Most Uber Tournament Ever V - Signups (GOT 24 TEAMS, ROUND 1 SOON)

Synoptic confirmed first, and ADF Test confirmed 10 min before Sabella for Chloe's Weebs, and Starmei was 4 hours late after that so Chloe's Weebs are the team #24 that gets in.

  1. name under construction (Lacus Clyne, Arii Stella, ict, Poek, Gastrik)
  2. Team Will Come Up With a Better Name later (SANJAY, Sharp Ladder UU, Osh, MJ, Hamhamhamham)
  3. not sure of the name cuz im bad (Level 56, byronthewellwell, Cynara, EternalSnowman, Mr.378)
  4. Doubles sluts (Matame, Demantoid, Toxigen, lilly momo, Paraplegic)
  5. nomekoptakcusew (Dominatio, 0kay, Mysterious M, Serga, Not Troller)
  6. Never-Ending-NightPigeons (ahh, expurement, nishikino kotori, loving1096, Vc Altaria)
  7. Secret Boner Rubbing Squad (hexed, K Legacy, xCaptainHero, Loloartsi, Bhris Brown)
  8. Team If We Win BKC Brings Back The Pompadour (The Trap God, dice, BKC, Fireburn, Nayrz)
  9. Park Shin Hye lovers (Jhonx~, EG Tamalin, sassyaccident, -Sora-, thunder n' blazes)
  10. Kearb Nemyh Yloh (Holy Break, CKW, KyogreF4N, VictoriasDelbirds, ImIsaP)
  11. ur mum xD (Arifeen, Mir Sayad, Arik, tehdicktutor, ayman x)
  12. Eternia's Council (Rodriblutar, Garay oak, Sacri', Lord Outrage, Real FV13)
  13. Thicc Eyebrows (Seo., iRKD, Hyw, EricSaysHi, zubugu royale)
  14. Team Perfect Primals (Reviloja753, JJayyFeather, ItsYaBoi1447, The Idiot Ninja, Sabella)
  15. RAYMOND ABLES and his BOYS (imsosorrylol, chop, blarghlfarghl, Infamy, Aurora)
  16. barack obama taskforce (obii, TDK, blunder, KratosMana, soulgazer)
  17. The Barringtons (darrell1297, Exiline, Miyoka, Leru, Thimo)
  18. c quoi les bails (Simiatic, Welli0u, Corazan.., RedMaxx, Kory2600)
  19. Lolcopter lugias and the latino (Melle2402, Alex Walls, p2, Hassin627, Vileman)
  20. god help us (PROBLEMS, Evuelf, Edgar, Hack, Kebabe)
  21. Dragon Rush (CaCaTuA, Arthurr pendragon, Caetano93, LuckyRyu, Kirigon)
  22. ThaPex Squad (WhiteLion, Crestfall, 4gb, My Thunder, Colonel M)
  23. Not Humans, but aliens 2 (DDarken, Dbasso, egalvanc, Vinz28, Dragonjarl)
  24. Chloe's Weebs (Velvet Blood, Ransei, Synoptic, Fardin, ADF Test)
Really starting this time, but will take some time to make pairings and then randomising slots

edit: the Terremotos (didi, Spl4sh, Nintendi, Sombolo, Brazilian Army) don't make it because didi informed me on Tuesday that Sombolo will have to be replaced. They found a replacement, but that player left after the tour size was increased to 24 teams, after which I haven't been informed who will be playing in place of Sombolo. I pm'd didi on discord 2 days back but have got no reply, so the team Team Perfect Primals (Reviloja753, JJayyFeather, ItsYaBoi1337, The Idiot Ninja, Sabella) take their place in the 24 teams
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