Monotype Smogcast Request

Content: There is a lot to cover since this is monotypes first big appearance on the channel so all things mono are going to be covered. <------------ here is the outline of the script I made.

Cast: The cast is going to consist of Wanka, Eien, Scpinion, IVid, Balto, and Confluxx. I will most likely have IVid actually setting up the stream.

Projected length and date: I could see the cast running between 45 minutes to an hour. Ideally we would like to do the cast this Friday anytime between 1-4pm EST. That is the best day for everyone on the cast.

Nobody in the cast has ever gotten in any smogon trouble or PS! trouble so we should be all clear in that regard. If I'm missing anything I'll gladly add it. Thanks in advance for your patience guys.


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I'm fine with the projected cast list and was in the conversation Wanka made about starting this, so all that's left is your approval. Obviously the friday date is now unavailable, so you'd have to have a different date, but I'd be fine with this.

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