My Competitive Team

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This is the team that I am going to bring to a regional VGC. It is a little unusual, but I have tested it and found that it works well in the double battle format. Without further ado, here it is.

Latios: Ability: Levitate
Item: Life Orb
Nature: Modest
Evs: 252 SpAtk, 252 Spd, 4 HP
Shadow Ball
Draco Meteor

The main sweeper of my team. Pretty much a standard Latios. Kill a lot of things before dying. Not much else to say.

Blaziken: Ability: Blaze
Item: Salac Berry
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP
Flare Blitz
Hi Jump Kick

Nice physical sweeper. Gen V gave it Hi Jump Kick, which is sweet! Protect is kind of odd, but I find that many people try to take him out, so he attracts attention that wastes a turn for my opponent. Also, I can't get the Dream world Speed Boost, so that sucks and I will probably replace him :(

Zoroark: Ability: Illusion
Item: Choice Scarf
Nature: Naive
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Night Daze
Focus Blast

Kind of a weird choice for competition, but since it has such versatility with moves, it outspeeds tons of stuff with the Scarf. Also, Illusion works nicely with Ferrothorn because who is going to use a bug move on a ferrothorn? However, there is always the risk of fighting types, but Zoroark would U-Turn out before that happened.

Cresselia: Ability: Levitate
Item: Light Clay
Nature: Calm
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 SDef
Ice Beam
Light Screen

This is a very weird Cresselia that I run, but it works. Double screens, switches out, and anything my opponent can do does diddly to everything I have. Also, there is Ice Beam for freeze and Moonlight for healing.

Electivire: Ability: Motor Drive
Item: Expert Belt
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Spd
Cross Chop
Ice Punch

Ahh, Electivire. Possibly my favorite Poke, he packs a punch with Cross Chop, Earthquake, Ice Punch, and Thunderpunch. If only his Dream World ability was Ironfist(But then, he would be way overpowered :)

Ferrothorn: Ability: Iron Barbs
Item: Rocky Helmet
Nature: Calm
EVs: 252 Def, 252 SDef, 4 HP
Iron Head
Seed Bomb
Leech Seed

Ferrothorn. My favorite wall. It just sits there with Toxic and Leech Seed doing residual damage, and whatever attacks it will just end up in most cases taking more then what it felt.

That's my team. Please rate it so I could do better than I would at this point!


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This thread is breaking many of the rules. First of all, you need at least three lines of descriptions for each of your Pokemon. Secondly, a lot of your movesets are competitively unviable. I suggest looking at Smogon's Strategy Pokedex for VGC.

Have a good day.
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