a harder time finding consistency in enjoying harsher music that doesn't immediately give melodies to attach to or stuff along those lines
Extreme metal can still be very melodic (CoB and Opeth both used to be death metal bands, granted of different subgenre, but still death metal, which is extreme metal). If you are looking for stuff that is simply just harsh without really much form of melody, I would highly recommend Anaal Nathrakh and Trespasser. For AN, I would suggest starting with The Constellation of the Black Widow and for Trespasser, Чому не вийшло is much harsher than their second album.
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