Mew (Update) (QC 3/3) [GP 2/2]

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yep it looks good pk, i just have one comment really:

Its counters are mainly based on its final coverage move. (...) That detail is Mew's biggest trump card, so keep your opponent's perception of Mew in mind when you're attempting to sweep with it.</p>

still not the biggest fan of the bolded portion - what exactly do you mean by it? i would sort of understand that information (mew's moveset) being useful for *you*, for example in deciding what opposing mons you need to remove/ weaken, but i don't really get where your opponent's perception of Mew's choice of coverage move comes into the picture. do you just mean that its surprise value/ flexibility can catch your opponent off guard and net you kills?
Yeah, more or less.

Your opponent is basically forced to guess if it wants to counter Mew, because that last coverage move can kill different threats. It sounds awkward though, it be best if I just removed it.

EDIT: Yeah i'm just going to remove it, this is done.
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Confused over the EVs and nature for first mew set. 240 Def 16 Spe Timid hits 296 Def 264 Spe, while 144 Def 112 Spe Bold hits 299 Def 264 Spe. You can actually go 108 Spe without much loss since its only for Breloom, so would be 300 Def 263 Speed.

Also the Nastyplot set only needs 216 Speed EVs to outspeed neutral Kyu-B unless its running 30 speed IVs for some reason. 31 IVs 216 EVs hits 290 while Kyu-B with 31 IVs neutral hits 289.
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Good catch, i'll change that now.

The skeletons are outdated so you don't have to worry about them. (I decided against mentioning that spread on the Nasty Plot set)

This is ready for upload now.
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