Movepool changes

I'm currently going through (very slowly and meticulously) and compiling a list of level-up/egg move additions. I'll eventually go back and do TMs. This list is relying on my knowledge of Pokémon movepools that, while extensive, is not perfect. I've done Kanto so far. I'm excluding Alolan forms because those are a whole different thing. I'm also listing moves that PKMN previously only learned via tutor in past gen. I'll update periodically.

Butterfree - Air Slash
Wigglytuff - Stockpile
Clefable - Spotlight
Mankey - Power Trip
Primeape - Stomping Tantrum
Growlithe - Burn Up
Dodrio - Jump Kick & Swords Dance

Marowak - Stomping Tantrum
Starmie - Spotlight
Gyarados - Hurricane
Snorlax - High Horsepower
Zapdos - Magnetic Flux
Moltres - Burn Up
Mewtwo - Laser Focus

Typhlosion - Burn Up
Furret - Coil
Noctowl - Moonblast
Leadian - Air Slash
Ariados - Swords Dance & Toxic Thread

Pichu - Electric Terrain
Bellossom - Quiver Dance
Sudowoodo - Head Smash & Tearful Look

Dunsparce - Air Slash & Dragon Rush
Sneasel - Throat Chop
Corsola - Liquidation
Delibird - Drill Peck
Mantine - Roost
Suicune - Sheer Cold

Swellow - Hurricane
Surskit - Lunge
Carvanha - Psychic Fangs
Wailord - Noble Roar
Grumpig - Belch
Spinda - Spotlight
Flygon - Dragon Dance
Seviper - Swords Dance

Whiscash - Belch
Lunatone - Power Gem
Solrock - Flare Blitz

Bibarel - Swords Dance & Aqua Jet
Wormadam - Quiver Dance & Bug Buzz

Mothim - Lunge
Ambipom - Dual Chop
Skuntank - Sucker Punch

Lucario - Laser Focus
Probopass - Magnetic Flux
Froslass - Will-O-Wisp

Watchog - Nasty Plot
Lillipup - Psychic Fangs
Simisage - Frenzy Plant
Simisear - Blast Burn
Simipour - Hydro Cannon
Musharna - Psychic Terrain
Throh - Mat Block
Basculin - Head Smash
Krookodile - Power Trip
Tirtouga - Liquidation

Emolga - Speed Swap
Alomomola - Play Nice
Klinklang - Gear Up
Beheeyem - Psychic Terrain
Golurk - High Horsepower & Stomping Tantrum
Heatmor - Fire Lash

Litleo - Flare Blitz
Pancham - Power Trip
Pangoro - Bullet Punch
Diancie - Power Gem
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This should be done now. I'm going to go grab food and then I'll come back and add the new TMs. Tag me if you see something missing.
Do we know all of the ability changes yet? I heard that Crobat gets Merciless, but can't find confirmation.
Swords Dance + Jump Kick Dodrio with Base 110 Speed may work as compensation towards Talonflame's huge fall from grace.

Swords Dance + Aqua Jet Bibarel is going to be hilarious. Who needs Belly Drum?

Dragon Dance is what Flygon has been asking for since Gen IV. Good to see its pleas were finally listened.

And what's with these recent attempts by Game Freak to make Swellow a special attacker?
Some nice buffs for all these pokemon. Anyone do a list of all the Base stat increases for all pokemon, plus ability changes?


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Oh my god. Tiers have been largely shaken up.

Mega Diancie doesnt have to go mixed....

Mantine is officially the Anti Skarmory

Bibarel might actually run a tier without having mood swings!

Remember when Specs Swellow was a laughable attempt...whos laughing now (especially when its laughs are Boombursts)
Remember when Specs Swellow was a laughable attempt...whos laughing now (especially when its laughs are Boombursts)
Between the Special Attack boost and Hurricane, it's safe to say special attacking Swellow is now far removed from being a gimmick.

Burn Up is definitely going to see some use on Moltres and Arcanine, particularly the former. Between having a better Overheat on Choice sets and a way to ditch the Rock weakness completely in tandem with Roost on defensive sets, it's bound to see use. PP hurts in the latter case, but if you're Toxic-stalling you won't be defaulting to it.

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