Tournament Multirandom Team Tour - Round 1

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approved by Irpachuza co-hosted with Pujo and javitu


art by Lartedipissog, pls be nice to him

Welcome to the first tourn of Multirandom Team Tour! This is a just-for-fun tournament where every week, players in team of two will test their chemistry playing against another team :swole:

Every round will be best of three in the new amazing tier 2v2 [Gen 8] Multi Random Battle, so first team to get two wins pass to the next round.
While there isn't officially a prize, you can always get the satisfaction of saying your partner "told ya"

General Rules:
  1. For the most part, general tournament rules and regulations apply.
  2. Replays must be both saved and posted for every game played.
  3. All games should be played on Pokemon Showdown!
  4. Matches should all be scheduled by posting on your opponent's Smogon profile ASAP. In the event that you're unable to schedule with/get a response from your opponent, make a post in this thread so that proper action can be taken.
  5. This should go without saying, but no ghosting.
  6. Timer / DC: Players are not required to have the timer on during their games, but in the event that they do, timing out either by way of running out of time or disconnecting and not making it back in time will count as a loss for the player who runs out of time.
  7. For trasparency it's better to use the same nicknames for the entire tour

Important: you can talk with your teammate in personal chat, but remember the timer can always be activated and loss because of it can't be appealed.

Turn 1

Batman and Alfred Vs "Free TLTK ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ"
Vulpix vul is a STUPID expression Vs omelette du formage
uwuw nyaaaa Vs hyedron sucks
mammalu ltp Vs Clash of Pangoros
duck nation Vs Order of the ho-oh
Gm Vs Bye
In to lose R1 Vs bye
M&Ms Vs Morrocoy
Lambo et les vinos Vs prices
axis cult Vs Poker mons
magnemite enthusiasts Vs Midnite
acid rap Vs Bye
vigalantays Vs Bye
Bop 'em like it's hot Vs Weno
Forza napoli vs Searching Np5 Space Ishtar & Castoria
Greedent fan club Vs Sfoff verticker
Wobby Vs Lrogue and bobomania
zxe Vs Bye
struzi defienti Vs Gogeta
/showanswer Vs Jessie e James
either of the two Vs Celebruh
voice of the streets Vs We love cute girls
gm Vs Elstomp and Sanshokuinsumireko
rat vs Gentleman's Tyranitar
Primordial Leafons Vs The toiletpapers
Magistic Togekiss vs Punto final.
:pweading: vs Idk
:catchomp: Vs 3 2 Idiot
Not Blazman Please Vs Chilling at the bonfire enjoying a crisp cold one with the lads
2 Rabbits Riding Horses Vs Apple woods
3 Rabbits riding Horses Vs The unbeatable Camwill19
sarada Vs :woop
Insane Roblox Slayers Vs Laggers tyrantrum
Ssalbap: We are WINNING Vs Bye
Big Black Boba Balls Vs Hexer003 and Altaria Motives
weebs Vs Mr. Uncompetitive and Full House
No more debt Vs Bye
Sleepy Slakoths Vs Goon squad
Timon and Pumba Vs bye
:juan Vs Bye
OmastarBoys! Vs Agensea
paneer lovers Vs :politoed:
The Goal diggers Vs bye
CHINGLING 40 HOURS Vs pulsar512b and Mr.Bossaru
Hissho Vs Gm idiots
Liberty Marshadows Vs Monky
WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87? vs Miku supremacy
r4nd0m 1e+t3rs Vs pristine piplups
gray cheese Vs Bye
I'm feeling 23 Vs Enjoy Merm4id
Pents123 Vs my nuts
Small Brain Scorbunnies Vs Legendary Wang
stfu Vs My Big Milkshake
Lasagna Vs bye
32 pistachio shells Vs Unfunny clowns
Toe banners vs FRITTI SCAMPI
Spheal_Fan_Club Vs Bye
Eula simps Vs bye
Fate/sus night Vs Rainshaft and manan999
mcfly and carlito (friend of macron) Vs Fifty Shades of Rez and iKiQ
Great Lakes Gang Vs bye
AIM-mate Vs bye
La Franche-Comté Vs bye
iRonman Vs bye

Few spots left to join as sub!!

