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Welcome to the final veto of Multiverse!

I think Toed can use a little extra physical defense. Doesn't need to be a wall but 80/65 is very pitiful for a pivot, especially given the nature of it's typing.

Gonna make similar points to what I told Bobsican earlier:
I'm gonna save u some trouble before a mass slate review happens

Standard Ghold is just too much for the mod. GoG either needs a real nerf (and what you did doesn't cut it tbh), or Ghold should get a really big nerf to handle that

Separate from that, Aegislash also exists in the mod, so Ghold coming in as is probably completely shits on it and that's not particularly good for a small meta at the end of its life cycle.

You don't need to copy zxg, but please be more mindful of the state of the meta before copypasting an OU Pokémon into the tier. Ghold both statwise and its current ability is too strong and as it stands, this is vetoed.

+1 252 Atk Technician Maushold Population Bomb (10 hits) vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Stakataka: 150-180 (43.3 - 52%) -- approx. 9.8% chance to 2HKO after Stealth Rock and Leftovers recovery

Orange, this is insane (uninvested it's defense hits 476 btw), I can't in good faith allow this into the tier. Vetoed.

Right now, I think it goes too hard as an offensive Fairy, I think it should be nerfed below 100 speed, so it doesn't outclass all of the other Fairies outside of Sun. (Probably give it Weather Ball). Vetoed.

Doubles isn't a supported meta for Multiverse, so it should be more customized for a Singles tiered meta, especially since Hospitality seems tailor made to emulate Doubles. Vetoed.

Twenty Four hours to make your changes. Remember that you can still make subs during this time, just do not expect to get reviews and a grace period if it's deemed too much.
g-luke said to do this dont make fun of me

Pokemon: Meowscarada
Niche: OU
Stats: 76/110/70/81/70/123
Type: Grass/Dark
Abilities: Overgrow/-/Protein
New Moves: N/A
Removed Moves: N/A
Description: It like, pivots and stuff.

Pokemon: Quaquaval
Niche: SV UU
Stats: 85/120/80/85/75/85
Type: Water/Fighting
Abilities: Torrent/-/Moxie
New Moves: N/A
Removed Moves: N/A
Description: It gets really big with moxie and aqua step and swords dance i think.

Pokemon: Skeledirge
Niche: SV UU
Stats: 104/75/100/110/75/66
Type: Fire/Ghost
Abilities: Blaze/-/Unaware
New Moves: N/A
Removed Moves: N/A
Description: It takes no bullshit.


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Pokemon: Ogerpon
Niche: SV UU
Stats: 80/120/84/70/96/100
Type: Grass/Ground
Abilities: Defiant / Embody Aspect (Teal) (On switchin, this Pokemon lowers the Speed of adjacent opponents by 1.)
New Moves: Close Combat
Ivy Cudgel: Ground-type
Removed Moves: N/A
Description: effective speed control due to decelerate

Pokemon: Ogerpon-Hearthflame (item locked)
Niche: SV Ubers
Stats: 95/105/84/70/96/100
Type: Grass/Fire
Abilities: Mold Breaker / Embody Aspect (Hearthflame) (On switchin, this Pokemon lowers the Defense of adjacent opponents by 1.)
New Moves: Fire Lash, Close Combat
Removed Moves: N/A
Description: works basically like original hearthflame but slightly slower in change for being a big wallbreaker/stallbreaker with constant def drops

Pokemon: Ogerpon-Wellspring (item locked)
Niche: SV OU
Stats: 80/110/84/70/106/100
Type: Grass/Water
Abilities: Water Absorb / Embody Aspect (Wellspring) (On switchin, this Pokemon lowers the Special Attack of adjacent opponents by 1.)
New Moves: Aqua Jet, Close Combat
Removed Moves: N/A
Description: stabmons wellspring but no jet punch

Pokemon: Ogerpon-Cornerstone (item locked)
Niche: SV UU
Stats: 80/115/89/70/96/100
Type: Grass/Rock
Abilities: Sturdy / Embody Aspect (Cornerstone) (On switchin, this Pokemon lowers the Attack of adjacent opponents by 1.)
New Moves: Stone Axe, Close Combat
Removed Moves: N/A
Description: she gets stone axe cause shes special
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Ok guys, submissions are now over only two subs have been veteod

