Monotype Tournament [Signups]

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~art by Acast~

The Monotype metagame is, exactly as the name implies, a meta where you must build a team with each Pokemon sharing a common type. Think Gym Leaders and Elite Four from the cartridge games. This presents some unique challenges, and opportunities, from a team-building perspective that is sure to test even the most seasoned veterans. The Monotype Room's website contains many helpful resources for new players including usage stats, sample teams, type matchup info, and metagame trends/type analyses. You can also check out the banlist, discussion thread, or resources thread on Smogon for additional information.

There has not been a Monotype tournament hosted in the Tournaments forum since Early/Mid 2014. It is actually one of the more popular ladders on the PS! main server (~200,000 battles/month) and has a dedicated following through "Leagues" on many other servers. With the most recent bans, the metagame has achieved a nice balance (arguably the best ever), so this seems like a great time to test Monotype out in a true tournament environment!

Tournament Special Rules:
  • Best of 1, Single Elimination
  • You may switch the type of your team between rounds.
  • Both single and dual-typed Pokémon are allowed. The shared type does not have to be the Pokemon's primary type.
  • In the case of Mega Evolutions, the typing of the regular form of the Pokémon is what counts. For example, Gyarados is a Water/Flying type, so even though Mega Gyarados is Water/Dark it can still be used on a Flying team. Following the same rule, Mega Gyarados cannot be used on a Dark team because regular Gyarados is not Dark type.
  • Matches are to be played in Monotype on the PS! main server. If your team is legal on the Monotype ladder, it is legal in this tournament.
Special note: The Monotype Council is currently suspecting Sablenite. In the event of a ban, it will go into effect the following round of this tournament. (i.e. the banlist won't change in the middle of a round)

General Rules

Additionally, all Clauses/Mods that apply to rated Monotype battles:
  • Baton Pass Clause: Limit one Pokémon knowing Baton Pass.
  • Swagger Clause: Swagger is banned.
  • Same Type Clause: Pokémon in a team must share a type.
  • Species Clause: A player cannot have two of the same Pokémon on their team. For example, a player cannot have two Koffing on his or her team.
  • Sleep Clause: A player cannot put two or more different opposing Pokémon to sleep using attacks that induce sleep to opposing Pokémon.
  • Evasion Clause: A player cannot increase their Pokémon's evasion stat with a move that specifically increases evasion. Items or indirect boosts do not break this clause.
  • OHKO Clause: Players cannot use Horn Drill, Guillotine, Sheer Cold, or Fissure in any of their Pokémon's movesets.
  • Battle Timeout: If a player exhausts the timer, he/she loses.
  • Moody Clause: The ability Moody is banned from play.
  • Endless Battle Clause

Sign-Up Deadline: ~7am EST on Monday, November 9th
(i.e. I'm doing the matchups when I get to school)
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