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Monotype Winter Premier Signups

Player Signups
All signups for the Monotype Winter Premier will be done in this thread. If you do not sign up here, you will not be drafted. The metagames for the Monotype Winter Premier are:

Monotype AAA
Monotype LC
Monotype STABmons
Monotype Ubers
USUM Monotype
USUM Monotype
USUM Monotype

Only sign up for what you are willing and able to play. If you sign up for more formats than what you are capable and willing to play, it will reflect poorly on you later. If you are going to be gone or inactive for an extensive period of time at all in the next few months, don't sign up.

The managers and assmen for the Monotype Winter Premier are as follows:
Moosical (Torkool) & Tyke - Rascal Ralts
Ridley. & Ticken - Sootopolis Sealeos
KevinELF & Attribute - Ever Grande Eevees
Eien & Leru - Good Civ Goodras
Zarif & Azelea - Rustboro Raptors
Chaitanya & Waszap - Croissant Copping Chikoritas
StarBlim & maroon - Native Natus
Charmflash & Quantum Tesseract - Dauntless Dewgongs

Here is an example of what you should include in your signup:
Name: Vid
Metagames Played: USUM Monotype
Timezone: CST (GMT -6)
Potential Activity Issues: n/a
If you are a manager or assman and plan on using your first round or second pick on yourself or assman, please sign up as a player. If you do not sign up you will not be allowed to draft yourself.

The draft will be held on Saturday December 1st 11:30 AM EST signups will close an hour before the draft at 10:30 AM EST
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