Palp's :Gholdengo:
_cyclonez's :flutter-mane:

Everything else got addressed or isn't seen as too problematic, so let's begin voting! To remind everyone since a lot of new submissions came out this round - vote for your 7 favourite Pokémon, the lowest ranked Pokémon gets 1 point and it increases as you go up, capping at 7 points for the highest Pokémon. That also means if you vote for 5 mons your top vote counts for 5 points and so on. Regarding self votes, you have a maximum of three self votes. You can't vote for yourself in the top spot, and if you self vote for second, your next self vote cannot be third place.

Hope that brief explanation clears up everything for everyone, for now it's voting time. Good luck to everyone who subbed, and thanks for this final burst for Multiverse's finale! Voting lasts 48 Hours!
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Pokémon: Gholdengo
Niche: OU
Stats: 87 / 60 / 105 / 113 / 81 / 84

Abilities: Insurance | Scatters coins when hit by a Flying-type move. Flying-type immunity.
New Moves: Take Heart, Fleur Cannon, Shakedown (Fighting-type Make it Rain)
Removed Moves: Make it Rain
Description: Gholdengo but even less stupid. way less spatk to increases reliance on setup. Fighting type to represent the Tera Fight, Fleur to represent the Tera Fairy, but you still got your flying resist that makes steel valuable
Pokemon: Sinistcha
Niche: SV UU
Stats: 76/60/116/126/80/80
Type: Ghost/Grass
Abilities: Hospitality/-/Heatproof
Switch-in recovers 1/16 of its HP (rounded down) at the end of each turn. (Aqua Ring)
New Moves: N/A
Removed Moves: N/A
Description: edit: Re-worked Hospitality to work in a Singles environment without being too OP.
Pokémon: Ursaluna-Bloodmoon
Niche: SV Ubers
Stats: 113 / 70 / 100 / 125 / 65 / 52
Type: Ground / Normal
Abilities: Mind's Eye (HA: Lunar Gift)
Tera Shell clone, but only works once per switch-in.
New Moves: Iron Defense
Removed Moves: Taunt, Trailblaze

Descriptions: Slight stat reductions in a non-Tera meta should bring Bursa into the power level. It can, however, choose to forgo Mind's Eye, a great signature on its own, in favor of Lunar Gift, a (nerfed) Tera Shell clone to help represent its tendency to Tera out of super effective attacks. The restriction of only once per switch in helps prevent Ursa from doing stupid Multiscale things, as it keeps its access to reliable recovery.

Threatens: :magneton: :raikou: :luxray: :electivire: :aegislash: :stakataka: :lycanroc-dusk: :nihilego:
Checks and Counters: :machamp: :mewtwo: :hitmontop: :solrock: :regirock: :glalie: :serperior: :decidueye: :calyrex-ice: / :ho-oh: :gastly: :electivire:
Pokemon: Toedscool (:eviolite: incompatible)
Niche: SV LC
Type: Ground/Dark
Water Absorb
Stats: 80/70/80/85/120/105 (540)
Movepool Changes:
+Dark Pulse, Night Slash, Hypnosis, Synthesis
Description: Gives us a decent support/hazard control mon, with fast Hypnosis, Rapid Spin, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Knock Off and Leech Seed, and a specially defensive Ground-type, something we currently do not have, and the change of its Grass type to Dark represents its use of Knock Off, but its mainly to scape how bad it is defensively, but has Water Absorb to represent the neutrality it had to Water types before, it can also use STAB Foul Play to scare off some physical wallbreakers like Caly-Ice and Aegislash from taking advantage of its low physdef. It can take on the likes of Glowbro, Dragalge, Nihilego, Silv-Water, and can force out Floatzel if its choice locked onto Wave Crash.
Pokemon: Ogerpon-Hearthflame (item locked)
Niche: SV Ubers
Stats: 95/105/84/70/96/100
Type: Grass/Fire
Abilities: Mold Breaker / Embody Aspect (Hearthflame) (On switchin, this Pokemon lowers the Defense of adjacent opponents by 1.)
New Moves: Fire Lash, Close Combat
Removed Moves: N/A
Description: works basically like original hearthflame but slightly slower in change for being a big wallbreaker/stallbreaker with constant def drops
Pokemon: Squawkabilly
Niche: SV PU
Type: Flying
Stats: 82/113/86/45/86/93 (505)
Movepool Changes:
Dragon Ascent, Recover, Refresh
- Roost
Description: Based on its pivot set, offensive Intimidate pivot, with amazing STAB moves on Brave Bird or Dragon Ascent, coming off a decent 113atk, it also has some good utility on Parting Shot or U-Turn to pivot, Taunt, Refresh, which kinda emulates its use of Guts on its other sets, making it ignore status conditions, and Recover to heal up. Hitmontop is an amazing ally for Squawkabilly, as both work great as an Intimidate-spamming pair, both complement each other's types, and Hitmontop can eliminate the hazards that may bother Squawkabilly, while Squawkabilly can switch into status moves and heal them off with Refresh, other Pokemon that can help of benefit Squawkabilly are Hypno, where Squawk can fend off phys attackers and Hypno special ones, and their types complement each other well, Nihilego, where Squark can soften physical attackers so Nihilego has an easier time sweeping, and again their types complement each others well, and it can take on mons like Cacturne, Machamp, Serperior and Whimsicott.
Posted first