Deadline is Sunday, 27 June

Edit: if in the winning post you could add the team name, that would be more easy for me to update the bracket, thanks!
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Sificon TeamCharm Expulso QWILY ppödd Forsh ACII Mihowk Mygrein ramolost javitu Petros Dam MaswoodShaheb Roginald pokeblade101 Mitsuki Megagr Lambovino yovan33321 Ruby. Aquaa StitChuu oreo salad London13 Betathunder OM VigilanteVigoroth karloco JonahRamone LoSconosciuto Lartedipissog za Failures ElectricityCat Luchik Jordy004 Wubben Z Strats 100%GXE Ferrari450 mammalu aQrator LittEleven El químico del pueblucho AtraX Madara giove97 frostyicelad Irpachuza Ara Goblin Aurodian omi AV Cosmoem velvet Dybala jr KingSwordYT Grillo Scizor Boladão Naziel Caspell Hiel109 LightScreener ausma Windingsss adsam R8 PartMan Blaz HaaiL Mattorr Is Cute RAP Yogurt LuckyPiper Anique Chief Z Casual dot exe WSun1 Ssalbap Decem Maskun Prosaic Perish Song Chloe Dj Breloominati♬ RaJ.Shoot ashbala99 TheDarkRising Ron...5 Infinite Misery Vawile Ralyks Steel Saurav the great Piyush25 JuanS13 Lolito rahul_3301 Cat food and TheGreenRoman FatFighter2 piyush master The gaming attack AnnaMyers SerenalovesAsh1234 Thunder Swagsire_87 SuperEpicAmpharos Xrn_n thunder109050 RageAgainstTheMagearna TectonicDestroyer Euphonos Clarity Leafium Z Fantos13 ukaaa EpicBoost Karl Dude Guy miraage doodler GogodsG Zombyon Andy Snype ajhockeystar Giokio MultiAmmiratore Ralsei Daydream Crossaint Mrdin69 LilyLitany not a racist platinumCheesecake Crunchman p4P1//0n Optify Jayi Gray queso Trade Anthonyy23 EpSeN MgaTwisted Kipkluif zeroouttathere i want a lamp WeepingDevil MichaelderBeste2 Yes or no my dude Fivell Lunar Sloth Aqua∞Ring Hyperspace12 RacsoZeta MusicDown Dagdan B. Suiper Fakee Blanko My Big Diggersby Milkshook Emboar02 HeroicTobias StreetBoom Lechen PrinceOfAllTacos lvl100Blaziken Wabathon naNo312 Maki umbry Archiiiie17 Nol
Amo le foche Mr Crcr euFeatured PA Vertigo06 Henka Jbkdude1 Sidian Nowno tf Rookiedoce ZeroKitss Shadow Dawn gatorpmcg ReverendBurn Galaxyboy 2005 Lets In The Sun Wamr fuersabro lukxray oizys Parnassius Legendary neycwang Tarrembeau Xceloh FillyGrifon n AIM-polimi Dragonillis Tuthur teresbahji PikaPlayer Romaigu Manan999 Uta The Clown Unfunnydededenotxd Lrogue bobomania Rainshaft RenegadeVictini Mr. Uncompetitive Full House Fifty Shades of Rez iKiQ SlowAndBruh Celever pulsar512b Mr.Bossaru Hexer003 Altaria Motives Elstomp Sanshokuinsumireko


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Hello, we have lost to Qwily but he was not playing with his real teammate Expulso, so i will claim activity win.
proof :
I've spoken with QWILY, since this is a for fun tour you can play again your matches. Please don't change your partner in the middle of the tournament, if you have to, just write before the games here on the thread
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