Tournament Monotype Karmafest [Signups]

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Monotype Karmafest
Approved by Eien // Co-led with Decem

Hey everyone! I'm here to announce the signups for Monotype Karmafest! Monotype Karmafest is yet another team tournament, except this time, the tournament is open signups, and the teams are picked among yourselves! Whether you are a league looking to establish your name or just a group of friends competing, the signups are open for everyone! The teams consist of 3 people. Here are the general rules for the tournament:

  • The tournament consists of teams of 3. Every team will have a captain. The captain must sign up on the thread, choose a team name, and tag his or her two teammates for the signup to be valid. Substitutions will not be accepted after the tournament commences. It should go without saying, but inap team names will not be tolerated!
  • Unlike past team tours like MPL and MWP, the tournament will be single-elimination rather than a weekly round robin. But unlike these team tournaments, there will likely be a larger abundance of teams. I will cap the number of signups depending on who many sign up, but the cap will be a number like 8, 16, or 32.
  • Battles are best-of-ONE, standard Gen 7 Monotype format. You will also have a week to complete your battles, and extensions may be arranged if the situation calls for it.
This is what your signup post should look like. Please use this as a template when signing up:

Team Name:
Team Captain:
Member 2:
Member 3:
Potential activity issues:
That's all for now! Good luck and have fun! Signups should end on March 4, but they might end before or after depending on the number of signups.
Great idea Haaku+Decempai!

Team Name : Low-Tier Appreciation Support Group
Captain: Magikingdra
Member 2: pazza
Member 3: smub
Potential activity issues: I am confined to weekends only.
can play anytime after 3pm on weekdays weekends before 12am and after 8pm
Smub- IDK
Squad up
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Hi hi I’m not making this a requirement because I understand signups already started, but for the sake of keeping track of things, you can confirm a teammate who signed up for you by liking his or her post. That way it’s clear to me. A team caught signing up someone who didn’t agree to sign up for their team will be disqualified!

Carry on :)
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