Pokémon: Iron Treads
Niche: SV OU
Stats: 90 HP / 112 Atk / 120 Def / 72 SpA / 70 SpD / 106 Spe | BST: 570

Abilities: Quark Drive
New Moves: Headlong Rush, Knock Off, Encore
Removed Moves: N/A
Descriptions: Serves as an excellent offensive pivot, hazard lead and potential speed control option with Booster Energy. Granted Headlong Rush for the extra damage versus many key threats in the metagame like recently added Samurott-Hisui, while Encore and Knock Off help it out vastly in matchups like Ho-oh
Threatens: :Heatran::gardevoir::gengar::weezing-galar::enamorus::whimsicott:
Checks and Counters: :quagsire::ho-oh::donphan::floatzel:
:gholdengo: SV OU: 28
:sinistcha: SV UU: 25
:ursaluna bloodmoon: SV Ubers: 22
:toedscool: SV LC: 21
:ogerpon-hearthflame: SV Ubers: 21
:squawkabilly-blue: SV PU: 17
:iron treads: SV OU: 10
:roaring moon: SV OU: 9
:clodsire: SV OU: 8
:skeledirge: SV UU: 8
:koraidon: SV Ubers: 7
:rabsca: SV PU: 6
:miraidon: SV Ubers: 5
:quaquaval: SV UU: 4
:garganacl: SV OU: 1
:tinkaton: SV OU: 1
:ogerpon-wellspring: SV OU: 0
:ogerpon-cornerstone: SV UU: 0
:ogerpon: SV UU: 0
:meowscarada: SV OU: 0
:maushold: SV RU: 0

Y'all have plenty of time to discuss about this final slate!


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(Thanks Mossy)
Hello, it's been a few days.

As you may have noticed, since we finished slate 11, the mod has lacked any real development. Well, let's get it started. For now, we'll focus on Metagame Development during which we will encourage teambuilding and playtesting. We will be hosting room tournaments on the Dragonheaven server in order to determine whether some mons are strong enough to warrant a nerf as well as to help establish a Viability List and Sample Teams. Join the discord for updates on upcoming roomtours and to find opponents more easily. All this will help setup for PMPL, an individual tournament on the forums or whatever spinoffs ensue. Yoshiblaze is currently underway implementing the new buffs on DH so we can play with all the new tools we gotten. While I am ready to help facilitate the playtesting of this mod, remember that it's not something that I can do alone, so I encourage everyone to give the metagame a shot, regardless of how good you may think you are or anything else of the sort. Luckily, I have a great team of people like Redwood Rogue, Paullux and Gaboswampert with us to help steer the ship. Anyway, with that being said, I also made a role compendium to help with teambuilding if you are looking for something specific to add to your team.

Thanks to the OU role compendium for helping format this. Keep in mind, with little knowledge of the metagame, most of the mons included are gonna be based on realistic probabilities that they can be used in a specific role, but not all of them will be good at it. As such, expect this list to be very inclusive.

