Tournament Monotype Premier League VI - Week 4

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Week 4
Replay Thread

Records Spreadsheet


Dreamyard Darkrais (4) vs. Goldenrod Gengars (4)

SS: col49 vs Dieu Amphibien
SS: Kev vs dahli
SS: Kaguya Lys vs Confide
SM: EviGaro vs Zap
SM: DugZa vs Toadow
ORAS: Izaya vs Croven
BW: Zukushiku vs avarice
Bo3: Arifeen vs Chaitanya


Hearthome Honchkrows (2) vs. Mirage Island Milotics (6)

SS: Eternal Spirit vs le LLiolae
SS: Fírnen vs Perish Song
SS: Star vs gorex
SM: Gondra vs Decem
SM: TheArchitect_ vs Empo
ORAS: Yami vs Cell
BW: Sabella vs Freeroamer
Bo3: 1 True Lycan vs devinn


Blackthorn Bucks (5) vs. Hau'oli Houndooms (3)

SS: Its Choco Bitch vs Quaze
SS: kythr vs Fylkir Pudin
SS: Havens vs Splash
SM: Vodoom vs Days for Dabs
SM: lax vs Trichotomy
ORAS: Catalystic vs maroon
BW: Jyph vs North
Bo3: Sae vs zugubu royale

trick house treeckos.png

Meteor Falls Miniors (1) vs. Trick House Treeckos (7)

SS: Conflux vs Floss
SS: Alkione vs Bouff
SS: Ridley vs MetaRiolu7
SM: Shiba vs Prosaic
SM: Bitana vs LuckyPiper
ORAS: Attribute vs taide
BW: GotCookies vs Crashy
Bo3: Leru vs Wanka

Bo3s start with ORAS!

The deadline for Week 4 is: July 12th @ 11:59PM EDT (GMT -4)!

P.S. A reminder that Urshifu-Rapid-Strike is banned!
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week 4 baby and im already late by 1 game pls dont no john it makes me sad

Dreamyard Darkrais (3) vs. Goldenrod Gengars (5)

SS: col49 vs Dieu Amphibien - who tf is col49? i didnt even know that there was someone with that name that was drafted and dieu goated last week so i expect him to do it again
SS: Kev vs dahli - imagine not playing peachy in sm what the fuck is this shit. hl mu between the 2 gays but peachy is better though
SS: Kaguya Lys vs Confide - ayayayayayayayayaya was absolutely fucking robbed last week it wont happen again. also imagine picking up future ssnls winner brumirage and not playing them this week woat move that will get punished imo
SM: DugZa vs Zap - big matchup here between the 2 biggest snakes in mono, i cant in my right mind pick zap to win though
SM: EviGaro vs Toadow - can evigaro lose in sm? idts

SM: EviGaro vs Zap - cunts really snaked mus wtf. heavyweight mu though but zap is ass so backing evi for sure
SM: DugZa vs Toadow - dugza is really fucking dodging people left right and center thats 3 people in fucking 2 weeks how the fuck. this disgraceful act will be punished severely by toadow oml
ORAS: Izaya vs Croven - genuinely dont know so we leave these bad boys up to the !pr
BW: Zukushiku vs avarice - what happened to bo3 zuku? is he scared of chait? ngl he probably should be but i think hes the better player here
Bo3: Arifeen vs Chaitanya - should be a win for chait here, he hasnt looked like losing a game yet

Hearthome Honchkrows (2) vs. Mirage Island Milotics (6)

SS: Eternal Spirit vs gorex - both of these 2 played really well weeks 1 and 2 and just kinda fell apart week 3 im going to go with my gut though and keep picking against budget decem
SS: Eternal Spirit vs le LLiolae - can you dickheads stop fucking swapping games around how fucking hard is it to get the mus right before you send in lineups 3 fucking times this week you guys have gotten it wrong jfc. whatever le lliolaes only loss has been to hax so far so picking him here
SS: Fírnen vs Perish Song - oml is that perish song??? i dont know if hes actually played any mons in his life but i have to keep predicting frnen to lose otherwise he loses motivation or something idk
SS: Star vs le LLiolae - le lliolae has looked really solid in all of his games cant pick against him rn
SS: Star vs gorex - star is for sure going to lose this game because of something like idk bug bite volcarona or some bullshit
SM: Gondra vs Decem - gondra is 3-0 rn vs some really good opponents, while decem has struggled vs basically the best in the tier i think he will bounce back here
SM: TheArchitect_ vs Empo - why tf is there an underscore at the end of the architects name, also who is the architect idk
ORAS: Yami vs Cell - this game is for sure getting played on sunday night, hopefully cell wakes up in time though oml
BW: Sabella vs Freeroamer - should be a pretty fire mu, both have only lost to the goat north just picking sab because i know him better
Bo3: 1 True Lycan vs devinn - oh no they really did it to him, this poor guy in his first mpl has been foddered off to lycan i guess decem cares more about his own record than his players feelings smh

