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Player Name: dmbros
Tiers: Any and all
Country / Region of Residence: U.A.E (+4)
Significant Time Missed: Exams from 20th feb so only available on weekends during those days
Player Name: insertkoin_
Tiers: SV
Country / Region of Residence: Spain
Significant Time Missed: Work + Uni + Daily routines, but free on fridays and weekends.


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Player Name: kennukem
Tiers: SV/SS (moreso the former though)
Country / Region of Residence: US Midwest
Significant Time Missed: semi-limited schedule but otherwise okay.

Also content just building teams lol
Player Name: Dead by Daylight
Tiers: All
Country / Region of Residence: US West / South Atlantic
Significant Time Missed: school

I'll play as a sub if need be and build.
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