Tournament Mystery Box Random Battles Tournament [$300 Prize Pool]: Round 7 - LOSER'S ONLY

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hosted by Pave Low and sundays, approved by Rage

Welcome to our Mystery Box Random Battles Tournament!

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[Gen 9] Random Battle (Blitz)
[Gen 1] Random Battle
[Gen 9] Broken Cup

A-drago destroyer vs AmericanPi
vs Ramzi65
Wigglytuff vs livid washed
hammy3581 vs Shiritu
vs snorlax142857
teresbahji vs glowbrogang
Sylveon used calm mind vs Tuthur
vs blce
Celestia74 vs Amaranth
MultiAmmiratore vs soTsoT
Chains of Markov
vs Tempo di anguria
Ash KetchumGamer vs TeamCharm
fofyzchato vs Javi
emruy vs RSB
Betathunder vs Commander Awesome
vs Fc

Remember, this is losers only. So if you are in the winner's bracket, you will be in the losers only threads very soon!

Rules and instructions
  • MYSTERY PRIZE! The player who gets the most KOs with a single Pokemon will be awarded with $10! For example, if your Cloyster KOs 4 Pokemon, this will be the highest amount of KOs in your team. If you get the same Pokemon over multiple games, this number will accumulate. So if you get 4 KOs with Cloyster in game 1, and 2 kills with Cloyster in game 2, this counts as 6 overall.
  • For convenience, it will be ideal if you do state the Pokemon that gets the most KOs for you. I will be watching replays regardless.​
  • With 4 games on extension, the mystery prize winner the for last round will be announced once all these matches have been completed. Currently, Shiritu is in the lead with 2 KOs!
  • Read and use the challenge codes for better understanding of the rules and to prevent mess-ups (if mentioned)​
  • Tournament Battles are to be played on either Pokemon Showdown or Smogtours.​
  • Follow all applicable Smogon Tournament Rules and General Guidelines, including but not limited to rules against ghosting, timer/disconnect clauses and activity calls.​
  • You must upload and post replays when claiming wins.
  • The person winning 2 battles proceeds to the next round​

Deadline is Sunday, September 17th 11:59 PM GMT-4. Extensions, if necessary, will be granted for 2 days and no more. Have fun!
Tags coming soon!

The formats were decided via requests submitted in the Google Form last round. Some common ground between people, more of these will be implemented in the coming rounds, too. :boi:
Bracket Update:

Wigglytuff vs Jordy004 is now an extension from the last round as opposed to an act win, I have updated the OP in this round to reflect this.

As there was never a scheduled date for battle, I cannot accept the act win from Jordy004 on the basis that you did not reply to him after the initial contact. I am giving 2 days for this to be resolved, if not, I will have to bring this to a coinflip as this seems the only fair route to take.
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