Tournament Monotype Premier League Awards


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Your votes have finally been tallied up! Here's this year's MPL awards. Thank you to everyone that participated!

Most Valuable Player
TheThorn (Littleroot Lotads)

Luckiest Player
rnbs (Blackthorn Bucks)

Unluckiest Player
Wanka (Hearthome Honchkrows)

Best Newcomer
Moosical aka Torkool (Bloom Doom Glooms)

Most Overpriced Player
Yaksok (Meteor Falls Miniors)

Most Underpriced Player
Pearl (Hearthome Honchkrows)

Most Flexible Player
rnbs (Blackthorn Bucks)

Most Likely to Choke
Acast (Bloom Doom Glooms)

Saltiest Player
Lax (Amber Aeros)

Most Helpful Player
TheThorn (Littleroot Lotads)

Team With the Most Successful Draft
Hearthome Honchkrows

Best Team Name
Bloom Doom Glooms

Best Team Spirit
Littleroot Lotads

Best SM Bo3 Player
TheThorn (Littleroot Lotads)

Best SM Player
Paleo (Meteor Falls Miniors)

Best ORAS Player
Wyn (Blackthorn Bucks)

Best BW Player
Zukushiku (Littleroot Lotads)

Best Monothreat Player
Ticken (Littleroot Lotads)

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