Tournament Most Wanted - Week 1

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Welcome to the first ever Most Wanted, an all-Ubers team tournament where six team captains draft players to assassinate others and amass huge sums of bounty for the glory of Ubers supremacy. This is a brand-new tournament uses a snake draft, flexible tier pools, a fresh new bounty system, and tournament assassinations. The winning team will be crowned when their total bounty surpasses 300,000 or are the highest team standing after seven rounds. As a player you have one mission: take out your opponents, and on your terms.

I’ll be your host along with Nayrz.

- General tournament rules and regulations apply. Pokemon Showdown is the default simulator for all metagames unless both parties agree. If you play on anywhere that isn't PS! you must save a log of the match. All matches are best of one.

We reserve the right to judge any individual match on a case by case basis, regardless of assumed precedence set. If you don't like that, you are welcome to not play. Be aware of this.

To protect yourself as much as possible from DCs and timer issues, play on Showdown (because it has an at least semi reliable system of rejoining after a DC) and make a gentleman's agreement to not hit timer.

To help handle all DC cases you will need to submit your teams to the host before the match. You do not have to submit, but if you do, you protect yourself from the opponent taking a win. It's a simple procedure that removes most subjectivity from a decision regarding a DC. Unlike with the scheduling restrictions, all you have to do is submit the team you are using at anytime before the match takes place. Read this rule and understand this now before you join the tournament. Since I'm stating this now, I'm basically going to ignore you if you DC, didn't submit a team, and "had a guaranteed win." Expect it. Also note that I'm going to let the player (not the team), decide whether he is going to take the win or go another route (replay same moves, replay different teams, etc.).

Regarding time outs, they are a bit more complex, specifically because some timeouts are due to DCs. The best we can do for this scenario is say that there is some number between 1 minute and 2 minutes (which we will not publicize) that we will set as a limit for timing out, and if you timeout with more than that limit time remaining, we'll assume it is a DC, whereas the opposite is a true timeout. A true timeout defaults to a loss, while the DC timeout is prone to the DC rules (did you submit or not).

Tournament Standings Sheet

Week 1 Team Totals:

Altruistic Assassins
- 101,500
Behemoth Blades - 101,500
Cutthroat Corviknights - 101,500
Hoenn Hitmen - 101,500
Slaying Sirfetch'ds - 101,500
The Syndicate - 101,500

Week 1 Most Wanted:

#1 - Hack
Bounty: 25,000
Record: 0-0
Team: Altruistic Assassins
Tiers: SS, BW, DPP

#2 - March Fires
Bounty: 24,000
Record: 0-0
Team: Cutthroat Corviknights
Tiers: USM, ORAS, BW


#3 - Garay oak
Bounty: 23,000
Record: 0-0
Team: Hoenn Hitmen
Tiers: SS, USM, ORAS

Week 1 Assassins:


Week 1 Pools (bounty):


Hack (25,000) [AAS] vs. Cynara (20,000) [BBD]
absdaddy (16,000) [HHM]
vs. Terracotta (15,000) [CCK]
Reje (14,000) [AAS]
vs. Manaphy (11,500) [SSF]
dream (10,500) [BBD]
vs. SiTuM (9,500) [TSD]
orch (7,500) [CCK] vs. Ballfire (7,000) [TSD]
Goat Heart ♥ (6,000) [SSF]
vs. crucify (4,500) [HHM]
Watchog (4,500) [TSD]
vs. ice-master-523 (4,000) [SSF]

Garay oak (23,000) [HHM] vs. PurpleGatorade (22,000) [TSD]
Zesty43 (19,000) [BBD] vs. byronthewellwell (18,000) [SSF]
Alkione (10,000) [SSF]
vs. DracoMaster Dab (7,500) [AAS]
Sharow (6,500) [BBD] vs. The Dovahneer (5,500) [HHM]
Megazard (6,000) [BBD]
vs. Royal1604 (5,000) [CCK]
Hugo Barrington (5,000) [AAS] vs. WreckDra (4,500) [CCK]
Catalystic (4,500) [SSF] vs. Jase The World (4,000) [TSD]
RCred403 (4,000) [HHM]
vs. GotCookies (4,000) [AAS]

