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Hello, fellow showdown fanatics,
Recently in some casual random 1v1s I have ran into a problem. While I'm battling I will often turn the timer on, either in order to coax my opponent to do something, or just to put more pressure on myself. Sometimes, when I turn the timer on, my opponent will sit there until the clock runs out. It leaves me to wonder, what happened to my opponent? Did their comp break? Where they incapacitated? Were they...murdered? Or maybe they just got bored. Although I admit that this is a rare occurrence, one more common phenomenon that is similar, is when a player leaves the battle, thinking that they are ending it. I used to do that. Until I figured out what !forfiet was. But I figured it out by dumb luck. SO many times I have been left waiting while my opponent goes on to do something else.

And you may ask, why don't I just leave myself? Well, then, they'd join back up and win what I should have. I propose a forfeit button. If someone wants to forfeit, then they press it. A window opens up asking 'are you sure about this? There's no going back. They will win..etc'.If they press yes, then the battle ends. OR maybe x'ing out of a battle should end it.
-A concerned citezen

P.S. Have a nice life, all of you, probably won't post on this again because i'm a filthy casual


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there is a forfeit button already, it’s the x on the battle tab (on the top) - you click it and it asks if you want to forfeit, exactly as you describe. There’s also the /forfeit command you can end in chat.
edit: screencap of tab where it would be on comp
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