Mystery Gift Charizard Code Giveaway

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I went to Target the day after the official end date of the Charizard event to see if they had one left I could have. Upon my asking for one, the electronics clerk handed me an unopened pack of 50 of them and said NOBODY wanted it. Well, here's hoping Smogonites want a Cherish Ball Charizard more than my local population, because I still have 42 cards left and the codes will no longer work after February 4th.

The Mystery Gift Charizard is level 50 with its non-hidden abiility Blaze. It comes with the egg move Dragon Dance, and has no set nature, so it is valid for either Mega Charizard X or Y builds. It also comes holding the item Red Card.

It is important to note that this Mystery Gift is compatible with SUN AND MOON ONLY. A code will not work on Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, and obviously won't work if you've already downloaded this event on your cartridge (unless you've reset your game since then).

If you wish to have one of these codes, please post here (or write on my profile, if 48 hours passed and this giveaway thread is closed). I will send you a PM with a code to redeem for the Charizard. Please redeem the code before the end of the night of February 4th 2018 or the code will no longer work.

This Charizard is shiny-locked.

Once you have redeemed your code, please PM me back confirming that the code worked. I will keep the code card until I get confirmation from you in case I typed in the code incorrectly.

EDIT #2:
This code only works for North American cartridges. I apologize to all you in Europe and elsewhere.
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All requests so far have been sent. I'm amazed at the fast response!

I would like one of those codes pls! Also, quick question, is the charizard shiny locked? thx :)
Yes, it is shiny-locked. To my knowlege, all mystery gifts are shiny-locked as either always shiny (such as the shiny Tapu Koko last year) or never shiny.
Does it work in Europe? If so, I'd love to get one too.
I'm sending you one, please let me know whether it works for you or not. If it does not work I'll send it to someone else. I doooooooubt it'll work for Europe but this will be very interesting to see.

All requests so far fulfilled. :)
I would like a code, please and thanks in advance.
The code worked perfectly, thank you!
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