Team Monotype Premier League II [Week 7]

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levitate, levitate, levitate, levitate
It may still happen tonight, perhaps in 15-20m if you stay on rozes. And I guarantee I'll be fine tmrw (got every other match done with the same net didn't I?!)

all falls down

thanks ugly god
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won gg

already kinda did shoutouts in last week, good luck to those remaining n_n

edit: I'll do full shoutouts now!

scpinion: Even though you were really busy with irl stuff at random intervals you were still a great manager and teammate
iVid: Great player, if we prepped more I think you and I could have made some good teams, sorry you didn't get a chance to play BW like you wanted to
Crestfall: solid player and really chill dude, pretty damn consistent in bw!
jiggle: I didn't really know you too well before this, yet every time we subbed you in you surprised me by always kicking ass! good job
thebagman: You seemed like a really chill guy before so I wanted to draft you, I know you're good at doubs you just got some bad matchups n_n love your creativity!
le fat kid Everyone questioned me when I drafted you but you ended up with I think the best record on our team! You played great and won even with bad matchups, hope I get to know you better!
MegCham Another really creative teambuilder, and for the most part it worked -- hope I get to know you better as well, since I didn't really get to test any teams with you or talk to you
Megazard cool guy I somewhat knew beforehand and got to know more recently, you did really good! I can agree that monothreat can get pretty cancerous at times, but that's the whole fun in it :P Hope it was at least a little bit fun
Illusio Unfortunately I didnt get to talk to you or test teams with you much D:! but I know you're a good player and good guy
CrazyClown94 cool funny guy, unfortunately didn't get to play much because of your inactivity D:

Really hope we win this week, can't let the Altarias win again :mad:
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Calling activity vs Sakis, I messaged him a couple days back and have gotten no response yet (he's been online since then). I'll be on a flight for essentially all of Sunday and I don't expect to have internet for the next week.


levitate, levitate, levitate, levitate
WON w/ some yellow magic "gg"
best move in mons since gen 1 = twave; way better than scald/SR/knock off or anything else you can think of

coming soon in another post hehe :^)
12am ded af rn love you perts <3

P.S. sorry if this knocks your team out rozes it was an unfortunate (though certainly convenient) turn of events. I'm sure my love :heart: Betathunder and the rest of the diancies are glad :x
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I know but we scheduled for the weekend, his time zone is 8 hours behind mine so it's unlikely that we'll be able to play during the week.
Won vs north, gg.

Since Scizors are out of mpl, I'd like to thank the team managers for drafting me and for letting me participate in this fun event. I also want to s/o my team, thanks for helping me and test my teams, you're all cool people and amazing teammates. We had a good run and even if we didn't make it, I feel we did great.
Lastly, shoutouts/thanks to Ticktick , Kammi and Ashaury for all your support and motivation.


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lost to thebagman in a very close game, gg my friend.

Thank you to my teammates for making this such an enjoyable experience. Thank you to Anttya for being a wonderful manager and testing partner. Special thanks to BlueSkiddoWeCanToo and thetalkingtree for testing with me at well. I'm sorry we couldn't make it into the playoffs on my shoulders. I had a great time with all of you, and I am better for the experience.

Go team.


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Kinglers finna takin the trophy. We losing in finals sike nah, we finna out meme the Memers, we finna afford the Ampharos, we finna scare out the Diancies just like we did this week - Dak Prescott
won in a good match vs Crashy thanks for the fun last battle :)

Thanks so much to Dirpz and Lax for drafting me this season, the whole team was really fun to work with and it's sad we didn't get farther than this despite having a good run and some strong players. Special s/o to Zukushiku, Sakis and Ticktick for building sessions and testing teams c: you guys are great, I wish you better luck next year :>
Why am I doing shoutouts 3 weeks early? sigh, can't beat hax ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, let me get started by saying this. You guys were amazing, and I couldn't have asked for a better team this year. Everyone stayed positive, and was always willing to help despite being haxed almost every single week. Yeah you guys are amazing <3

Individual shoutouts, in no particular order!!

Sae Sae - Don't lie. We all know we got haxed like crazy because you angered lucky lanturn. Don't even deny it. Oh, and I might be your secretary for the time being, but watch your back because I'll take back my rightful spot as leader once I regain my hax powers. For real tho, I really enjoyed putting off studying, and Hw to build with you. Only thing I regret is that we never made a team that has a metronome mon. :(
Balto - We never really talked before MPL, but I'm glad I drafted you. You're very knowledgable, and an excellent builder with 100x more creativity than your everyday generic monotype player. I heard rumors that you're an angry person, but you proved them wrong by being constantly helpful, and positive till the very end. Oh, and you're someone I can depend on if we need a win :)
Ticktick - Never really talked to you before MPL as well, and I wish we had. You're a super chill and nice guy with the best alt names. But I've always been confused as to why you help the other teams so much, guess you are a really nice person! Oh, thanks for carrying me and Sae btw :p
rozes - Never really knew you as well pre MPL, but you're chill. I can see why you won the AAA Open, and I love your creative teams. #PranksterBulkyApe.You're flexible as well, and just good at whatever tier you touch. Shame that hax beats all tho x.x
BlackBloodz - Lame, I wanted to force you to play every tier you didn't want to play but I never got the chance to :\ Thanks for being super flexible, and we all know that Marill is by far the best mon in UU. Sooo yeah! (Grats on OU voice!)
BlueSkiddoWeCanToo - Huh, maybe you're the reason why all of my gogoat sacrificial rituals messed up. Dw tho, just come visit me. I promise it'll be fun! Jkjk, out of everyone you are by far the most flexible. Even though you only signed up for Dubs, you still learned how to play UU, and managed to snag a win as well. Praise Skiddo! (oh, and you're super positive as well :p)
n10sit - You're good enough that I don't regret upbidding myself. 100% worth the 8K I spent on you, and a solid player. I really love your innovation btw, and I'm a bit sad that you never got to use your godly TR Rock team. :(
Chakra - You might've been my free pick up but you played like a 20K player, beating people at tiers you've had near 0 practice in. Heck, hax can't even stop you! Ignoring those freezes, and outplaying your way to victory :]
Barian - Can't seem to tag u but k. Still have 0 idea as to why you're banned but hopefully it gets removed soon! For real tho, you're extremely skilled at Monotype, and you're someone I can depend on to take the week home. (Gl bringing home the trophy PLAYER)

Wanted to thank everyone for the opportunity to play, and especially Omega-Xis for buying me. I'll most likely be unable to play any of the playoff weeks as I'll be super busy, but the regular season weeks were plenty of fun. Hopefully Doubles is included next year as well, and I'm given the opportunity to play once again, on a team with a better name.

Shouts Talkingtree, nido-rus, anttya, betahousing, n10, blue, and anyone else I'm forgetting for all the help testing. Shouts to the team for getting this far, expect you to take the W :]
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