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I'm doing a normal run on HGSS. I was searching for a Tauros when a Snubbull appeared. I caught Snubbull and later caught a Tauros. Snubbull with Bite and Lick and Tauros with Pursuit destroy Morty's gym lol.

My team right now is

Bibarel(Had to trade over from pearl to handle the rock types that would annoy me early game)
can anyone recommend a good ice type one?
A good Ice-type game? Hmm...not many have early game Ice-types. Most are available later, so your best bet would be to trade over a Pokemon from a different game to start with and go from there, maybe trading a Pokemon Egg over every Gym or so.

But, one of the better Ice-type games, if you don't mind the wait, is FireRed/LeafGreen (and the originals). There are a few available Ice-types, like Articuno, and the earliest one is Lapras after the fourth gym (ish). You can also get a Jynx from a trade for a Poliwhirl almost immediately afterwards, with Seel and Shellder and Articuno coming later on.
Was looking at what would be a good type to mono- look at Poison and Gen 1
33 Gen 1 pokemon are Poison type
there are 24 introduced in Gens 2-5
Mono Poison gen 1 is one where you could start right away that isn't grass/fire/water! Bulbasaur being a Poison type right off the bat really fits into the feel of a mono team..... That, or catching a Rattata and then releasing your starter so you can do a mono Normal run. :P (Also, sorry for derailing the mono-Normal thread. XD)
^ Unless the monotype is an obscure one like steel or dragon, the time period between getting your starter and being able to catch the first mon of the appropriate time shouldn't pose any challenge whatsoever.
Ohh, Steel looks like an interesting one for Ruby - Mawile and Aron are available as early as Dewford, Skarmory comes not significantly later and Magnemite is available as soon as one learns Surf. Seems pretty thoroughly difficult.
Well, Flying looks surprisingly nice for Heartgold. Something like Aerodactyl, Togekiss, Yanmega, Gyarados, Ledian, and Crobat. Pretty decent. Have yet to acquire Aero though.
I like monotype teams a lot, here's what I did so far :

Yellow mono-bug because, as bugs were terrible in 1st gen, it should be an interesting challenge. It appeared that, apart from Blaine which I beat by pure luck and because his AI sucked, it wasn't hard. My team :
Parasect (spore FTW !)
Venomoth (Psychic spammer)
Scyther (Slash spammer)
Pinsir (Toxic + bind deadly combination)

Emerald mono-grass because grass types in Hoenn are badass. It was very easy though. My team :

Platinum mono flying :

Tropius (again but it's awesome :p)

And also in hacks :

Storm silver (soul silver hack) mono water :

Volt White 2 (White 2 hack) mono-ice because 2 ice types are available very earlier in the game even though they're weak : Smoochum and Swinub.

Beartic (ice/fight in this game)
Delibird (it's a beast in this game :p)
Froslass (dat high jump miss)

I'm starting a Heartgold mono poison run, it doesn't seem too hard.
Mono water is the easiest one in just about every game, except Yellow. May do a mono normal in Heart Gold and a Mono Water in Black 2. Should be relatively easy in both.

Black 2 would consist of: Samurott, Golduck, Azumarill, Starmie, Swanna, and one other.

Heart Gold would consist of: Raticate, Furret, Dunsparce (Serene Grace Rock Smash FTW), Togetic, Miltank (Scrappy means easy Morty) and Girafarig.
No Water/Ground type before Elite 4 :(
You probably want a Jellicent for Defensive part avec a nice Ghost type ? Or an Ice one ?

Azumarill : Physical Water
Starmie : Special Water
Swanna : Flyer & Mixed one
Golduck / Samurott are almost the same ... Megahorn vs Psychic moves ? But you've already Starmie for Psychic ...

Simipour, Vaporeon, Floatzel, Octillery, Lapras, Basculin, Dewgong, Walrein, Wailord ... So many good options :)
I am opting to do a Mono Flying in Heart Gold instead of normal. I guess it would be Noctowl, Pidgeot, Togetic/kiss, Gyarados, Crobat and Mantine. I am going to raise Magikarp instead of waiting until the Red Gyarados since I love a good challenge.
planning to do:

hoenn water mono:

Gorebyss/Huntail/Lanturn (haven't decided yet)

kanto poison mono


kanto normal mono


Johto normal mono

Smeargle (for catching legends)

kanto grass mono

My mono flying run in HG going well. Right now I just beat Bugsy.