  1. Utility (Hazard game)
  2. Offensive Roles (Wallbreakers, Choice Items, Setup)
  3. Defensive Roles (Walls, Pivots)

1. Utility

Entry Hazards

Stealth Rock/Stone Axe::quagsire::ursaring::Donphan::Solrock::Regirock::Garchomp::Heatran::Stakataka::kleavor:(Stone Axe):iron-treads: | :hypno::Lycanroc-dusk::nihilego:

Spikes/Ceaseless Edge: :Cacturne:(Ceaseless Edge):regirock::samurott-hisui:(Ceaseless Edge):Toedscool::Ogerpon-hearthflame: | :glalie::diggersby:

Toxic Spikes: :gengar::hypno::Drapion::Cofagrigus::Dragalge::Nihilego::weezing-galar::slowbro-galar: | :cacturne::Toedscool:

Sticky Web: :orbeetle:

Hazard Control

Defog: :ho-oh::regirock::Latias::Sigilyph::decidueye::Silvally-Water::Weezing-Galar: | :yanmega::kleavor:

Rapid Spin: :Starmie::donphan::Hitmontop::Turtonator::Toedscool::iron-treads:

Insurance (blocks Defog)::Gholdengo:

Magic Bounce: :Absol:


Dual Screens: :starmie::magneton::Whimsicott:

Wish: :hypno::lanturn::Sylveon::Meowth-alola: | :gardevoir:

Healing Wish: :gardevoir::latias::Enamorus:

Infinite Baseball React (Sigh...yes this is a real Z-Move): :Meowth-Alola:

Hospitality: :sinistcha:


Taunt: :Gengar::gastly::Mewtwo::Cacturne::absol::Drapion::heatran::whimsicott::Pancham::Meowth-alola::samurott-hisui:

Knock Off: :Venusaur::machamp::gengar::Mewtwo::Ursaring::hitmontop::Donphan::Cacturne::absol::Drapion::Serperior::Diggersby::pancham::Meowth-alola::samurott-hisui::Toedscool::ogerpon-hearthflame::Iron-treads: | :Gardevoir::sigilyph::Escavalier::goodra::nihilego::Decidueye:

Trick/Switcheroo: :gastly::gengar::gardevoir::cacturne::Absol::drapion::calyrex-ice::gholdengo:

Encore: :gengar::dragonite::Whimsicott::Iron-treads::ogerpon-hearthflame: | :gastly::gardevoir::samurott-hisui:

2. Offensive Roles


Physical: :machamp::dragonite::mewtwo::ho-oh::cacturne::absol::glalie::luxray::floatzel::Electivire::drapion::garchomp::escavalier::diggersby::pancham::aegislash::Lycanroc-Dusk::decidueye::calyrex-ice::samurott-hisui::Kleavor::Ogerpon-hearthflame:

Special: :starmie::gastly::rapidash::raikou::gardevoir::Cacturne::Yanmega::heatran::Serperior::whimsicott::sigilyph::Vanilluxe::Dragalge::Sylveon::aegislash::goodra: :volcanion::Nihilego::enamorus::Ursaluna-bloodmoon:

Mixed: :Gengar:(Boo!):machamp:(Fire Strike):dragonite::Rapidash::cacturne::Luxray:(Lion's Pride):enamorus:

Choice Item Users

Choice Band: :Machamp::Dragonite::Floatzel::electivire::escavalier::pancham::lycanroc-dusk::Calyrex-Ice::kleavor: | :ho-oh::Diggersby:

Choice Specs: :gastly::magneton::Gardevoir::Cacturne::Yanmega::aegislash::dragalge::Sylveon::Volcanion::Enamorus:

Choice Scarf: :Gardevoir::latias::Drapion::Pancham::Enamorus::kleavor: | :garchomp::diggersby::serperior::Samurott-Hisui:


Swords Dance: :mewtwo::absol::Glalie::Garchomp::drapion::pancham::diggersby::aegislash::Lycanroc-dusk::decidueye::samurott-hisui::Calyrex-Ice::Kleavor::ogerpon-hearthflame:

