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What a ride. My original draft plan only had 1 actual Monotype main in Paleo and we got to playoffs and barely missed out on finals after reaching 3rd overall. All the people on the team are good as fuck but there's something I gotta say about this last deciding game.

Which fucking idiot says an offensive gg, cocky that they will win, then gets outplayed completely and is bailed by a freeze? Which fucking idiot defends their actions by spouting off random bullshit, pretending that we wouldn't just have won when we obviously would have? Which fucking idiot tried to cover it up by saying "Ah! I said offensive gg to make you mad and it worked lol!"

No, you fucking idiot. You said offensive gg cuz you thought you won and you fucking blew it, don't bring any of your bullshit into this.

This tour is 100% just for fun and I understand that, that just set me off on no end. Gl to Chorizos and Torkoals, rooting for either of you to win it all. Thank you to Clearly and TheThorn for stepping in and helping our USUM last second, we wouldn't even have had a chance to win poffs with just my support alone.

Phiones still the best team to me but there are some things we can't control, good shit though and I don't regret any of my drafts.
Phew lol. This tour was an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. This team did so well and I'm really proud of everyone on my team you were all so great. I'm really disappointed on my record and wish I could've done better, but I tried my best to support everyone in as many tiers as I could. And although our season ended the WACKEST way possible, I do think some shoutouts are in order oo

lax I've heard a lot of rumors about you pre tour, so I was a bit cautious about being on your team, but I can definitely say they were all bullshit. Not only did you give me my first chance to be in a mono tour, but you were extremely supportive and helpful, and we definitely could not have gotten this far without you. You're amazing dude, and I hope to team with you in the future.

Paleo the monotype kingpin himself. You're good as fuck bro and you're record definitely isn't as good as you're skill is. I tried to help you as much as I could, hopefully I wasn't in your way at all x.x honestly tho ur a cool ass dude and I hope to team with u in the future.

dodmen I watched all of ur games and never once did I leave unimpressed. Ur amazing and I hope we team again because I'd like to talk a lot more w you

-Tsunami- bop dash space. Goat man shakeitup, u were able to supply us with some clutch wins when u weren't getting robbed by hax or matchup,,, hope we team again cuz we didn't talk much

Garay oak I fukin hate you dude LOL. Nah but ur record is definitely not representative of your skill, ur a cool ass dude and a low-key goat def wanna team with u later on

HT resident lc DON and fucking madman. The only nigga I know thatd bring the same type 7 times in 8 weeks. Yet u somehow went 6-2,,, definitely wanna team with u again ur funny as fuck

ggggd ur megagood at stab even if ur record doesn't say that cuz u got robbed a shitton. Ur a cool ass dude and ur funny as shit. Dicking around w you and garay in that lunala server was some of the most fun I've had in a while, and I definitely hope to team with you again. But say doublade @ idk one more time and I'm blocking you everywhere

trash my right hand AAA man and cool ass dude. I tried my best to help u as much as I could and hopefully I did enough lmao. Def hope we team again ur a don low-key

passion bro fr ur the weirdest dude I've ever met and ur funny as shit. But what really made u get my respect is that once u got subbed in u took everything very seriously and you played extremely well. Definitely hope we team together again.

Nat unfortunately we didn't talk that much, but i tried to help u with ur teams even if u didn't need it zzz.. ur fucking insane at stab and at mons in general, big fan and hope we team again sometime

Special shoutouts to

tko ur a fucking meme dude and a funny one too. And although u didn't play on our team I've seen u in some other tours and ur impressive ngl. Hope we team soon and I'm surprised you didn't get banned from doing @ here so much lmao

Also to Clearly and TheThorn for helping us during playoffs, it wouldn't have been as close as it was without you guys, really appreciate it :D

And last but DEFINITELY least, my best fucking friends on this fucking site and fellow competitors Wincon and King Billu. I fucking love you dudes and it's a blast talking to y'all every day. Unfortunately we couldn't meet in finals, but it's whatever, hopefully we end up on the same team later on.

I'm gonna keep looking towards the future regardless of how this season ended. I know I probably made some enemies along the way but just know that if you hate me it's one sided. Everything I've done to make anyone mad at me I've apologized for and if I didn't pm me. Remember that it's just Pokemon and I'd rather not beef with ANYONE over a game of Pokemon bc that's mega wack.

See y'all next tour
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I'm not gonna give shoutouts cause I'm lazy but paniola phiones are the best team period (although the name sucks lol fuck lax)
Y'all are pretty cool and funny tho, sorry for my trash ass record and not being able to help much (cause I have absolutely no clue about monotype). Fun season!
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