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Have you ever thought, “Why isn't Poison super-effective against Water?" “Steel should be super-effective against Dragon to represent the knights of old!" “We need MORE LOGIC in our type chart!"

Well then, sucks to be you.

Introducing... Mix&Matchups!(coders pls)
Where every month once in a while, a set of matchups are randomly generated to make a fresh new type chart!

The Current Typechart

This metagame will follow the OU banlist and standard clauses.
All inherent immunities remain the same, i.e.
-Fire can't be burned
-Ice can't be frozen
-Electric can't be paralyzed
-Poison and Steel can't be poisoned
-Grass is immune to powder/Leech Seed
-Flying is immune to Spikes/T-Spikes
-Ground is immune to Thunder Wave
However, as Stealth Rock is based on the typechart, it now does double damage on Grass, Electric and Ice types instead.

It would be great if someone could code this!

Previously OU Pokemon might to find themselves new jobs or die out, whereas previously less viable 'mons with interesting typings could make a comeback and get a chance to shine! Things sure are weird in this Arceus-forsaken OM. For example...

The only 'mons that take 50% damage from Stealth Rock now are Rotom-F, Rotom-C and Abomasnow (and Snover too I guess). Flying types actually resist Stealth Rock O_O. Speaking of which...

Talonflame now has a sweet 7 resistances and 2 immunities, with only 1 weakness, and a Stealth Rock resistance. Unfortunately, Flying moves aren't as good as they used to be.

Knock Off has been knocked off(hehehe) it's pedestal, with 7 resists and 1 immunity. It's only super effective against Electric now, which means defensive 'mons can probably breathe more easily now.

Good ol' BoltBeam and EdgeQuake have been replaced by other great offensive pairs. For example, Normal/Electric is only resisted by Volt Absorb Lanturn, and Return and Thunderbolt are fairly common moves.(BolTurn?)

I made this OM because I wanted to bring back the freshness of our first Pokemon games, when we had to slowly pick up the matchups as we went along, learning which attack to use on the foe's Pokemon. Except this time, you get a handy little typechart to refer to! Welcome back, and I hope you all enjoy this OM!

How was this typechart made?
Rest assured, this typechart was generated as randomly as possible. I used random.org to assign each of the 324 match-ups a number from 10 to 90. Anything numbered 10 or 11 was an immunity, 12 to 24 became Super Effective and 25 to 39 became Not Very Effective. This, I now realise, is not the most efficient of methods. Later, after some suggestions from TheEeveeGeneral and Hollywood(long may they reign), Flying was made SE against Poison and a few more match-ups were changed so that the number of immunities, weaknesses and resistances were the same as the official typechart.
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PSA: If someone could help code this OM that'd be great

Good Attack Pairs

Below are some of the better attack pairs for this new typechart. Attack pairs with fully evolved STAB users will be bolded. Really really good attack pairs will be one size larger.

Resisted by Water/Normal, Water/Rock, Water/Ground, Water/Steel

Resisted by Water/Normal, Grass/Normal, Water/Flying, Grass/Flying

Resisted by Water/Flying, Grass/Flying

Resisted by Lanturn only

Resisted by Ghost/Flying, Ghost/Water, Ice/Flying, Ice/Water (Abilities not considered)

Resisted by Ghost/Flying

Resisted by Flying/Ghost, Flying/Ground, Flying/Ice, Grass/Ghost, Grass/Ice

Resisted by Psychic/Ground, Psychic/Ghost, Psychic/Ice (Abilities not considered)

Resisted by Mantine only

Resisted by Flying/Poison, Flying/Rock, Flying/Steel, Flying/Fairy (Abilities not considered)

Resisted by Flying/Fighting, Flying/Rock (Abilities not considered)

No Resists

Resisted by Mantine, Cacturne, Maractus, Cradily

Steel/Electric Resisted by Flying/Fighting, Flying/Rock, Flying/Psychic (Abilities not considered)

