Mississippi State University PCs and MSSes!

So I run Premier Challenges way down south in Starkville, Mississippi. Our region doesn't have many Premier Challenges to begin with, so if you're in the area you should definitely swing by for some CP. We've had pretty good turnouts, averaging about 15 people for each, and hopefully I can break 20 with my upcoming PCs and break records for MSSes this April!

My tournaments are held in various places around Mississippi State University, usually. I have done cash prizes in the past for PCs, but for the next few PCs I won't be doing that in the interest of getting money for the league to do bigger and cooler stuff. Also, I'm tired of giving Sam and Mitchell all the money. Cash prizes will return someday!

My current lineup/schedule:

March 25th: Premier Challenge in McCain Hall - This isn't sanctioned yet, but will be soon! Entry will be FREE this time, and we will have free food as well because this will be during our 12-hour Gaming Marathon! This is a once-a-semester event we put on with the help of a bunch of other student organizations on campus where we just hang out, enjoy free food, and play whatever people want to play for 12 hours straight. The winner will win a free 1-day ticket to the Tupelo Comic Con. Registration starts at 9am, and closes at 12am.

April 1st: Midseason Showdown at the Tupelo Comic Con - Visit http://www.tupelocomiccon.org/pokemon-midseason-showdown/ for more info!

Parking Information
Parking is free on Saturdays, unless there is a football game that day. http://www.parkingservices.msstate.edu/parking/maps/
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