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Serious Myanmar and the literal hell its people are facing in 2021 [Trigger Warning]

Hello, I am a 2nd year medical student living in Myanmar who has been stuck at home for two straight years due to the 2020 covid crisis and the 2021 military coup. As a citizen of a third world country, official online classes of course don't exist so all students are stuck at home, doing practically nothing. With all the ridiculous shit happening in this country everyday, our dim situation will likely continue for several years. Contrary to what you might expect however, I'm not particularly bothered because right now, staying alive is my main priority. I'm an above average class citizen anyway so it'll be offensive for those less unfortunate, which are the majority of the population if I'm bitching about just my irrelevant levels of sadness.

Reminder: Referring to direct sources for multiple events below is impossible for me. I believe you'll understand why if you keep on reading.

So before I start rambling about the depressing stuff, let me give you a rundown on what has happened to this country in 2021. There're a lot of historical context behind these events so if you're truly interested, I recommend checking out our country's history over the decades (from around 1950 to 2016) . For this thread, I'm just going to emphasize on the incidents that happened this year. It's a little long so skip to the next post if you want to see the main points.

(1) On the 1st of February, a military coup occurred and our country's leaders were detained. Immediately, a state of emergency was declared and the military announced they were going to take control of the country. Apparently, the 2020 Myanmar elections were a fraud and they were worried about the threat to democracy . There are so many blatant lies regarding this statement, including the absurd claim 40 million people voted for the military backed political party(I'll be surprised if more than 1 million people can even withstand the thought of supporting these creatures), the disgusting façade about pretending to care for democracy (the military was single handedly responsible for the downfall of Myanmar and the abolishment of democracy for about 50 years) and the laughable excuses they made to accuse and capture our actual leaders. Unfortunately, the military managed to get away with this atrocious act relatively easily because they are the most powerful organization by far, even the current leaders were already at their mercy beforehand. Combined with the sixty years worth of brainwashing done to both citizens and their puppet like soldiers, the weapon backed military is able to exert their dominance without any formal resistance.

(2) Having tasted democracy for a couple years, people were not willing to go back to the dark eras. For the first month, they protested very peacefully. The amount of people all over the country participating in this fight against the juntas were mind-blowing. If you can, go search for the images of Myanmar's protests in February and I'll be surprised if you don't feel at least something.

(3) Of course, the military doesn't just sit and watch these protests unfolding. After all, their efforts in brainwashing the citizens for decades were at risk now. Soon, excessive force was applied. It started from tear gas and arrests but gradually escalated to real gunfire and murder. The protesters tried to resist as best as they can, with molotovs, shields, helmets, everything we can think of with our limited knowledge and tools. I even once personally volunteered as a defense force specifically tasked to protect fellow protesters (Sadly, the breakdown on our protest was fierce and we couldn't protect some from being arrested). But of course, we were no match to real weapons and inhuman techniques they utilized. Imagine setting 2000 criminals free from the prison, drugged and hungry, just to make room for innocent protesters and create havoc to keep the citizens occupied at home. At the end of March, over 500 people have been killed and the protest activities ceased.

(4) Resistance activities now come in the form of underground movement and CDM. CDM is 'Civil Disobedience Movement' in which the citizens refuse to work under the military. Participated by various walks of life ranging from doctors to accountants, CDM aims to disrupt the balance and force the junta government out.

For the underground movement, the NUG, the public supported party, now tries to get support from the outside world and the P D F, the people's army, are combining in forces with armed minority races to thwart their rule. However with this resistance comes extreme suppression to public from the military as they tried to desperately preserve their authority. This has led to several terrible crises.
Terrorist activity

In fear of the resistance forces, soldiers are doing unspeakable things to citizens everything just to get a sniff of the P D F. Think of some of the most basic of human rights and completely throw them out of the window. We're not talking about simple stuff like banning websites, social media and even internet as a whole, we're talking about soldiers equipped with guns posted everywhere just to stop you walking and check your phone thoroughly to make sure you're not affiliated with the rebels. Any time, even late in the midnight, soldiers can freely walk to your doorstep, barge inside the house and investigate your belongings. {Fun fact: I'm going to delete this word document after I've finished writing it and I'm using a VPN to post this on smogon] Of course, we also have to endure their loving curses and swear words like 'Motherfuckers, I'll fuck all of your sisters if you don't behave." There are even instances in rural areas where they take prized possessions and money.

Is that it? No, we're actually only speaking about the non violent actions. If you get detained for some reason, you are practically screwed. Beatings, torture, sexual assault, there are nothing the soldiers aren't willing to do. Of course, the LGBT community and the minority races suffer much more from these racists and extremists. If you are directly related to the rebels however, then you're lucky if you die in peace. Some examples are people getting captured all of a sudden in the evening, only to return as corpses to the family after supposedly dying from unspecified health reasons. I can go on more, but you get the point now I'm sure.

UN and The Outside World
Just mentioning these to tell you that we're not really getting any help from them except the heartfelt condolences and the endless calls to military to stop these immediately. Just to be clear, I'm not blaming them, I'm aware of the consequences following direct interventions and support. The balance of the world is more important than a random country after all. All I'm trying to say is that we're all on our own here.

Economic depression and the almost failed state
I'm not very well versed on this topic so I'm not going to expand much but all the crises stacking obviously has led to our country falling to this drastic situation.