Enzo Gorlami (20,000) [BBD] vs. Mysterious M (20,000) [HHM]
squinn (13,000) [CCK]
vs. Aishia (12,500) [HHM]
Sitonai (8,000) [AAS]
vs. Serga (7,000) [HHM]
Eternal Spirit (5,500) [TSD]
vs. SparksBlade (4,500) [AAS]

March Fires (24,000) [CCK] vs. Kebabe (21,000) [SSF]
Dominatio (13,500) [AAS]
vs. Melle2402 (12,000) [TSD]
Chill Shadow (9,000) [HHM] vs. Thugly Duckling (4,000) [CCK]

Mr.378 (20,000) [CCK] vs. benbe (4,000) [BBD]

Skysolo (20,000) [SSF] vs. Exiline (20,000) [TSD]
iry (20,000) [AAS] vs. Staxi (11,000) [BBD]
Vileman (8,500) [CCK] vs. 0kay (6,500) [SSF]

Week 1 Benched Players:

Evuelf (17,000) [TSD]
LuckyPiper (4,500) [BBD]​

Deadline is January 12 at 11:59 PM PT

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Hack (25,000) vs. Cynara (20,000)
absdaddy (16,000) vs. Terracotta (15,000)
Reje (14,000) vs. Manaphy (11,500)
dream (10,500) vs. SiTuM (9,500)
orch (7,500) vs. Ballfire (7,000)
Goat Heart ♥ (6,000) vs. crucify (4,500)
Watchog (4,500) vs. ice-master-523 (4,000)

Garay oak (23,000) vs. PurpleGatorade (22,000)
Sharow (6,500) vs. The Dovahneer (5,500)
RCred403 (4,000) vs. GotCookies (4,000)

Enzo Gorlami (20,000) vs. Mysterious M (20,000)
squinn (13,000) vs. Aishia (12,500)
Sitonai (8,000) vs. Serga (7,000)

March Fires (24,000) vs. Kebabe (21,000)
Dominatio (13,500) vs. Melle2402 (12,000)
Chill Shadow (9,000) vs. Thugly Duckling (4,000)

Mr.378 (20,000) vs. benbe (4,000)

Skysolo (20,000) vs. Exiline (20,000)
iry (20,000) vs. Staxi (11,000)
Vileman (8,500) vs. 0kay (6,500)

go team
first of all hope we have a good tour this format seems very neat.

Just gonna do some personal HL match predicts
absdaddy (16,000) vs. Terracotta (15,000): I personally do not know a ton about ss however I know that terra won the kickoff (my man) and I know that abs has expressed a ton of interest in the tier. Ive only known abs to really enjoy dpp since ive been around and he was exceptional at that so if he enjoys ss i can only imagine he is quite good. Terra is a freak of a builder and is quite good at exploiting mechs and techs nobody may have noticed and ive seen him play the tier a bit so with that said i give him a slight edge but am eager to see this mu.
orch (7,500) vs. Ballfire (7,000): the sexiline keeps gassing ballfire which means nothing to me being that hes on his team however i do recall him having some success awhile back. Orch is another very creative builder and i think has a rather strong understanding of game progression and what not, it also seems goth is very good in SS so orch is right at home. I'm going to bold orch here just because ive seen what he can do but eager to see ballfire play and always enjoy watching orch.
Garay oak (23,000) vs. PurpleGatorade (22,000): 2 of the 4 best players of sm (others solo and pohji) They also play in ubers championships this week. I tend to imagine that they split the two series and likely i feel the person who wins the ribbon will be less invested into this game for this tour so whomever wins the ribbon i think will lose here. I am good friends with both guys but I've known pg as long as anyone on here so have to pull for him to win the circuit. That said im going for garay in this mu but its probably the one im most excited for this week.
squinn (13,000) vs. Aishia (12,500): we have a jack of all trades vs someone who won oras cup and had a good upl. As much as i like squinn and if i were picking purely off of friend value would pick him i gotta give the edge to aishia here with all there prior accomplishments.
March Fires
(24,000) vs. Kebabe (21,000): tape is imo like t3 best ubers players ever kebabe has the best upl record ever so two big men squaring up. I am not sure if hack will be helping kebabe prep if he does thats a pretty significant help but without knowing ill act as if he is not. I am going with tape here purely assuming he will bring something that gets him a relatively even mu and can win it in game from there.
Skysolo (20,000) vs. Exiline (20,000): The clown vs the kekker what a game. I was shocked to see solo in adv i guess hes trying to spare the rest of the sm'ers considering hes deadass like 18-3 across the past 3 ubers tours or something absurd like that. However this is adv where the sexiline has been as dominant as anyone over the past year. Whilst i would love solo to win so I dont have to hear exiline refer to himself in the third person i shall bold the french here as it seems more practical.

