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:Latios-Mega: :Great Tusk: :Heatran: :Tornadus-Therian: :Rotom-Wash: :Kingambit:

First team I made this gen. Someone told me to try M-Latios and I did. Still trying to get back into it, but I have had a decent amount of success with this team.

Edit: Pretty sure Helmet on torn is cope, but I like it to wear down Mega Lopunny over time. Still thinking leftovers > boots on Great Tusk, and 4a might be better than SD on gambit, but these are just my rambling thoughts.
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sea major
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hiiii besties!! all of these r sample subs.

:scizor-mega: :rotom-wash: :iron-valiant: :ting-lu: :tornadus-therian: :dragapult: - idea of this is mostly that u spam status w washtom a fuck ton, like tox switchins rnt safe vs wisp etc. can reliably beat mons that wall u like gastro ferro etc which opens up mons like pult. ting has spikes > ww bc spikes help a lot vs grounded pult switchins like tran opposing ting lu kingambit etc, rest of the team is just standard a standard breaking core + torn; sciz pivots out against steels for valiant to beat, yada yada pivots good etc

:garganacl: :kingambit: :medicham-mega: :tornadus-therian: :garchomp: :rotom-wash: - u can def go pursuit bglasses kingambit here but the basic premise is u abuse garg's biggest check in ghold w kingambit which benefits mmedi as well. garg can also bait and take out faster sucker resistant mons like lop urshifu etc. i chose chomp here bc its a more solid way of chipping down mons i cant directly punish like sciz lando etc + tox and flame (which can be fire blast probably) helps vs skarm

:corviknight: :toxapex: :tyranitar-mega: :dragapult: :tornadus-therian: :gastrodon: - sub bu corv was smth i just had a thought about randomly but i think its ok into the tier. skarm typing is always nice + spdef helps a ton vs lele / dissuading specs valiant moonblast / mdia etc. as a wincon it appreciates being given stopgaps against infiltrator pult / koko / washer, those being ttar n gastro. tera dragon lets you beat the electrics in an emergency + urshifu potentially as well, also makes u more reliable at pp stalling tran. pex + torn is a standard regen core, pex gives me a real fighting resist and tspikes help a ton vs tusk trying to spin and similar mons. sanguine hiii...

ok i think those r all the real teams ive built for now byeeeeee mwah
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This team centers around Lando-T leading off, getting off rocks and toxics and then u-turning out so that Cyclizar can enable the sweepers. 4 of the 6 mons have ways to set up and completely snowball on their own but with Shed Tail support it becomes so easy. Serperior is the best utility mon for this team IMO. Aromatherapy & Defog allow its teammates to survive much longer and potentially have 2nd and 3rd chances to set up. Contrary punishes sticky webs and defog on the opposing side meaning that the opponent usually will need to switch immediately before Serp can just spam Leaf Storm to +6. Scizor and Ape have enough bulk in them to avoid being OHKO from most non-boosted attacks. Mega Scizor thanks to Shed Tail and Lando's U-Turn has an easy time coming in and setting up an SD and then mega evolving to pick off weakened mons. Meanwhile, Ape just does Ape things and builds Rage Boosts and gets +1 due to Bulk Up or +2 due to Defiant boosts. Either way, if it starts cooking most teams will have several holes punched straight through it. Weavile is just a nuke. It's fast and hits like a truck and after an SD most mons die. Hazard control from Serp and Cyclizar makes it easy for Weavile to avoid hazards and U-turn/Shed Tail gives it ample opportunities to come in on a winning match up set up an SD and then just nuke the opposing team. Darkinium Z is just icing on top and obliterates so many would-be checks. Overall I think this team is pretty solid and the one I put a lot of time and thought into making.
:ribombee: :lopunny-mega: :kingambit: :great tusk: :thundurus-therian: :gholdengo:

Here is a webs ho team that worked very very well for me, webs this gen is significantly more useable thx to ghold's ability to prevent webs from getting fogged or spinned and the many new powerful abusers of webs, this team got me exit low ladder into late 1500s and even in the top 500 on ladder but man, that mono ghost battle was unfair so this team is great if low ladder was too confusing for you and you want to exit from there, here are the teammates and their roles:

1-:ribombee: ribombee
Rib imo is the best webs setter because its not passive and thx to its movepool, speed and ability, it will set webs no matter what, max spa makes it almost ohko if not have a big chance to ohko a lot of would be threats to webs with moonblast like pult, gtusk mega lop, stun spore can disable anything moonblast can't and skill swap for any encounters with hatt/mega diancie (you may even get free rocks

