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Co-hosted by Clementine and Chains of Markov

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Welcome to the first annual Multi Factory Open! This tournament is your chance to showcase your skills in five separate factory tiers in a single elimination best-of-3 series. These formats are Gen 6 Battle Factory, Gen 7 Battle Factory, Gen 7 BSS Factory, Gen 8 BSS Factory, and Gen 7 Monotype Battle Factory.

This tournament is part of our ongoing Rands Slam circuit. Stay tuned after this tour for news about the next one!

The winner of the Multi Factory Open will receive the Room Prize Winner rank in the Random Battles room for a month, be inducted into the Randbats Hall of Fame, and be awarded points for the Rands Slam. The winner of the Slam Playoffs Round will get a custom avatar and a Smogon banner for a full year, along with a year-long Room Prize Winner rank and joinphrase.

How does the tour work?
Contact your opponent on their Smogon wall and decide on a time to battle.
Of the five formats only three will be played, to be determined in a BAN-BAN-PICK-PICK fashion as follows:
1. Use /pick name1, name2 to decide who bans first.
2. The person picked bans one of the formats, then the other player bans one.
3. The second player to ban a format picks one of the remaining formats, and then the other player does so.
4. The format not picked or banned gets played first, after which the format picked by the loser of the previous game gets played. This ends when either player has 2 wins and becomes the match winner.

Please note:

1. All scheduling attempts MUST be done publicly on Smogon Walls. No other proof of communication will count for act calls regarding scheduling attempts.
2. You MUST post replays of your wins.

We strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with the Smogon Tournament Rules and General Guidelines, if you haven’t already. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the tour hosts, Clementine, Chains of Markov, or myself, here on Smogon.

When spectating Rands Slam battles, do not ghost. Ask yourself, “Would my comment reveal information that hasn’t already been explicitly revealed in this battle?” Examples of ghosting include pointing out that an unexpectedly fast Pokemon must be holding a Choice Scarf, that a Zoroark’s disguised level proves it’s a Zoroark, etc.

How do I sign up?

Just post “in”!

The deadline for signups is 11:59 PM GMT-7, on Sunday July 10th, 2022.

Good luck and have fun to everyone taking part!
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