I wont lie I am slightly inebriated whilst writing this and i refuse to re read it so tough cookies.
aaaannnd it's time for tape's top three

Hack (60) vs. Cynara (40): I haven't seen Hack or Cynara play SS and neither have had recent tournament showings either so it is difficult to pin who will come out on top of this match. However, both of them have a strong foundation of skills and experience which means this match should be a fun one to watch. I'm expecting Hack to come out with the win here though because he has always been able to grasp the nuances of a metagame very quickly, and I think he will be able to pull something out of the hat that Cynara won't be prepared for. Plus as showed last upl hack on tournament break is by no means equivalent to crust hack and i think atm he is quite in shape.

Garay oak [51] vs. PurpleGatorade [49]: this one is definitely the highlight match of the week. these two have consistently dominated usm, and have the records to show for it in tournament settings as well. However, garay has been unstoppable recently and i don't think his tear ends quite yet. it'll be exciting to see them play for the circuit champion title and this match here, and as zesty pointed out, it is very likely that the outcome of one influences the outcome of the other. either way, super keen to catch both series and best of luck to both.

Skysolo [45] vs. Exiline [55]: i actually think this one will be closer than it seems. although exiline undoubtedly has the experience in this generation that gives him a pretty solid edge over solo, i think solo's innate killer gameplay instinct narrows the margin by a considerable amount. this said, i can see solo losing to some wild tech that exiline has hidden in the back of his sleeve.

hope to see some sick games from everyone! and hype for this new tournament format - it could be very dope (or an absolute disaster lol).

also rip dpp


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absdaddy (16,000) vs. Terracotta (15,000): Both really solid and really into SS, but terra really shines in new metas that require a lot of experimentation and wild ideas, because that's exactly right up his alley building and playing-wise. I expect a really good and close game with terracotta edging it out just about.

Reje (14,000) vs. Manaphy (11,500): I'm not really a fan of Reje's playing ability, to put it nicely (*cough* overrated), and I think Manaphy is extremely talented in both SS and BW, so I'm definitely giving him the edge here. No brainer.

orch (7,500) vs. Ballfire (7,000): orch is quite good and wild when he doesn't resort to ghosting and/or posting weird-ass takes on forums. Can expect a max of 1 c-rank zacian in this series if Ballfire decides to use it and at least 1 gothitelle and 1 ditto. I actually think orch wins though, mostly because I have no clue who fireball is, probably some random kekker.

Goat Heart ♥ (6,000) vs. crucify (4,500): I heard crucify is rly rly good so I'll take a flier on him and say he beats Goat Heart here.

Watchog (4,500) vs. ice-master-523 (4,000): I've heard of Watchog and haven't of Ice Typing Sucks so I'll go w/ the former.