Resisted by Grass/Fire, Grass/Fairy

Resisted by Dark/Fighting, Dark/Rock, Dark/Psychic (Abilities not considered)
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sludge bomb is better than sludge wave
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Love this idea. It's kinda hard to determine how this metagame will pan out, since good typings will be completely dependent on other good typings. Anyway, Here are a few observations on common OU Pokemon :
  • Aegislash is now weak to Normal, Poison, Electric, and Ice, only two of which are common, and even then, Electric and Ice aren't quite as present as, say, Ground or Fire or Dark. However, it only resits Grass, Rock, and Bug, which makes a huge difference between the massive number of resistances he usually has. Aegislash's main trait, the fact that it can spam Shadow Ball and hit 90% of the metagame, is relatively unhindered given that only Flying resists it. However, there are far more Flying types in OU than Dark types. While OU-Aegilsash can use Sacred Sword to hit most of Shadow Ball's resists in OU, Sacred Sword hits Flying types neutrally, and Iron Head doesn't hit them at all. Shadow Ball is now resisted by Talonflame, Charizard, Mega Pinsir (although it can't switch in before evolvong), Gyarados, Zapdos, Gliscor, Mandibuzz, Thundurus, Landorus, Landorus-T Skarmory, and Dragonite. Of those, Talonflame and Charizard completely wall it, and pretty much everything else loses to Life Orb Flash Cannon unless it's running a SpD set. So yeah, it's a bit of a mixed bag for Aegislash, and the fact that two of the greatest forces in the metagame completely stop it is not good for it.
  • Charizard-X is 4x weak to Normal which is kinda hilarious. Other than that, it's still weak to Ground, which doesn't change many of its scarfed checks, and resists Poison, Electric, Ice, Dragon, Dark, and Fairy. Defensively, it may be even better than it used to be, and that's saying something. Funnily enough, going by its dual STAB alone, it tends to be walled by the same things as before, notably Azumarill, Heatran, Quagsire, and bulky Grounds in general. However, Earthquake can be used to hit Ground types as well as Fire types, so it's very good coverage for XZard. It'll be interesting to see if he'll be better or worse in this metagame.
  • Deoxys-S doesn't gain or lose much offensively, but that doesn't really matter. what does matter is what Psych Boot hits and doesn't hit. And unfortunanely, the 4 types that do resist it ( Fighting, Steel, Dragon and Fairy) are very common. Superpower hits Dragons but doesn't help too much other than that. Ice beam is moe useful, hitting Fighting and Steel, but sill leaves Deoxys walled by Fairies. I can see the standard set becoming Psycho Boost/Superpower/Ice Beam/Thunderbolt.
  • Landorus-I looks even better defensively since it has a 4x resistance to Stealth Rock, and is only weak to Ice which it was weak to anyway. However, more things now resist its main STAB, though, on the other hand, no type is completely immune to Ground. Things in OU that resist Landorus's combo of Earth Power, Focus Blast and Psychic include Skarmory, Gyarados, and Dragonite. And Sludge Wave doesn't do much against any of these either. So yeah, offensively things aren't looking great for everyone favorite stallbreaker.
  • Things aren't really good for Thundurus defensively since it's now weak to Water, Dragon, Grass, Electric, and Dark, although it does lose its weakness to Rocks, which is a great advantage for it. And, hilariously enough, Hidden Power is unable to give him perfect coverage, since Hidden Power Normal does not exist. Thundurus has to contend with either HP Ghost or Uproar, which has the downside of locking him in. However, Thundurus can run a very efficient mixed of physical set with Return and Thundrbolt/Wild Charge. But one of the biggest reasons Thundurus is such a defining force in the metagame is for hit ability to stop almost any sweep with Prankster Thunder Wave, and the fact that Ground types are no longer immune to it helps it in that regard.
  • Talonflame's ability to spam Brave Bird and revenge kill pretty much anything is heavily compromised by the existence on, not one, but two Flying immunities. This is a massive problem for the bird, since it can no longer revenge kill the likes of Charizard-X, Gyarados, Keldeo, Azumarill, and Volcarona (which is hilarious when you remember that Talonflame is possibly the single best counter to Volcarona in OU)
That took longer than I thought, I'll update the list later.
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The picture doesn't show... but I'm kinda confused...
According to the dropbox link...
Fairy x Normal = 65?
Just ignore the numbers in the boxes. Abenx used them for generating the type effectiveness (which is why I think it should be redone to look a little cleaner) but otherwise they mean nothing.
  • Bug/Ground is resisted by Mismagius, Gengar, and Cryogonal due to Levitate.
  • Bug/Electric is resisted only by Marowak due to its Ability.
  • Ghost/Grass has no Ability-related resists because there are no Flying-types with Sap Sipper.
  • Ghost/Electric is resisted by Emolga and Thundurus-T due to their Abilities.
  • Steel/Electric is only resisted by
    Mega Sceptile due to Lightningrod.
  • Fire/Electric is resisted only by Seaking to due Lightningrod.
Electric is the new Ice in just about every way (four weaknesses, SR weakness, good offensive typing), except it doesn't even resist itself.
Rock/Water has a whopping FOUR immunities and is only weak to Bug/Steel, and I haven't mentioned its resistances. It's a good time to be a fossil!
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