Tournament Monotype Farm League Round 7

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Hello and welcome to the first installment of the SM Monotype Farm League! This is a free-to-join, Swiss-style tournament. While this tournament isn't directly linked to Monotype Premier League, it is still a great place to play some monotype at decently high level and get paired up with people from your own skill-level.

some reminders:
  • This is an SM Monotype tournament.
  • All battles are a BO1 series, unless both parties decide otherwise.
  • All battles should take play on or . All battles played on sideserver will not count and the match result will be void.
  • All replays must be saved. If neither player saves match replays, the match result will be void.
  • Standard rules apply to this tournament obviously. No cheating, be nice with scheduling, and mostly, don't be a dick. me and my co-hosts, as well as the Forum Moderators have every right to disqualify you from the tournament if you show continuous misbehaviour to your opponents or others. A little smack-talk is obviously allowed and encouraged, but don't take it too far.
6-0 (Grand Finals?)
ArkenCiel vs Akashi

Tyke vs. Balto
KevinELF vs. Entei
Bitana vs. Quote
SubMindRaikou vs. Zukushiku
madman404 vs Sour Apples

zugubu royale vs. Cloud9 NxtLvl
GotCookies vs. dawnmidst
Donut2907 vs. Escoffier
Ronman5 vs. implaser
Luckyboy123 vs. Quantum Tesseract
Winner of Brancus vs Holy Ghost vs. Kennyth
Seo. vs. SlurpuffLoverKiwi
Omega-Xis vs. SirSkit
Fardin vs Maskun529 both (4-1)

loser of Brancus vs Holy Ghost vs. Mateeus_1
Turnip123 vs. Flamestar
Lotus Wincon vs. Asziran
Catalystic vs. I am bu
theuntalented vs. Azelea
King Billu vs. Empo
Shadestep vs Winner of Ashaury vs 7Luxray

Nick~XVZ vs. TheTacoMan
Loser of Ashaury vs 7Luxray vs. Seager
Crashy vs. GoldenTorkoal

Thanks Shadestep for helping me with a lot of this :toast:
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(Brancus / Holy Ghost: Unless either of you have screenshots, I can't do anything but coinflip)
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