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Since XY released a dozen of these pokemon with near instant accessible modified Basestats and the recent debacle regarding Mega-Mawile. I thought it might be usefull to have a full list of all these pokemon as a reference. (Only took me an hour regardless)
The criteria i used for this list is the following:
- In case of an attack/Spatt boost at least 2 prominent moves are boosted(prominent being they are used like 90% of the time, based on personal expierence not actual data)
- The boosts are more or less easy and quickly accessible
- They have hardly any drawbacks(the worst drawback on the list in "no items" because they are already using an item like mega items or eviolite). Life orb recoil is considered a drawback unless it's used by a pokemon with magic guard or Sheer Force.

Obviously you may consider taking some of these with a grain of salt, i'll leave it up to the reader to decide how valuable an item truly is or how strong a particular pokemon can be considered once the restrictions are taking into account.

The entire list can be viewed here (click)
The min/max evs are for the pokemon at level 50 right? Wouldn't this list be more useful for smogon if stat calcs were for lvl 100 to reflect showdown? (Awesome list comilation btw)

Edit:Ah, the 252 evs were so close to their actual stat at level 50 it was slightly confusing.
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The min/max evs are for the pokemon at level 50 right? Wouldn't this list be more useful for smogon if stat calcs were for lvl 100 to reflect showdown? (Awesome list comilation btw)
Those are the base stats. It doesn't matter if it's level 50 or level 100 the Pokemon's base stats are still the same (e.g Mew has 100 base stats across the board at both level 50 and level 100). For example, with Azumarill, if you have 0 EVs in Attack (G6 in the doc) then thanks to Huge Power its base Attack is the equivalent to base 118 but if you then put 252 EVs into its Attack (H6 in the doc) it then becomes the equivalent of 149.5 base Attack. If shows the min/max base stats thanks to the multipliers in effect.

Really cool table though, makes it very easy to see the changes. I was wondering where Mega Houndoom was with Solar Power, but then I saw "no drawbacks". It is missing Life Orb + Sheer Force Darmanitan, however. Not that Life Orb Darmanitan is all that relevant but still.
This is some good work, but I've noticed that you missed a few pokemon, such as Pixilate Mega Gardevoir and Sylveon, although you did include Aerilate Mega Pinsir. You missed Drought Ninetales and Drizzle Politoed, as well. There are probably more, but you thought of a lot more things that I would have.
The reason why Darmanitan, Gardevoir-M and Politoed aren't on the list is because of the first criteria that at least 2 prominent moves are boosted. In Kyogre's case drizzle boosts both water and gives reliable Thunder, meanwhile Politoed only has boosts on water attacks. Same goes for Darmanitan where flare blitz is pretty much the only boosted move it has(Rock slide is hardly better then Stone Edge). Pinsir was added because it boosts both quick attack and return while gardevoir-M only has the boost on hypervoice.

Ninetales was a mistake on my part though so thanks for that, it's on the list now.(Blindly assumed it didn't learn solarbeam for some reason).

Regigigas has worse BS with ev's because they are dropped in half as well by slow start.
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The formula to obtain the 'modified' base stat is very simple, compared to getting actual stats. How did you get it?

EDIT: Now I got how you did it. I was thinking of it the wrong way :P
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Look at my shiny CT!
You may want to add in Zweilous.

With 0 Atk EVs and 31 Atk IVs, Zweilous reaches 309 Atk at level 100 factoring in Hustle, which translates to 136.5 base Atk. WIth 252 Atk EVs, the effective Atk stat is 403.5, which means 152.25 base, stronger than Zekrom or Rayquaza.
You should probably add Reckless Staraptor on the list; Reckless gives boosts to both Brave Bird and Double Edge, both every relevant and constantly used by it.
Also Greninja thanks to Protean
Gosh, how did I even forget about that one?
Come to think of it, Lucario-Mega too - I'm sure it uses both it's STABs in at least some sets. Dragonite, too, due to Multiscale. Aerodactyl-Mega also escaped the list despite Tough Claws boosting moves which are listed as relevant for it in it's sets.
Edit: Wait, no, Mega Lucario's on there. But it's listed as Mega-Lucario, whereas every other Mega is listed as [Pokémon's name]-Mega, so the name should be changed and it's placement moved up to where 'Lucario-Mega' should be alphabetically.
Well i suppose there is no harm in adding those who don't fit my rather subjective critera of a reliable stat boost as long as they are seperate from the rest(since some people seem to be interested in them as well)

I'll add a seperate section of pokemon below the current list containing the following pokemon:
Adaptability: Basculin, Porygon-Z,
Analytic: Beheeyem, Magnezone, Porygon 2(with eviolite)
Chlorophyll: Bellossom, Exeggutor, Jumpluff, Leafeon, Lilligant, Maractus, Sawsbuck, Shiftry, Sunflora, Tangrowth, Tropius, Venusaur, Victreebell, Vileplume, Whimsicott
Dark Aura: Yveltall
Download: Porygon-Z
Drizzle: Politoed
Fairy Aura: Xerneas
Hustle: Corsola, Raticate, Durant, Delibird, Togekiss, Zweilous
Iron Fist: Conkeldurr, Golurk, Infernape, Pangoro
Mega Launcher: Blastoise-Mega, Clawitzer
Multiscale: Lugia, Dragonite
Pixelate: Gardevoir-Mega, Sylveon
Protean: Greninja, Kecleon
Reckless: Hitmonlee, Bouffalant, Mienshao
Refrigerate: Aurorus
Sand Force: Dugtrio, Garchomp-Mega, Gastrodon, Gigalith, Hippowdon, Landorus, Probopass
Sand Rush: Excadrill, Sandslash, Stoutland
Sheer Force: Conkeldurr, Darmanitan, Druddigon, Tauros
Solar Power: Heliolisk, Charizard, Houndoom-Mega, Sunflora, Tropius
Strong Jaw: Tyrantrum
Technician: Scizor-Mega, Scizor, Ambipom, Cinccino, Hitmontop, Scyther
Tough Claws: Aerodactyl-Mega, Barbaracle

If you guys want anything else, just tell me and i'll add them as well.

edit: It's been done
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