Civil war
The resistance forces will soon fight the military force; this is inevitable. We're now on the verge of a civil war. Bombings are frequent in cities everyday as the rebels tried to assasinate and frighten the soldiers. Meanwhile, the soldiers will bomb random places and citizens in a futile attempt to place all the blame on the P D F (to worsen the public's opinion towards them). Even if Covid didn't exist right now, it wouldn't be the smartest idea to go outside because there's a chance you can get caught in the crossfire. Still, the lower classes (composed of a good deal of citizens) need to work everyday to support their family so ignoring this possibility, people go outside and just function normally like everything's all right.

With the health system completely deteriorating due to CDM and government incompetence, the covid third wave starting this month has made unreal influences across the country. Everyone's sick. Entire families are dying. The patients are in dire need of oxygen. As I'm writing this at 3am, there're thousands of people a couple streets away, waiting all night just for a chance to fill their oxygen tanks. This catastrophe has happened so recently that I'm not sure what to even say but across Facebook (the social platform our country primarily uses), everyone's panicking. 8 out of 10 posts are either requests for oxygen or lending oxygen.

One infamous trend happening right now is the 'Edit post' trend. So say a girl is asking for oxygen due to desperate need for her ill grandma. In about a couple hours, an edit will appear.

This will either be- "Thank you so much for helping everyone. She's fine now." Or "We didn't make it in time / We didn't get any. She's passed away."

Imagine seeing these kinds of posts every day, every hour, every minute. The people are basically being forced to suffer as soon as they open Facebook but they can't just get away from the sad stuff either because the average citizen can only get help from this platform. We can't just ignore lives that we can be saving.

So what is the government doing? A lot of theories have been made such as how they could intentionally introduce Covid to halt the PDF's attempts. However, one thing that has been made abundantly clear is that the government is working against the citizens. A major military officer has practically admitted to this, of course with nonsensical reasons. What this means in practice is that all supplies of oxygen tanks and masks from foreign countries have been halted. Oxygen factories are being shut down and the tanks are taken away by force. One incident that happened today in my neighborhood is the soldiers threatening oxygen tank sellers with guns to not sell these to citizens. It has just been a few days since Covid resurged, it's only getting worse. I mean it's almost like they're trying to intentionally kill us.


What I said might look fictional but I'm not making up any of these events, all of them are literally happening right now and if you can read in Burmese, I believe you can personally check at least about 75% of these facts yourself in reliable Facebook news pages.

So what is the purpose of this thread? I'm not even sure to be honest. I'm still having a hard time comprehending the reality of the situation because well, this isn't something I expected to ever happen. I don't know, I guess I just wanted to let someone out there understand just how much our people are struggling here.
i am sorry to hear about the situation there and hope you and your family remain safe. i recognize that my words are meaningless, though. if nothing else, it is refreshing hearing the voice of someone outside of america talk about the struggles they and their people face. even our most marginalized have better living conditions than a large portion of the population and things like this certainly give us perspective of our privilege. i look forward to the day you can update us with some good news.
How exactly is the migrant situation right now in the country? Are people able to flee to other countries? Is the government preventing people from getting to other countries? Are they being accepted in foreign countries? Would you be able to get to other countries if the worst was to happen?
How exactly is the migrant situation right now in the country? Are people able to flee to other countries? Is the government preventing people from getting to other countries? Are they being accepted in foreign countries? Would you be able to get to other countries if the worst was to happen?
I live in Yangon, the capital city so I'm not familiar with the border affairs but as far as I'm concerned, the military's tightening securities everywhere in the country due to the P D F's threat. Minor skirmishes are also happening daily and it's not very safe to go around right now. There's also Covid and a complete lack of control regarding this matter so it's a gamble to even attempt to travel to different locations. Basically, I don't think migrating as a refugee is a feasible option for the majority of the population. There's also the fact that our country was relatively peaceful in spite of its poverty before all these happened so most people (including me) aren't willing to leave their families, friends and possessions behind.

Technically, people can flee to other countries if they can afford the air travel fee. Unfortunately, the average wage is about 5 dollars per day so I don't think this is a practical option. It doesn't help that the only ones who can fluently use the internet and have the capability to apply for refugee status are the upper mid class citizens who don't really need it.


Not the neighboring countries because they're either neutral or supportive of the military regarding this matter. Ironically, in many UN votes on Myanmar affairs, all of our neighbors are included in the 20 countries that abstain or in a few cases even involve in the camp that votes against condemning the military actions. This usually doesn't amount to anything because over 100 vote against the military but basically, they're useless for us.

For now, I can reliably get to other countries because as I mentioned, I'm of the upper mid class and we can afford living abroad even without taking refugee status. In case we're forced to leave, I'm thinking of applying for a scholarship to ease the living costs but I'm not exactly sure if I'll be able to get it because all I have is the IELTS test result and an above average GPA. For the latter, some countries don't even accept Myanmar's 12th grade educational results. Still, I do have the option so I'm in a much better situation than most people here. If the worst happens though, in this case a full blown civil war, I highly doubt I'll be able to escape.
I see, that is terrible. Just like Faint before me, I can't really do anything to help your situation since I live on the country that is quite literally on the other side of the globe as Myanmar but I pray for a future where you can feel safe in your home. I wish you my condolences over your situation.
I am an international studies and political science student specialising in authoritarian governments. Your country is spiraling into genocide at the hands of the Tamadaw. You need to make the choice to either leave and take up a political campaign or stay and engage the enemy with the Pee Dee Eff. There are also networks in North America willing to aid your campaign.

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