Tournament Middle Cup Tournament [Won by Dibs The Dreamer]

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Welcome to Smogon's first-ever (semi-official) Middle Cup tournament!​

  • All Smogon tournament rules and guidelines apply
  • This tournament will be a best-of-3, single-elimination tournament. You must beat your opponent twice to advance to the next round.
  • All Middle Cup rules apply. This means no eviolite and Pokemon must be at level 50. The current Middle Cup banlist applies - if something is suspected and banned during a round, that round may continue using that Pokemon but the following weeks may not.
  • In order to accommodate all Pokemon and abilities, please challenge your opponent in the 'Ubers' format. Don't however bring an Ubers team. Middle Cup teams pls. If Middle Cup becomes a playable format on PS before this tournament ends, that format will be used instead.
  • Please link replays after each match. Middle Cup is still a very young metagame and having additional data on the Pokemon available allows me to supply its playerbase with better resources.
Sign-ups will close at Noon EST on July 1st. Please post 'in' if you would like to participate.

If you're new to Middle Cup, these resources may prove useful to you:
Middle Cup discussion thread
Preliminary Viability Rankings (analyses are linked in the VR)

Round 1 Match-Ups
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