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Mothim (in case you're unfamiliar) is a Bug/Flying Pokemon originating from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl that can be obtained by evolving a male Burmy. Its stats are terrible and its typing leaves it outclassed by similar Pokemon like Vivillon and Butterfree, so I wouldn't blame you for having forgotten it completely. In Battle By Post, though, it's known for having access to a powerful Signature Item only it can use: Moth Dust. Here in BBP, Signature Items are held items issued only to Pokemon with special evolution requirements.

Possibly the most unique Signature Item of all, Moth Dust allows Mothim to create powerful Combination Attacks by fusing Gust with Air Cutter, Leaf Tornado, Twister, or any move with "Wind" in its name. The resultant Combination Attack combines the power of its component moves into a single super-powerful hit. The turn afterwards, though, Mothim is left in a Sluggish state that prevents most of its strong attacks from being used. The optimal strategy is clear: overwhelm the opponent with powerful Gust combinations and recuperate afterwards with weaker moves like Signal Beam or Air Cutter to keep the pressure coming. Even if your opponent is resistant to your attacks, the Tinted Lens ability will power through those resistances. It's a frightening strategy that no other Pokemon can use.

This strategy does have one huge weakness, though: it's reliant on the Moth Dust held item. Moves like Thief or Knock Off that can take the item away will leave you begging for mercy. And, even if you manage to hold on to your Moth Dust, the Bug/Flying Mothim will still probably lose to Rock-Type Pokemon that deal 4x damage to it. Therefore, Mothim benefits from teammates that resist Rock-Types, especially if they use held items that can't be removed by attacks. Pokemon like Mega Lucario or Silvally can make for good teammates in that regard.

So there you have it! Mothim, the Pokemon that'll use Combination Attacks to breeze through its opponents like they're leaves on the wind!

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