Moveset Calculator

Thanks Chris! It seems to be missing HG/SS moves. Besides the aesthetic aspect and the occasional interesting news, the calculator is all that keeps me from just staying on Smogon.
Hey, almost every time I build teams using that! I've seen great things like leads with stealth rock, will-o-wisp, and roar (heatran) for example and it helps find pokes with good coverage. I support getting the calculator and tutors and what not, i also need billions of tabs for serebii, smogon, and marriland (for team building)

that too, should be on smogon. (Posting links on other websites isn't breaking rules is it?)
that link is pretty helpful and interesting tawp64. You would think after all these years, smogon would have a legitimate moveset calculator, but, i digress. If i really want one i should stop complaining and make my own xD.. sometimes i think that smogon serebii and other pokemon sites have come to an agreement. In order to not overshadow one-another, smogon has agreed not to implement a moveset calculator on purpose in order to help sites like serebii attain more visitors...but thats just my conspiratorial imagination running rampant again! lol

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