Multi-Platform Star Tournament


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Come join the Wi-Fi and Tournaments rooms throughout the month of January to participate in the
Multi-Platform Star Tournament!

Art by corvusam on DeviantArt

What is the Multi-Platform Star Tournament?

The Multi-Platform Star Tournament (MPST) is a series of tournaments which will take place on BOTH Pokémon Showdown AND in-game (in Pokémon SwSh and Pokémon BDSP).

The MPST will therefore include three types of games:
  • Switch Tours, which will be hosted in the Wi-Fi room and played on the Switch. These will be started by staff and will follow a set calendar (see below)
  • Sim Tours, which will be hosted in the Wi-Fi room and played on Pokémon Showdown. These will be started by staff and will follow a set calendar (see below)
  • The Nugget Bridge, a Wi-Fi monthly event in which players register to battle each other in-game. Details about it can be found in the Wi-Fi room.

The tiers which will be played are the following:
  • BDSP Monotype
  • SwSh RU
  • SwSh VGC
  • SwSh OU
  • SwSh NU
  • SwSh LC
As for the Nugget Bridge, it will be played in BDSP Monotype!

You’ll be able to get some practice on these tiers by joining the Tournaments room, where tours will be hosted on PS in preparation for the ones of the event!

We’ll be hosting a total of 20 tours (10 Sim Tours & 10 Switch Tours), and points will be rewarded as follows:
The winner of each Sim Tour will obtain 1 TP​
The winner of each Switch Tour will obtain 3 TP, and the runner-up 1 TP​
The winner of the Final Switch Tour will obtain 10 TP, the runner-up 7 TP, and each semi-finalist 4 TP​
As for the Nugget Bridge, it will last from January 4th to January 30th, and will award a total of 10 TP to each participant who has managed to complete it.

Check this doc for a detailed calendar!

Worried about having an in-game team ready? We've got your back!

The Wi-Fi room’s Prize Shop will feature BATTLE READY COMPETITIVE MONS for both BDSP and SwSh. You can buy these mons for the very affordable price of 10 or 5 WP (Wi-Fi Points) each! If you do not know what WP are, they’re points you can gain from participating in room events, many of which are hosted throughout the month (more info can be found by typing “/rfaq wp” in the Wi-Fi Room).

What do I get for winning?

The Final Switch Tour will take place on January 30th, following which we will be closing the Nugget Bridge and officially ending the event. The results will be announced the following day, on January 31st.

The top 3 prizes are:
A Switch OLED​
A choice of custom avatar, name color change, or disabled PS! username​
A 100 USD Amazon Gift Card​
The top ranking player will get to pick the prize of their choice, the 2nd will pick between the two prizes left, and the third will get the remaining one!

Additionally, the 4th and 5th ranking players will be rewarded with 150 WP and 100 WP, respectively.
As a bonus, 50 WP will be rewarded to all the players who have scored more than 15 points during the event.

Glad this is still open lol, anyways I never showed proof of the switch so I’d like to start off with that.

ignore the ps5 flex, shipment is still pending as mailing to foreign countries is sorta iffy atm. At best I expect it to be fully shipped around April 16th-27th. Just wanted to give an update on the prize.
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This took a while, but its finally here!!

Thanks velvet for arranging the delivery, and once again special thanks to PS Wifi and Tournaments room for organizing this big tour event. I really enjoyed the opportunity to play different formats on console in such a short span of time:)

Now I just gotta figure how to properly do the data transfer for my pokemon games and I should be able to start on LGPE this weekend, cant wait!!

Congratulations again, hope you enjoy your switch ^^. Who knows maybe I’ll do this again near the end of the year either in this room or maybe even video games room :eyes:. Might even be a prize for a ps5 (if I’m lucky enough with getting another one).

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