Announcement Mew Suspect Voter Identification Thread

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Hey, it's me!
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Post here if you've achieved the suspect requirements, which are a minimum of 73.5 GXE and at least 50 games played.

Please post a screenshot that shows your alt having the requirement, as well as proof that the alt belongs to you. Make sure all the information is shown or your post will be ignored. Remember that your alt must start with "1VMS" to count.

The suspect period will end February 3rd, 11:59 PM EST.
I guess just having a 7 in it is lucky (makes sense)
74, 97, 27
s/o to Vikavolt, who got me more 3-0 wins than it really should
Edit: Also Steelix, for the same reason
Finally, <3 Elo Bandit Senpai
I miss the old mew
Z Move or stall mew
The balanced wall mew
Fun overall mew
I hate the new mew
Annoying move mew
What can I do mew
Imprison you mew
I miss the fair mew
Sets you can bear mew
I've got to say that back in USUM
I'd want to share mew
See I invented mew
It wasn't any mew
But now I look and look around and there's so many mew
What if mew played 1v1 against another mew?
Which mew would imprison first, man that'd be so mew!
Beating you is such a chore mew
You were so great before mew
That's why nobody adores you anymore mew


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