2-:lopunny-mega: mega lopunny
Listen, i know it is a weird choice for webs, and that the set i am using isn't as good this gen, but this mega lop set shits on rival archetype: screens ho, just encore koko and then pup until screens are not a problem, and boom, if there cyc wasn't scarf, they are gone, it also is a beast under webs, they could switch to whatever checks you and then a pup at a switch can not only cause panic because of the suprise factor but also soften checks by a lot which can activate a sweep thx for webs greatly limting cplay

3-:kingambit: kingambit
Defiant for webs, tera water for skele and torn-t which are major threats to this team (and also soften gtusk's stabs so it can kill it with no problem), sd or switch to defog, click the funny button, webs always nice, boom, typical kgambit sweep

4-:great tusk: great tusk
Booster energy gtusk is busted on webs, tera fighting for that essential hit to prevent wash from fogging, rapid spin for emergencies if webs got removed or the opposing team has hazards, pretty straight forward

5-:thundurus-therian: thund-t
Thx to its amazing spa, coverage and a very good speed tier after webs, this mon will 90% win the game after an np if they don't have an unware mon or torn't, also anything that can handle tbolt won't handle fightinium so stopping it is hard

6-:gholdengo: gholdengo
Essential on webs because it prevents fogs and spins, also a pretty nice sweeper on webs thx to stabs, recover and air baloon for any hdb gtusks again, pretty straight forward.
:ss/pelipper: :ss/swampert-mega: :ss/ferrothorn: :ss/barraskewda: :ss/zapdos: :ss/tapu lele:

Very easy for beginners to pick up. Easy to play, no skill needed.
Just your standard rain team but with Tapu Lele. Pelipper to set-up rain, Mega Swampert and Barraskewda are the breakers, Ferrothorn is the tank for the team. Zapdos can also take a hit in a pinch while also provide flying and electric coverage for opposing grass and water types respectively. Lele provides insurance against priority in a metagame where most team have some kind of e speed, sucker punch, etc. It also provides speed control outside of rain.
Overall just a very easy team to pick up and play with, and very easy to gain rating for newer players. (but even at higher level it works XD)

Dead by Daylight

Flowers for Algernon
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:ss/tyranitar: :sm/garchomp-mega: :ss/excadrill: :ss/volcarona: :ss/rotom-wash: :sv/annihilape:

Mega Garchomp Sand (pseudo-500th post)


This team has brought me lots of success in the NatDex room. I have won 5 room tours with this team, and I'm pretty sure it's a fixture right now. It's a fairly straightforward team: you get your breakers in during Sand (Mega Garchomp and Excadrill), break down the defensive linchpins, and send in Annihilape or Volcarona to clean up. Even I, just a meh player (IMO), have found success. It does require some positioning skills, though.

:tyranitar: The quintessential Sand setter, Tyranitar sets Stealth Rock and pivots out while also chipping away at your opponent's team through its pretty strong Stone Edges and Crunches. Not much else to say about it.

:garchomp-mega: Garchomp was one of my favorite 'mons growing up, and so was its Mega. Unfortunately, it was never as viable as its non-Mega counterpart, so I decided to make Mega Garchomp the focus of this team. Swords Dance + Scale Shot function as a pseudo-Dragon Dance, and using Mega Chomp's bulk, it's fairly easy to set up on the switches you force. Fire Blast 3HKOs Corviknight, while Earthquake is ridiculously strong in Sand when boosted by Sand Force.

:excadrill: Choice Band Excadrill is your other ludicrously strong wallbreaker. Earthquake + Rock Slide is near-uncounterable, while Rapid Spin lets you have emergency hazard control and Iron Head whacks most Earthquake resists and nukes Mega Diancie trying to be greedy with Diamond Storm. It also has a neat flinch chance, letting you hax through walls. Not much else to say here, either.

:volcarona: Volcarona is one of the biggest pieces of this team. It forces the Steel birds out if they try to switch in on your Sand core and sets up a Quiver Dance. Additionally, the Sand core adds another dimension to Volcarona, since it threatens to KO Heatran at the drop of a hat, letting Volcarona set up and win when your opponent has been sufficiently weakened, which isn't hard to do with the firepower of the team.

:rotom-wash: Rotom is the secondary Fire resistance if both Garchomp and Tyranitar have fainted and you've used up your Tera (which is fairly common). It lets you pivot around everything, while also gaining momentum off the Sand core's only true switch-ins, the Steel birds. You also lure in Grass-types, such as Mega Venusaur or Kartana, that Volcarona can deal with. Will-o-Wisp lets you cripple other threats, such as Mega Lopunny or the aforementioned Kartana.

