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Stallion I think that it's way easier on all of us for you just give us whatever times you are available in the next few weeks using your Australian pixie time, and we will collectively vote from those times.

You have the most difficult restrictions followed by Texas. So if you give us your availability these next few weeks, I'll convert it into real time for the rest of us to vote on.
This is the preliminary list of what keepers have been lost as of this year as well as remaining years for the rest of the keepers going into this year. Let me know if you think something is amiss (it probably isn't).

Los Banditos: loses - Charlie Blackmon and Corey Kluber; 1 year remaining - Manny Machado; 2 years remaining - Gary Sanchez, Kyle Schwarber, Yu Darvish

Black Sox: loses - none; 1 year remaining - Dee Gordon, Nelson Cruz, Gerrit Cole; 2 years remaining - Jonathan Lucroy, Justin Verlander, Jon Lester

Deverending Story: loses - Josh Donaldson; 1 year remaining - J.D Martinez; 2 years remaining - Mike Trout, Miguel Sano, Starling Marte, Kyle Hendricks

Imanalt: loses - Kris Bryant, Xander Bogaerts, Jake Arrieta; 1 year remaining - Jacob DeGrom, Bryce Harper; 2 years remaining - Freddie Freeman

Leave it to Seager: loses - Johnny Cueto; 1 year remaining - Corey Seager; 2 years remaining - Hanley Ramirez

Precious CarGo: loses - none; 1 year remaining - Matt Carpenter, Robinson Cano, Kenley Jensen, Madison Bumgarner; 2 years remaining - DJ LeMahieu, Andrew Miller

Severino Damage: loses - none; 1 year remaining - Chris Archer; 2 years remaining - Byron Buxton, Danny Duffy

Stroman Shield: loses - Anthony Rizzo, Max Scherzer; 1 year remaining - A.J Pollock; 2 years remaining - Daniel Murphy, Wil Myers

TiredofStantonAround: loses - none; 1 year remaining - Jose Altuve, Noah Syndergaard; 2 years remaining - Trea Turner, David Dahl, Clayton Kershaw

Vottomobile Sale: loses - Mookie Betts; 1 year remaining - Nolan Arenado, Francisco Lindor, Carlos Correa; 2 years remaining - Ryan Braun
Retaining the following

Jose Altuve - $24 (projected value 48, ly price 21)
Syndergaard - $14 (proj 23, ly 14)
Trea Turner - $21.5 (proj 43, ly 17)
Tommy Pham - $7 (proj 17, ly 0)
Logan Morrison - $0.5 (proj 1, ly 0)

Releasing all others into pool and leaving one retainer slot unused, contact if you want to acquire any retainer rights of my other players for either auction value, other retainer rights, or a combination therein

Edit: Yeah, keeping Smoak for $6
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Totally overlooked the fact that I had one more year of Just Dongs.

Btw - Trout should be 3 years keeper eligible. Same for Sano, even though I'm not keeping him in any scenario

Nolan Arenado: $22.50
Joey Votto: $20
Francisco Lindor: $14.50
Carlos Correa: $17
Chris Sale: $37
Joey Gallo: $2

Total spent: $113.

Draft times that work for me (GMT+11):

This weekend (17-18 March): None
Next weekend (24-25 March): 12pm onwards Saturday, 11am onwards Sunday.
Weekend after (30th March-1 April, including Good Friday): Most of Friday (road tripping at some point so the later, the better) and Saturday after 11am.
Alright. Texas and Stallion reached two times that worked out for them. I'll drop some tags here, please let us know if one of these don't work.

Friday, March 23rd at 9pm Eastern or later
Saturday, March 24th at 8pm Eastern or later

Del Rio Imanalt cb aaron judge biggie

We also need 2 people at least to sub in if anyone is lurking about and wants to play some fantasy baseballs.
I'm fine with the 24th - although the draft for my league (that Stall is also in) is slated to be 7 PM Central that day. So perhaps 8:30 PM or later would be ideal (my league is a bit deep)
that's 10. anyone else who wants to join is more than welcome to so long as there is an even number of you and you don't mind joining as a non-keeper team.
Guys don't unnecessarily sling arrows at Kamran. I'm in contact with him pretty regularly so if I see him (or anyone else for that matter) slacking in managing their team I can talk with them and/or handle it mid-season.

Does the current time but one week earlier work for everyone? I understand cb aaron judge would have to draft via mobile but unless we do it on the 24th early in the morning (EDT) then I think that's the only time that everyone can at least be there.
So.. it looks as though some of the projected values have changed significantly from when I downloaded the file. First example of this is Joey Gallo, who jumped up from $4 to $10. This could have a significant impact on whom you guys pick. I can work on updating the list in the file tonight, but for now I am going to use the updated amount that is in Yahoo as of this moment as it is more reflective of the players' actual value.

Also one more thing. In the case of players having $##.50 as their keeper cost, if there are multiple players per team, I will round the lower cost player up and the higher cost player down. If there is a single player, the cost will be rounded up.

So far I've got Stallion ButteredToast Del Rio and Texas Cloverleaf keepers in and priced. Check your teams to verify the cost/decide if you want to make changes.

Everyone else, I set the keeper deadline to Monday, March 19th.
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