Tournament Monotype Oldgens Cup

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Monotype Oldgens Cup!

Approved by: Eien & Moosical // Hosted by StarBlim // Art by Tapo Collino

Welcome to the first installment of Monotype Oldgens Cup! this tour is a teams of three tournament where the goal is to find partners that are available throughout the tournament and hopefully are able or intrested in playing Either Oras/Bw/Dpp. Each week is a bo1 in three generations (one gen for each member of your team), Replays are mandatory to be posted in the thread as win confirmation i will not be going out of my way to track down replays. No proof will result in a rematch so it is imperative that you do. Any and all questions should be directed at me either on Pokemon Showdown! or on Discord. (You can easily find me in the monotype discord). Each team is able to choose their own name but the forum mods and I have the right to reject or slightly modify inappropriate names or those that are unnecessarily long. You can sign up as a free agent if you do not have teammates and will possibly get picked up by people who are missing a teamate for the tour. Every week team captains will send me a line up for who is playing in each gen on either Smogon or Discord


Monotype Oldgens Cup will follow the rules that follow:
- Each partnership must have a Smogon account for all participants. One participant may NOT, under any circumstances, play both, or all three matches for a single set.
- Ghosting is forbidden in each round and any obvious or blatant cases will have hefty consequences.
- Flaming from anyone in this thread is strictly prohibited. (The term "flaming" is essentially drama started by one or more parties.)
- Battles for future sets will not be counted until that set is live.
- Partners are not required to join every match but may spectate.
- Battles are to be done ONLY on the Main Pokemon Showdown! server and Smogtours server to count for this event. Replays or screenshots posted from an alternate server will not be counted.

Team name:SmogModSquad
Team Captain: Eien

The team cap is 16 teams for now but if theres a good amount of sign ups and interest we may adjust to a higher cap.
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