Blackthorn Bucks (0) vs. Hau'oli Houndooms (8)

SS: Its Choco Bitch vs Quaze - choco is fire at ss but he wont know what hit him when he plays quaze oml
SS: kythr vs Fylkir Pudin - kythr is already johnning me what the fuck hopefully a good match though gl mate
SS: Havens vs Splash - splash is going to be so fucking angrywhen he finds out that [redacted] got deleted im actually scared what hes going to do to havens in this mu
SM: Vodoom vs Days for Dabs - vod fucking dodged trich like a bitch but hes going to get stomped by the absolute goat that is days for dabs
SM: lax vs Trichotomy - done and dusted already
ORAS: Catalystic vs maroon - damn when cata has literally been dominating sm they really took him out and he lost why does nobody listen to my sage advice
BW: Jyph vs North - hopefully a hl, what i do know is that north is the goat
Bo3: Sae vs zugubu royale - damn when zugu is your backup bo3 player you know you have a good fucking team

Meteor Falls Miniors (2) vs. Trick House Treeckos (6)

SS: Conflux vs Floss - floss committed a fucking highway robbery last week where as flux kinda did the opposite i do expect him to bounce back though just watch out for floss' spicy calm mind volcarona
SS: Alkione vs Bouff - idk did anyone see alkiones game last week? im not sure who played worse in that but oml it was woat bouff has only played 1 game but i think he has got this one
SS: Ridley vs MetaRiolu7 - mr7 is coming back from 0-2 to get idk a bunch of wins on the trot just you fucking watch
SM: Shiba vs Prosaic - pr0-3aic was not what i expected when i asked him several times to join this mpl, he has had a bunch of shitty mus though and ik hes a good enough player to turn it around
SM: Bitana vs LuckyPiper - so piper is 2-1 in sm against 2 great players and ssalbap using a normal looking team which just shouldnt be allowed imo and i think now that hes out of bo3 he actually might get some wins
ORAS: Attribute vs taide - i think this game might be closer than it should be but attribute is the better oras player
BW: Caetano93 vs Crashy - hes got the win under his belt and crashy is in prime position to idk win some more i guess i was going somewhere with that and just couldnt think of anything inspiring to say unfort
Bo3: Leru vs Wanka - damn another bo3 highlight, cant argue with 3-0 wanka though hes been killing it
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Dreamyard Darkrais (4) vs. Goldenrod Gengars (4)

SS: col49 vs Dieu Amphibien - This Salow will win it with others Chait teams. God thanks he starts to play anything else than Steel type.
SS: Kev vs dahli - Dahli is just better, even if he faces a #, he doesn't fear this.
SS: Kaguya Lys vs Confide - Close game but I think Kaguya is better in SS.
SM: EviGaro vs Zap - Zap is still brainstorming, he's thinking why Urshifu-Strike is banned, he will need time to find this answer and won't be focus on his game.
SM: DugZa vs Toadow - Toadow said I was lucky with my wins, so fuck off and lose this week :D
ORAS: Izaya vs Croven - Croven will play Flying and win this.
BW: Zukushiku vs avarice - I'm still waiting to play my bo3 ssnl against Zuku, so I prefer he wins this and lose against me in ssnl. Smart thinking.
Bo3: Arifeen vs Chaitanya - This Salow is learning how be good with Frenchies, so easy win for the Chaitanya2.0fr.

Blackthorn Bucks (4) vs. Hau'oli Houndooms (4)

SS: Its Choco Bitch vs Quaze - Choco won't be aten this week.
SS: kythr vs Fylkir Pudin - This Kangoroo man will win this.
SS: Havens vs Splash - Close game, hard to guess the winner here but slighty advantage for Splash.
SM: Vodoom vs Days for Dabs - Vodoom will win it.
SM: lax vs Trichotomy - Trigoatomy's win.
ORAS: Catalystic vs maroon - Catalystic has chance to win it if he got a good team.
BW: Jyph vs North - Probably one of the best game in this team fight, with advantage for North.
Bo3: Sae vs zugubu royale - Sae needs to show again why he was shining last mpl, and he will here.

Meteor Falls Miniors (2) vs. Trick House Treeckos (6)

SS: Conflux vs Floss - Expensive and hl SS game here. Both are really good but Floss may win it.
SS: Alkione vs Bouff - Alkione is happy Urshifu-Strike is banned and will play Fire type to celebrate that.
SS: Ridley vs MetaRiolu7 - Cr7 will shoot Ridley here.
SM: Shiba vs Prosaic - I'm upset Fylkir outspeeded me to say Pr0-3saic, but this is the time to wake up.
SM: Bitana vs LuckyPiper - LuckyPiper got this.
ORAS: Attribute vs taide - Fuck Attribute.
BW: Caetano93 vs Crashy - Crashy liked posting his first win in mpl post, I'm glad to saw it and I'm pretty sure he's motivated to post again for this week.
Bo3: Leru vs Wanka - Great game here, with slighty advantage for Wanka, he has a better monotype knowledge than Leru.
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