[More WIP than ever] The Honey Treehollow [2017 UPDATE: Still alive]

I have a dream ball Murkrow spitback adamant w/ brave bird and HA. I'd like a love ball Magby (rash) in exchange. Thanks. Let me know if interested (btw Murkrow is female).
Oh man where do I begin here..

Not sure on the status of your availability to trade, but if you'd please, cmt for Heavy Ball No Guard Machop and Safari Ball Hyper Cutter Pinsir, both female with their respective egg moves.

I understand your thread is a WIP, so in addition to my Breedables, I also have a few of your specific wants, namely: Dream Ball HA Horsea, Abra, Gastly, Murkrow, Heracross, Gligar, Snubbull, Whismur, Timburr and the em Archen.

I'm also interested in some of your legends but I've yet to post my RNGs or Kalos Born legends so we'll hold out on that xD

Forgot to note that some of the Dream Ball females are lacking egg moves.

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