Team Monotype Premier League II [Week 6]

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And now for something completely different
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he's filling my void
Also prosaic hasn't been seen for over a week, does he communicate with something other than Smogon like Skype or discord or what
Predictions con mi amigo Wanka
ORAS1: ArkenCiel vs. TheThorn
ORAS2: Demonic Ferro vs. Clearly
BW: GodChef vs. Rumor
Monothreat: EricSaysHi vs. Sakis
AAA: 1 True Lycan vs. savanah
STABmons: Entei. vs. Lax
Doubles: Yellow Paint vs. MainEvent
Mono UU: Fírnen vs. ceraa

ORAS1: Mega Ridley vs. all falls down
ORAS2: Bushtush vs. iVid
BW: Jyph vs. Crestfall
Monothreat: Prosaic vs. Megazard
AAA: Azelea vs. le fat kid
STABmons: BlackJak vs. Illusio
Mono UU: Animus Majulous vs. scpinion

ORAS1: Sabella vs. Paleo
BW: North vs. innovamania
Monothreat: Crashy vs. Snxwy
AAA: Kiyo vs. Yaksok
STABmons: Confluxx vs. Dak Prescott
Doubles: Nido-Rus vs. Croven
Mono UU: Pork chop man vs. Arifeen

ORAS1: BlackBloodz vs. rnbs
BW: rozes vs. Articuno I
Monothreat: Ticktick vs. Shiba
AAA: Barian vs. jeran
STABmons: Anttya vs. Betathunder
Mono UU: Sae Sae vs. Tylacto


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Look up Arifeen

I searched Irraquated's name too and nothing recent came up either. Did you both battle under an alt or something?

EDIT: I didn't realize Irraquated was subbed out so I searched pork chop's name and found it. You put a period at the end of your name. Apparently that screws up searches :/
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