Monotype Suspect Voter ID Thread (Sablenite)

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This thread is for those who have achieved the required 2600 COIL on the Monotype ladder to post evidence of their reqs such that they'll be eligible to vote on Sablenite once the suspect period is over. This is not a voting thread.

To show your reqs, take please take screenshots including the following 3 things:

- Your /rank in the chat, showing your COIL
- The name in the top right of your PS screen matching the name of the alt you used
- The registration date on your MS2 account. It can be found at:<yourUsernameHere>

please put them hide tags to keep the thread clean.

note: My COIL isn't enough to vote; I need to finish laddering.

/rank with COIL and name in upper right:

Registration Date:

Once you've posted your reqs, you're all good, just wait until the suspect ends on the 20th of November 11:59PM EST and we'll begin the voting process.
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