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yo, haven't posted here for a while. i'm currently level 54 fifth prestige, and am pretty much done with this game, far too many problems have began to out weigh the positive. if they sort out stopping power hitmarkers on the barrett + interv then i'll play properly again, but having had quickscoped for two prestiges, it gets fucking annoying, especially when you've had two QUAD hitmarkers. assault rifles are no fun.

K/D - 1.64
Nukes - 19 (it only goes on if im on fire)
Yeah I'm pretty much done with this game as well, it's not so much the game itself that's bad, (although I agree assault rifles are unbalanced) I'm just tired of the people who play it. I really don't want to get shot by some asshole hiding behind a corner everytime I run past, and when it happens for the entire game, I just leave. Now that it happens in every single game I play, what's the point?
I would love to say I am done with this game, but my addiction keeps bringing me back. Currently sitting on 8th Prestige, should hopefully have 10th within the next 2 weeks. (Just in time for FFXIII). Although my mates have recently signed me up for a gamebattles team... so I'll be getting dragged back even then.
This is just a quick list of what i like and dislike about the game:

I enjoy/ Like:
-SnD games with my mates, it's fun and a great laugh
-Getting a satisfying double/ triple/ multi kill
-Getting all your killstreaks (whatever they are)
-Getting a throwing knife kill
-Going postive with the F2000 (this is immensly satisfying, a bit like only knifing)
-Quick scope/ no scope Skillshots
-All of the customisation that comes with the game
-Clutching in SnD or getting the last few kills for a nuke without chopper gunner/ ac130

Things I hate/ piss me off are:
-Danger close/ one man army noob tubing. This is one of the worst things in the game
-Boosters in FFA
-Campers (I call this sitting in a dark room with claymores and a shotgun)
-Getting spawn rapped (this will happen if you play on your own against a good team)
-Commando, god i hate commando so much.
-Glitchers and hackers who do so to get an unfair advantage

I'd also say the things that kill me the most in the game are:
- predator missiles
- ump45
- scar
- acr
- famas
- m4

In general, I'm not sure about the game. What i find is it either goes really well or really badly for me. I share an account with 2 other guys, and this basicaly means i'm 7th prestige lvl 54, even though i've only played like 50 games. But it also means kdr is like 1.12. Best score in SnD is 17-2 on rundown, best score in Ground war was 112-4 on domination Afghan.

Also, I feel in a game like COD mw2, you reach a certain "level" or "standard" after a certain amount of time, then you wont improve much more. You get a lot of players around this skill level, and once you get to that point, tactics and style decide how well you do. Seriously i think 40% of the game is skill with a controller, 20% is map and spawn knowlege and 40% is tactical play (how you approach the game). The most important thing is you have fun though, which i admit i sometimes fail to do when i get mad at something in the game.

I have 1.27 KD pretty bad but i mainly play ground war by myself. I agree with everything miscellaneous and Rekt said. I think the way to overcome this is to play in a party but i can never get anything going I'd like to play SnD Domination and Demolition and get some wins. FR if you want in GT: Pet Giraffe UK

btw there is an open lobby tonight with a host of youtube stars 5pm EST (10pm GMT) just FR "WoodysGamertag" and try and join. Wings of Redemption, SeaNanners and others should possibly turn up.
If you get into the corner in the cave across from the metal door in Afghan on Harcdore HQ, you can rape with this set.

M4 Carbine
-Heart Beat Sensor
~Bling Pro
~Cold Blooded
~Ninja Pro

I went 33-2 with that set with a 28 killstreak, too bad i didnt have the nuke on :/
i raped with he Chopper Gunner though xD
Yeah, hiding in a corner with a heartbeat sensor is fuckin' pro..congrats.

I've probably quit this game for good like 7 times in the last 72 hours. I'd have snapped the disc by now if not for the fact that I've bought this game twice now and don't want to spend more money on it. It's to the point where I'll only play with 4+ people and it's ground war so we can avoid the game chat. Even then domination games produce hardcore camping and explosives so its hard to avoid complete frustration.

On the challenge side of things, I only need like 20 more headshots to get the 500 mark on my P90. I hit 250 for the fall camo and was ready to celebrate 'til I saw the challenge continued. Hit 350 pretty fast and got my hopes up only to see ANOTHER goal to reach. Almost there though...working on killstreak challenges too, go all 3-5 done, need one more airstrike, like 7 more Harriers (I can reach 6 killstreak alright but then I usually die, ugh), got EAD and Stealth Bomber done too. So I'm going to finish up Harrier/Attack Helicopter and Pavelow then prestige probably.

Oh, and I've decided that the worst thing in the game is the damn level generation. It literally sits between 2 levels for about 5 games, switches to a new map and then you're back to one of the first 2. It's fucking stupid.
Hokay, so the idea is for other MW2 players to share their PSN ID's with each other and start an active community of friends all playing MW2.

And how do we do this? It's simple!... Below just put what your looking for in a friend/friends if anyone fulfills your requirements then PM them your PSN ID and start to have fun.

What I'm looking for are people that have access to mic's and can speak English. Now I have nothing against all of you that can't speak English, I simply prefer to talk to my team. Don't take that as me being prejudice. For me it doesn't matter how good your are, so veterans and newer players alike are welcome.

The normal game types I play are Search and Destroy, Domination, Demolition and Mosh Pit, I'm open to playing anything else, I basically enjoy myself playing those more.

Thanks to anyone that bothers to reply. Let's see where this goes!


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I'm level 61, almost 62 now, and I finally stumbled across a nice set for myself.

M4A1 w/ RDS
Spas-12 w/ Grip
Claymore, Stun Grenades

Scavenger Pro
Stopping power Pro
Steady Aim Pro

Basically I play more tactically with this set (not camping though). I love the ridiculous accuracy of the Spas-12 with Steady Aim Pro, and sometimes its helpful when I get caught offguard with the M4 and I need to hipfire. Stopping Power and Scavenger are fairly self-explanatory.

As I am in the 60s now, I have to start thinking about whether or not to prestige. On one hand, I obviously don't want to lose all my stuff, but on the other, it seems like I'd be losing out on a lot if I didn't do it at least once. What do you guys think about prestiging, is it worth it?
To be honest I wouldn't in this game. It's frustrating anyways, but even more so when you're like a level 20 again.


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As I am in the 60s now, I have to start thinking about whether or not to prestige. On one hand, I obviously don't want to lose all my stuff, but on the other, it seems like I'd be losing out on a lot if I didn't do it at least once. What do you guys think about prestiging, is it worth it?
imo, you should prestige at least once so you can unlock a bulk of prestige-only challenges, titles, and emblems. You also get an extra custom class slot (every odd-numbered prestige). However, you don't necessarily have to prestige right away. I didn't prestige right away, because I was still having fun abusing the Model 1887s pre-patch, and I really liked the AK-47 back then.
I got to a Prestige 7.. and traded the game in for Borderlands. Don't regret it.. after a while.. the game got too easy.. and the kids were too retarded.
Got my first nuke the other day. My mistake was trying on TDM, got it on my 5 or sixth match of Domination. I prestieged the next day and it sucks. I'm finally getting back on track, but I miss my claymores and my FMJ on my UMP.
what is it with so many people wasting their lives on it? I've played it and I like it but when you have 7+ days of gameplay that's just rediculous

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