Calm Mind: :starmie::hypno::raikou::gardevoir::latias::sylveon::slowbro-galar::enamorus::sinistcha::Ursaluna-Bloodmoon:

Bulk Up: :machamp::mewtwo::Ursaring::Hitmontop::Regirock::Pancham:

Dragon Dance: :Dragonite:

Nasty Plot: :Sylveon::Silvally-Water::Decidueye::slowbro-galar::Gholdengo::sinistcha:| :hypno::Cofagrigus:

Iron Defense: :regirock::cofagrigus::stakataka::Ursaluna-bloodmoon:

Quiver Dance: :Volcarona:

Shell Smash: :turtonator:

Take Heart: :Gholdengo:

Contrary: :serperior::enamorus:

Speed Boost + Throat Spray: :yanmega:


Aqua Jet: :Floatzel::samurott-hisui:

Mach Punch: :hitmontop:

Accelerock: :lycanroc-dusk:

Shadow Sneak: :aegislash::decidueye:

Sucker Punch: :cacturne::Absol::Lycanroc-dusk::samurott-hisui:

Bullet Punch: :machamp::hitmontop:

Extreme Speed: :dragonite:

First Impression: :Escavalier::kleavor:

Ice Shard: :glalie:

Prankster: :whimsicott:

Vacuum Wave: :Ursaluna-Bloodmoon:

Quick Attack: :diggersby:

Fake Out: :hitmontop::Glalie:


Drought: :Rapidash: | :ho-oh::Whimsicott::volcarona::volcanion::Ogerpon-hearthflame:

Trick Room: :Hypno::solrock::Cofagrigus::orbeetle::Stakataka: | :machamp::escavalier::dragalge::stakataka::Calyrex-Ice::Ursaluna-Bloodmoon:

Beast Boost: :Stakataka::nihilego:

Booster Energy: :Iron-Treads:

Blitzkrieg (Pursuit): :absol::escavalier::pancham::aegislash:

3. Defensive Roles


Physically Defensive: :venusaur::Quagsire::ursaring::donphan::Hitmontop::Solrock::regirock::Cofagrigus::turtonator::Stakataka::weezing-galar::slowbro-galar:

Specially Defensive: :hypno::Lanturn::ho-oh::latias::Aegislash::Sylveon::Dragalge:

Mixed: :venusaur::donphan::Hitmontop::regirock::latias::sigilyph::Aegislash::silvally-water::stakataka::slowbro-galar:


Offensive: :gengar::starmie::Rapidash::magneton::Raikou::Luxray::floatzel::drapion::heatran::whimsicott::Pancham::samurott-hisui::kleavor::squawkabilly::Ogerpon-hearthflame::iron-treads:

Defensive: :hypno::Lanturn::Donphan::hitmontop::ho-oh::regirock::latias::garchomp::heatran::sigilyph::Pancham::dragalge::Silvally-Water::Meowth-Alola::Slowbro-galar::Gholdengo::toedscool::squawkabilly:
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gluke asked me and I’m bored
ordered by when I saw them

probably broke: calyrex-ice electrivire glalie(moody) ogerpon-h sinistcha

goated: Aegislash Cacturne donphan enamorus garchomp gardevoir heatran luxray lycanroc-dusk regirock samu-h volcarona venusaur

good: Absol escaviler gengar goodra hitmontop machamp nihilego raikou rapidash silvally-w slowbro-g solrock starmie stakataka sylveon toedscool turtonator ursa-bm ursarang whimsicott yanmega

mid: dragalge drapion floatzel gastly gholdengo decidueye ho-oh hypno iron treads kleavor latias mewtwo pancham quagsire serperior volcanion

sick to my bones: cofagrigus diggersby lanturn orbeetle sigilyph sqwawkabilly vanilluxe
:basedball: meowth-alola


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Servus. With the tour ending, I'd like to give my 2 cents on the meta.

First of all, the Pokemon I believe are good and meta staples.
:ho-oh: - Good bulk, difficult to swtich into, good longevity, checks many threats and beats them (Serperior, Hearthflame, Volcarona, Heatran, Enamorus, Sylveon, Escavalier). It's insane how good it is even after the nerfs. I think it is at the very least A/A+ rank mon.

