Tournament Multiverse Tournament [Won by r1dude]


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Won in Three Great Games against Mr.Bossaru. Hydreigon probably lacks any true switchins, might need to check on that. Hail is amazing, cleans up offensive squads just like in standard. Bulky Modest Venusaur caught both me and my opponent by surprise at how potent it is against frailer builds, but yet to determine its use versus balance.


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Servus! Time to close this tournament.

Congrats to r1dude for not only winning this tournament, but also cleanly sweeping every opponent of them!

Also huge thanks to everyone who has paritcipated on this tournament and I hope you enjoyed the tournament!
I would appreciate it if the participators could leave a VR for this mod.

Here's a template for the Viability Ranking and it would fitting to post it in this thread. I will post usage stats and my personal VR in that thread later today, as well as potential balance changes.

Thanks again for your participations and this tournament! Ciao Servus.

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