Tournament Monotype Ladder Tournament III - GRAND FINAL (Won by Lotus Wincon)

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After Four hard fought cycles over the last month, the ladder portion of the competition is over. Now it is time for Monotype to show off it's best ladder players in a double elimination bracket.

The pairings will be RANDOMISED and not at all based on what position you ended on the ladder in your cycle. The competition will also be DOUBLE ELIMINATION and each match up is a BEST OF THREE.

Bitana vs Lotus Wincon
Wincon will need to win two BO3 series where as Bit only has to win one.

Try to post when you are playing in the thread so that people can spectate the playoffs.

Deadline: Sunday 19th @ 12pm EST (NOON)
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GL to both finalists! Hope you have a great series and thanks everyone that competed throughout the cycles.

Shout out to pork chop man for rescuing cycle 4 when I lost internet. Thanks to Eien for getting MLT cleared and thanks to Jo' Z for helping me to push for MLT to happen.

Gratz to all playoff competitors :]. Hope all the new talent join more tours.

Hopefully I can watch the series although I am in hospital a lot of next week.

Thanks for everyone that could understand and google translate randomised to randomized :s me no speak american
Predicting wincon here! Every time no one other than magma predicted him to win he has actually won so if I predict him to win bit should actually win which is what I want. Go wincon!!!!
hm im hoping that these games are good. I'll give my opinion having seen both those guys play through the tour now. While i think the competition in this tournament has been overall pretty weak i still believe both these guys deserve to be here as they are probably the best players in the tour. Im going to take bit to win just bc wincon has to win two sets. Judging from what i know about bit and watching his replays he tends to be a pretty aggressive player which i dont think is a bad thing but he tends to sometimes over predict if hes in a bad situation and will sometimes just throw simple logic out the window. I think if he controls that aggressiveness and just uses good pokemon smarts he should take this series because he seems like a solid player otherwise. As for Wincon i have seen less of this guy i although ive watched his latest couple of rounds and tbh it seems like alot the matches his opponents just donated to him in the end so its hard for me to get a good read. Ik hes considered the spreadsheet guy which ill be honest is a load of bullshit and doesnt really help, monotype largely is a gamble prep for any game shouldnt be taken to seriously because it always ends up in flawed teams imo. I have watched wincons most recent tournament games though and overall he has been pretty solid not taking crazy risks or anything like but playing his good mu's correctly. Im curious to see how he plays backed into a corner or not having any matches just threw by his opponents. Out of all around playing ability i think id give wincon the edge but i think Bit will win.
Thank you bit for posting for me, I was gonna do it but "too slow." Anyways, GG's to everyone in the tour. People have known me as a side server player, and I've only just started getting into tournaments this gen, and it's been a great experience. Since the beginning of the tour, I was telling myself that I HAD TO WIN THIS TOUR. All I've done since I started playing mons or even mono, all I did was ladder, ladder, ladder! S/o To my lotus league bros that I still talk to this day. Only by the end of gen6 did some of my friends (Bit included) push me to go for #1 and when I finally got to that peak, it was the greatest feeling being #1 on that leaderboard. Afterwards, I'd constantly peak for fun spamming my favorite types (If any of you guys have seen my former signature with my peaks you saw how aids I was). And it was great, I thought that's all you needed to do, but i got a rude awakening. Last MPL, i thought that peaking #1 would guarantee me making it into MPL. Me and bit both peaked though he was #2. AND I DIDNT EVEN GET DRAFTED! LLLLLLL. The fattest L of my whole career. So i told myself I would build myself up and enter as many tours as I can and take it seriously. This began with ULC 5, which my league made finals in and then the following ULC won the whole thing(S/o to the lotus league!). That was just one step though. I enterred mono generations as well despite not even playing Mono in gen 5. Was able to acquire just enough knowledge from people like smub and KingBillu who did play to pull myself through and win. Now onto to MLT!!!! This was MY TOUR. ALL I DO IS LADDER. FR I love laddering, it's so fun topping ladder and competing with friends for who can get higher. And i can't believe I ended up winning the whole thing and vsing my Best friend in Finals. Thank you everyone for this opportunity. S/o to my league mates on azure, and S/o to my best friend Bit, for helping me prep and always pushing me, and being my biggest supporter and competition in this tournament.

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congrats wincon

I guess I dont really need to say it but i wish the games were better. This is not the type of games i expected to see in the finals of a tournament like this but wincon played pretty well outside of 1 or 2 mistakes in the normal v flying game and bit played himself out of the tournament more or less. That being said i like that this tour showcased potential for newer players who will grow even stronger and we got to see some of their talent on a bigger stage. For all of you who mightve been nervous playing for the first time Ive been in that situation before and got 6-0d in my first big game ever (although i did 6-0 him back the next game). So for all the new players who slid into playoffs congrats and keep pushing yourself to get better even if you feel like you didn't play so well. And for the ones who did play well keep pushing there's always a higher ceiling to push towards.
tbh I really wanted Bitana to win this one. He was definitely one of the players that I looked up to, and was the player who made me wanna play Rock in the first place. It was also really nice seeing him use my team in g1(wish I was there to spectate). Seeing this finals round also reminds me of how close I was to qualifying, only to be #5. Despite wanting Bitana to win, Wincon has also been doing really well in terms of tournaments, so there was definitely a good chance of him winning. I'm also trying to get more into tournaments, and so far I can say that I've done decently well at the few that I have participated in. I definitely feel like I can improve a lot if I just participate in more tournaments (i mean i can also try using some viable types but that's no fun) All I have left to say is that I hope to be paired with one of you in seasonals(and to see my spreadsheet lol)
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