:electivire: - Not as broken as I thought, but it has great power and it can either wallbreak, sweep, outspeed (with Scarf) and pivot. I think the moves stay largely the same, but the 4th moveslot and item are really flexible.

:garchomp: - Speed tier in combination with its utility is unmatched. SD, Bulky Rocks, Offensive Rocks and even Choice Band has potential. Biggest flaw are forsure the Fairies. Still has great defensive profile and offensive prowess, good mon.

:latias: - I think the lack of secondary type keeps it balanced. Draco, Aura Sphere and a 3rd attack (I like Shadow Ball), alongside Calming Soul, Calm Mind, Healing Wish, Defog or Thunder Wave with a Soul Dew, Leftovers or Scarf make up the best sets you can run.

:donphan: - Best Spinner in the tier. It can take hits and doesn't need to passively heal to be useful. STAB EQ goes stupid with Knock Off, Spin and Regenerator. The 4th move depends on the team. It function as your Stealth Rock setter, AV Attacker (Ice Shard or a rock move), Choice Bander (aggressive sets can also run Head Smash) or a Physically defensive Tank. Probably the best mon in the tier.

:heatran: - It's Heatran alright, obviously it is good. It faces competition from Ho-Oh as a defensive Fire-type, since Pokemon like Ho-Oh, Hearthflame and Volcarona have coverage for it or the way around it. I still think it is great, its offensive sets are threatening and it has 3 great abilities, which help it in different situation.

:raikou: - Gonna be real, I still don't know how to use it. I think DST (Deep Sleep + Sleep Talk) is its best set and with its bulk and speed allowing it to run Toxic effectively, since Discharge takes care of most Steels and Poisons. I think Calm Mind can work, but it needs a better player to figure it out.

Now onto Pokemon that I run and I think have potential.
:calyrex-ice: - I think Weakness Policy TR wasn't the best set. It needs hazard removal support to function best, but if you do, you get rewarded with a tanky wallbreaker that can easily take KOs. I think SD Boots and Choice Band are the best sets for it.

:cacturne: - I sucked at using it, but it is really good. I think Water Absorb is really nice giving it more opportunities to switch into Water-types. I think Spikes and its offensive moves are amazing.

:diggersby: - In the one game I used it, it didn't do much but there were many situation where boosted, even sometimes unboosted, it could've won the game. There are good checks like Solrock and Regirock, but it can abuse their presence with something like Ho-Oh.

:gengar: - Neutralizing Gas is a great ability in this tier, since a lot of Pokemon benefit from their abilities. Goes crazy, to ignore Sylveon Hyper Voice, Ho-Oh and Donphan Regenerator and more. It is also more annoying to switch into than Ho-Oh. Sleep, Crit Thunderjolt, Boo and Kaboom have great threat potential.

Some Pokemon I think have potential and would've love to use.
:lycanroc-dusk: - I was never able to fit it on a team but I was surprised no one else used it. Mighty Cleave, CC and Accelerock with Swords Dance just wins. CB or Lead sets can also work, but I think 3 Attacks SD with Life Orb or Hard Stone is its bread and butter.

:nihilego: I should've used this instead of Starmie in my one game. I think Nihilego is a great wallbreaker/sweeper, its only issue are most Steels and some other Pokemon like Garchomp and Donphan, who resist the most important moves. Also has a serious 4MSS.

:ogerpon-hearthflame: - I wish I could've used my 3rd team, cause I really wanted to try this one out. Mold Breaker helps more against Heatran while Embody Aspect helps more against Ho-Oh and Dragons. It has a hard time sweeping or breaking because of Fires and Dragons, but with Knock Off, Play Rough and SD, you have potential to deal with them.

:stakataka: - Anti TR guy and good defensive Steel. I also build a lot of teams with it but unfortunately, it didn't do much on them. I hope to use it again cause it has really good traits and sweeping potential, even with defensive sets.

I think this meta needs more games, but it is on a good path. Also, a little suggestion, but I think that Stranger Steam and Meteor Beem should just be buffs to the moves their based on. Yes, I lost a game to a Meteor Beam miss, but I honestly don't see a point why such a small change should be justification to create the exact same move.

that's it, cya!

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