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Welcome to the Monotype Winter Premier. This is a team tournament with a mixture of OM formats (Monotype AAA, STABmons, Monothreat, LC and Natdex) and 2 SS + 1 SS bo3. Any discussion with regards to the metagames in this tournament are welcome. Memes are also welcome, but not ones that amount to personal attacks.

The metagames are as follows:

- Monotype SS
- Monotype SS
- Monotype SS Bo3
- Monothreat
- Monotype AAA
- Monotype LC
- Monotype STABmons
- NatDex

Only sign up for what you are willing and able to play. If you sign up for more formats than what you are capable and willing to play, it will reflect poorly on you later. If you are going to be gone or inactive for an extensive period of time at all in the next few months, don't sign up.

The managers and assmen for the Monotype Winter Premier are as follows: [In team name order]
- Havens and In The Hills - Circhester Centiskorchers :centiskorch:
- Ridley and Moosical - Inebriated Incineroars :incineroar:
- Zap and Seo. - Milk Bagged Miltanks :miltank:
- Leru and Sabella - Mossdeep Murkrows :murkrow:
- Floss and Maple - Po Town Pandas :pangoro:
- Zar and Azelea - Tsundere Tsareenas :tsareena:
- Bondie and Mateeus - Viridian Vivillons :vivillon:
- LuckyPiper and Perish Song - Weaboo Wartortles :wartortle:

* If you are a manager and wish to buy yourselves at the start of the auction, you MUST signup before the thread closes!

Here is what you should include in your signup:
Name: Omega-Xis
Metagames Played: Monotype AAA, Monotype STABmons
Timezone: EST (GMT -5)
Potential Activity Issues: None
Only write the name of a metagame if you are willing to play it. I will be creating a player tracking sheet so if you say something along the lines of "Do not slot me in Bo3", the sheet will assume you want to play Bo3.

Please use these when denoting the format:
- SS, Bo3, AAA, STABmons, Monothreat, LC, NatDex, or All.

Link to Player Signup Sheet:

Draft Date and Time: Saturday, November 28th @ 12PM EST.

** Tourbanned Players are not allowed to signup in this edition of MWP!
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Name: Kev
Metagames Played: SS Monotype, Monothreat
Timezone: EST (GMT -5)
Potential Activity Issues: Super busy end of semester, so I will probably be essentially dead until December 20th. Most likely won't have time to build, test, etc.. maybe not play either until that date. No guarantee but its most likely gonna be what happens, so buyer beware
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