Project Monotype Core Laddering Challenge: Challenge #6 (Fire + Flying)


approved by Eien.
hosted by Namranan, co-hosted by Perish Song

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Monotype Core Laddering Challenge Cycle 1
Extra Sun and Rain Flying
2 Standard Cores, April 6 - April 20

:sm/Ninetales: :sm/Darmanitan:
Ninetales + Darmanitan
Tag : CCSSFi1
Hall of Fame Rankings:

Platinum: 1600+
Gold: 1475+
Silver: 1350+
Bronze: 1250+

:Sm/Pelipper: :Sm/Mantine:
Pelipper + Mantine
Tag: CCSSFl1
Hall of Fame Rankings:

Platinum: 1550+
Gold: 1450+
Silver: 1325+
Bronze: 1250+

Note: This project is now lead by Namranan and cohosted by Perish Song. So now all questions and suggestions regarding to CLC should be directed towards us now and not Illama, the former leader.

To register to participate in a core challenge, you must reply to this forum with the proper information to be eligible! See the example post below for details. This also applies for submitting peaks (with that said please keep all of your information onto 1 post)! Otherwise, refer to the Index Thread for the official rules and info on this project. Please make sure to post replays of your Hall of Fame Rankings, failure to do so will result in your post being ignored.

In order to win this challenge, one player must obtain the highest ladder peak with the given core. In order to be eligible for winning the challenge you have to either post a replay of your peak (Highest elo reached) or take a screenshot of your accounts highest rank on ladder. The person with the highest rank at the end of the week is the winner of the challenge and will get posted in a new hall of fame in the Index thread along with the team they were using. If you win, please PM the team to Perishing Song or Namranan along with a brief description of the team and how you got the elo you got to. (Replays are much appreciated)

Remember to keep track of your Win/Loss ratio because the person with the best ratio out of 30 games can get a shoutout after the challenge has ended. To submit your Win/Loss ratio just take a screenshot of your record and post it in your registration. The team with the best record will be added to its own Hall of Fame. That being said, if you win the challenge you must PM Namranan or Perishing Song your team with a brief description of how it works. If you do this even without winning you will still have your team posted in an honorable mentions section. You get 1 extra point this cycle if you submit your team.

Discussion on the cores is welcome as long as you are constructive and abide by smogon's forum rules.

Have Fun!​


Since there are no winners for literally anything this core, I am extending this another week until the 27th of April for you guys to post your scores. Please ladder and have fun!


Despite the extension, there was still no activity for this week. So because of this, I will conclude this week with no winner. Very disappointing :(.

Chaitanya please merge this with index thread. Next core is coming soon!

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