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why does shin-soo choo still have a projected cost when he's playing in the kbo this year lol

tatis 23
rendon 14
lemahieu 9.5
hendricks 8
darvish 14.5
castillo 10.5

total 79.5

open to suggestions for a team name, otherwise i might have to use Imanalt 's suggestion of naming it "Imanalt"
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For transparency's sake, pookar's keepers are:

Jose Abreu - $24
Yordan Alvarez - $9
Keston Hiura - $8
Kyle Tucker - $9.50 9
Zac Gallen - $8.50 9
Liam Hendriks - $8

Mine are:

Adalberto Mondesi - $13.50 13
Marcus Semien - $5
Kyle Lewis - $4
Tommy Edman - $3.50 4
Josh Hader - $17
Patrick Corbin - $8

That should be everyone.


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Double post, but all keepers are in at their correct prices. Check out Draft Results if you want to see it all together.


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Shouldn't Tatis' keeper price be $23, half of $46 projected?
You're right. It seems as though that team's 2021 Projected formula never updated and was pulling from 2020. That's why Shin-soo Choo still had a projected value. I have corrected this, my apologies. I double-checked and every other team's formula was correct.

Magnemite that means the price of two of your keepers will change. LeMahieu goes from $7.50 to $9.50 and Tatis goes from $15.50 to $23. Sorry about that. I assume you won't change your keepers but you are able to do so if you get back to me before the draft.
C - Travis D'Arnaud ($3)
1B - Josh Bell ($5 - keeper)
2B - Lourdes Gurriel Jr. ($12)
3B - Vladimir Guerrero Jr. ($10 - keeper)
SS - Xander Bogaerts ($22 - keeper)
OF - Mookie Betts ($54)
OF - Starling Marte ($21)
OF - Byron Buxton ($12)
Util - Yoan Moncada ($8 - keeper)
Util - Dominic Smith ($6)
Bench - Nick Solak ($1)
Bench - Alejandro Kirk ($1)

SP - Max Scherzer ($36)
SP - Corbin Burnes ($23)
RP - Craig Kimbrel ($6)
RP - Jordan Hicks ($11)
P - Hyun-Jin Ryu ($7 - keeper)
P - Zach Wheeler ($7 keeper)
P - Sandy Alcantara ($7)
P - Jordan Romano ($4)
Bench - Zach Eflin ($1)
Bench - Elieser Hernandez ($1)
Bench - Trevor Rogers ($1)

My team post-draft. Draft went exactly as I'd planned for tbh, with my lower-tier set of keepers I planned to go heavy at the top of the draft pool picking up Betts again and solidifying a strong top 4 pitching set, then I hit my price markers on the range of guys I liked for the outfield and got the best price at my preferred second baseman. Got Travis D'arnaud unexpectedly which was a nice upgrade over my Isiah-Kinfer Falefa plan. Yahoo thinks my power output is lacking while it likes my pitching, but with the highest projected average I should have a very solid offensive floor to hopefully make a run at playoffs this year. And even snuck my boy Kirk past BT at the end there, he's too good not to play. Structurally this team is built with a lot of solid upside bets and I hope to see some of them realized this season.

Play ball!
Hi everyone, especially for the people in unclesam’s reset league last year (which I had a lot of fun playing in given my team was autodrafted!), I’m looking to help fill up a fantasy league I’m in. Here’s the details:

Here's the PO Baseball league. We're aiming for a draft time of 10 PM EST on Saturday. If we can't fill up we'll move to reddit to find people. It's going to be 4x4 roto AVG SB TB R / SVHD W WHIP Ks.

PM me if you want in! Should be fun.


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Fell asleep and missed most of the draft. Not gonna lie, it doesn't look good for me this season. I have a glut of SS if anyone is interested.
being able to make additions day of seems better

also luis castillo seems to have forgotten how to pitch, unfortunate


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Can we have a vote to see if we should change settings so that added players can be used that day, rather than the next day?

Not sure why this was never changed (I may have brought it up last year but can't remember)

What do you think?
Only bad thing about same day transactions is your lineup is locked till midnight PST so you can't drop someone if their game has played. I don't feel strongly either way, but just something to keep in mind.
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also luis castillo seems to have forgotten how to pitch, unfortunate
Reds fan here. Luis will be fine. He typically struggles in cold weather and it was 37 degrees F at first pitch which is a franchise record for coldest Opening Day. Definitely not an ideal start but it's not a "The sky is falling" kind of start. I'm personally more worried that Jeff Hoffman is the 3rd starter...
it's truly magical how absolutely horrible the umpires have been on "judgement calls" this year. i thought the rays losing a game because the umps ruled that a ball that made a very loud banging sound and could be clearly seen changing direction from multiple replay angles did not hit a wall was bad, but then in the next 10 days we get a game winning run from a dude sticking his elbow into the zone being ruled a hbp, a game winning run being scored where the runner very clearly and visibly did not touch the plate, and now this being ruled a foul ball and not changed on review:
like normally they aren't exactly great at this stuff, but this much garbage changing the outcomes of games in this little time is a new low

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