Gyarados, Togepi, Golbat, Pidgeotto and Noctowl. I am going to aim for Scyther next. Togepi is going to be a pain in the you know what.
I might do mono-fire for HGSS. I'm thinking of
-Slugma from the Primo Generator
-Ho-oh (Heartgold only)/HM slave
You need Rock Climb to get the shiny stone to evolve Togetic unless you want to spend a ton of time in the Pokalathon. Dang it. Oh well just beat Pryce and almost through Team Rocket.

Clair should not be that bad as Kingdra could be an issue. Was trying Natu out but damn does it get some bad moves right off.

I am only going to finish the Pokemon League on this run but next one I am going to do the whole game. Thinking Mono-Ground should be fun. Onix, Geodude, Sandshrew, Wooper to start out with but that is it really until the Nidos in Goldenrod. No flier since Trapinch can't be found until MUCH later so gonna have to catch a Pidgey. Actually I am going to start that run now. Getting a couple of Moonstones are going to hard though so I am going to have to wait for Mom to save up the money or go to Tojoh Falls. The only gym that could give me issues are the last two, namely Pryce although I could teach Nidoqueen Thunder, Fire Blast and Blizzard. That still leaves that damn Kingdra.

As for you CJorex, looks good although it is going to be Cyndaquil and Slugma until Eckruteak. So your other Pokemon are going to have to play a ton of catch up.

Oh and FYI, if you do a non-FGW challenge pick the type that will give you the best advantage (if you pick to do a Flying pick Totodile). For my Ground challenge, I would choose Chikorita as my starter so that I would be facing Typhlosion at the end.


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i did mono flying run of rby a few months ago for OIP

gyarados / charizard pretty much carried the entire game
One I just thought of is Mono-Bug for Heartgold. It could be really good; this game has some really good bugs out there. What I'm thinking of is:
-HM slave
As you can see, you can have a full team before the third gym. This would definately be easier on Heartgold; Butterfree is better than Beedrill. Falkner shouldn't be a problem; Raise a Butterfree and grind it to level 12, get sleep powder, and defeat his team. This is made easier in HGSS by the fact that none of his Pokemon have Physical Flying moves, so Butterfree should be able to stand up to them. Bugsy might be difficult, but again, a well-played Butterfree could get you the win here. Whitney will not stand a chance; either Heracross will sweep her or you can go for a team effort using Scyther and Pinsir as well. You can catch two Scyther, and evolve one into Scizor; The Metal Coat is available from the Pokeathlon Dome on Fridays, so you bcould have a Scizor before Morty. Speaking of Morty, we have another easy battle. Butterfree's Psychic attacks will be your friend here; Scyther and Scizor's Technician-boosted Wing Attack and Metal Claw should wreak havoc. Next is Chuck; No contest for Scyther and Butterfree. Jasmine is best dealt with by Heracross and possibly Pinsir, while Pryce can be destroyed by the former two plus Scizor. The hardest battle would definately be Clair; Gyarados and Kingdra spell trouble, but you have a bunch of powerhouses so it should only take a couple of tries to win. Also in Blackthorn is the abilty to get what he is famous for; the Technician-boosted Bullet Punch! Anyway, the Elite Four. Will loses to pretty much your entire team, except maybe Heracross, Koga will require some effort, Bruno loses to Butterfree and Scyther, Karen has no chance, but Lance could be really hard; watch out for that Charizard!


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Strangely enough, this reminds me of my first playthrough of Black 2, where I ended up with a near-mono steel team at the end. I had Lucario, Excadrill (I never used it in BW, and I decided to try it once), Magnezone, Skarmory, and Kyurem and Samurott for the non-steels. Weird...
How about Mono-fighting for Platinum?
-Chimchar (evolve ASAP)
-Ralts (evolve into Gallade ASAP)

Or mono-water for Emerald?

Yeah, that's seven, but any combination of those can work
Or mono-water for Emerald?

Yeah, that's seven, but any combination of those can work
This reminds me off my mono-water team in Storm Silver, a Soul Silver hack. I had Swampert, Ludicolo, Pelipper, Sharpedo, Lapras (similar to Walrein) and Poliwrath which is the only one different from the other 2 you listed.

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