Garay oak (23,000) vs. PurpleGatorade (22,000): Highlight of the week together w/ Sarah Hack and Zesty Byron. Both really talented and accomplished players in SM, with PG leaning towards the safer side building-wise with his unbeatable Bulky Offense teams while Garay is a bit more comfortable with branching out and using more interesting things. I actually agree w/ the previous posts that whoever loses the circuit finals will probably win this, because they will be more motivated by revenge while the other one might get a little complacent. Ultimately I think Garay is just a bit better so I'll go with him here, and I guess that means PG is winning circuit finals.

Alkione (10,000) vs. DracoMaster Dab (7,500): Alkione is quite good and I've never really seen Dab play SM so yeah, easy pick.

Hugo Barrington (5,000) vs. WreckDra (4,500): Don't really rate Hugo and while Wreck is not in his most comfortable environment (why the hell is he in SM lmfao), I think he's still a better player than Hugo so I'm going w/ him here. I guess he's crust though so idk man this is whack.

Catalystic (4,500) vs. Jase The World (4,000): Both around the same skill level, I like Jase more than most and I think he's gonna have a fine tour playing people around his same bounty level, but I'm not sure who specifically wins here.

RCred403 (4,000) vs. GotCookies (4,000): No idea how both of them are in SM so I won't even pretend I do.

squinn (13,000) vs. Aishia (12,500): This is probably the toughest matchup to call for me. I think squinn is a fantastic Pokemon player in every Ubers gen he touches, but if I was to pick a "worst" one of his main tiers (SM ORAS DPP), I'd probably say it is ORAS because he's that good at his other ones while Aishia is quite impressive at ORAS so I guess I'm going with Aishia here just because squinn isn't as comfortable with ORAS as he is in the others ones? Idk, really tough call because squinn is fantastic.

Sitonai (8,000) vs. Serga (7,000): Holy Break is solid while Serga had a really really bad UPL and hasn't really had results in ORAS at all that I can remember so I'm going with HB.

Eternal Spirit (5,500) vs. SparksBlade (4,500): I'm not sure why ES isn't in SM but Sparks has the clear advantage in ORAS. People act like Sparks can't play sometimes, he's still a solid player with a good enough floor, it's just that his ceiling is a known quantity so people shy away from him, but he can still play if he has a solid team and I expect Hack to make sure he does.

March Fires (24,000) vs. Kebabe (21,000): As much as I love tape and think he's fantastic, Kebabe is the single best BW Ubers player ever, and he does well in every single team tour ever so I'm not predicting against him in this tier, ever.

Dominatio (13,500) vs. Melle2402 (12,000): Not sure why Melle is in BW but that's definitely not his best tier even though he is still good at it. Dom's best tier isn't BW either but I actually think he's been doing quite well in it lately so I'll take a punt and go with Dom who's someone I really like watching play (sub ekiller shenanigans aside), as long as he uses something appropriate (which again he has Hack so he probably will).

Chill Shadow (9,000) vs. Thugly Duckling (4,000): Thugly is a crust ORAS player slotted into BW for god-knows-what reason while CS is a jack of all trades that is quite able at any gen, no questions here.

Skysolo (20,000) vs. Exiline (20,000): Solo decided to start the tour by handicapping himself into ADV for no reason while Exiline is best when he's in ADV and knows solo's ADV inside out considering how much they've played each other. I expect Exiline to bring something that isn't quite standard and solo won't be ready to deal with it, due to his inferior metagame knowledge when compared to Exiline. Solo is the better player but not in this tier.

Vileman (8,500) vs. 0kay (6,500): 0kay has quietly been playing ADV again in the shadows which means he's not really rusty while Vileman is playing a tier he's not quite as experienced as 0kay in, I'm taking 0kay for the simple fact that if he does his homework and preps a solid team, he should win this more often than not.

Also go team :blobuwu:
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