:annihilape: Annihilape can function either as a sweeper or as a switch-in to common threats, letting it power up Rage Fist and clean late-game. Bulk Up, alternatively, lets you become far more immediately threatening, meaning you have yet another tool to work with that your opponent may not have an answer for. It also soft-checks many threats to the team, ranging from Tera Grass Heatran to Kingambit.
Sub Toxic Aegislash Fat
(For some reason the image links aren’t working there is the pokepaste for the team)(shout out to sorcer3rvibin on showdown for letting me know)
Woah! Aegislash?! But that’s outclassed by gholdengo!!!1!! Yes I know, but aegislash has some traits that differentiate it from the dominant ghost steel. First toxic and better bulk when in shield forme and it’s so slow that it can change with the same bulk and go on the offensive with stab shadow ball with a 140 base special attack which is higher then the noodles guy. Using sub and toxic to stall out the opponent and can batter away with shadow ball. While aegis does struggle with both garganacl and kinggambit as well as wrestling with its lack of speed and kings shield shenanigans tera water garganacl as well as hippowdon can deal with these types of things. hippowdon especially piling on the residual damage with sandstorm and blustering the other teammate on this team garganacl. Garganacl in particular can act as a check to kingambit with iron defense and tera water while also keeping physical rain sweepers in check. Defog on torn to get rid of hazards that aren’t to favorable and pursuit kingambit to act as a removal for gholdengo so hazards can actually be removed.
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:bw/hippowdon: :bw/skarmory: :sv/garganacl: :sv/lopunny-mega: :sv/toxapex: :bw/mandibuzz: posted a massive rmt about this so check it for specifics.

tldr: stack hazards with hipposkarm and dance around until mlop, garg, or skarm wins.

Pokerich Paul offered my chum gamer but swag 500,000 pokedollars for this team back in January but he didn't fold and kept the team. It is now worth 18,000,000 pokedollars. Inspiring Investing.

I REFUSE to credit gamer but swag for Hippowdon. :changry:

Sample Submission

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its me versus whoever wanna lose
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PUPL Champion

team i used for the majority of SSNL (i dont think this team has actually lost yet)


Major game plan is to get hazards up with Gastrodon and Garganacl early game, with Garg and Gastro being able to pressure most removal options while covering a large portion of the metagame defensively. Urshifu is a soft-check to Weavile and Kingambit while breaking holes in the opposing team with strong Close Combats and Surging Strikes, also pressuring non-tera water Garganacl. Dragapult with Ghostium Z can lure in physical walls and pressure them greatly, opening up an end-game with Kingambit, and also pressures slower teams with Substitute. Tornadus is the removal option and can spread knocks along with Kingambit to open the opposing team to hazards,while also being a check to Great Tusk, Rillaboom, and Kartana, all of which can be really annoying for this team. Kingambit is the main sweeper of the team and appreciates Urshifu and Pult opening holes for it.

HAS ISSUES WITH TERA WATER GARGANACL and tera grass heatran sometimes
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this is just like that time when
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team dump v2 -
ill provide explanations for sample subs below

:kyurem: :lopunny-mega: :kingambit: :ferrothorn: :tornadus-therian: :landorus-therian:
some cool kyulop team now powered up by BTCM
kingambit removes the pults and dengos ferro provides hazards and torn and lando do what they usually do

:volcarona: :hydreigon: :weavile: :tornadus-therian: :great-tusk: :gholdengo:
trapper hydrei and volc is one devious combo
you can trap pex clod hippo and threaten skele for volc to run absolutely wild
weav is the #stabspammer tornt is tornt tusk rocks and mlop check and ghold handles lele
bug buzz can also be used over psy since drei will threaten tran to tera grass so volc can own it

:lopunny-mega: :tapu-koko: :walking-wake: :ferrothorn: :tornadus-therian: :landorus-therian:
lopkoko in combination with the super wake makes the switch in challenge for a lot of team #notfun
ferro provides rocks and steel type mon tornt improves v not so good val mu and lando does landorus-therian things
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2020 idm boomer

Whole Lotta Agents Chief Hurt Officer
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Been having a blast using this grass spam team I built that was originally inspired by a team adem passed me, which was used in last year's NDPL. Hit 1850 on the ladder with this team at around 86% GXE. Back when adem shared the paste, the team had grassy seed Reuniclus but I replaced it with Deoxys-D instead as it was on the rise towards the end of Gen 8 and as you all know I'm a big fan of utilizing very evil pokemon.

With Melmetal being banned this gen, I had the idea to replace it with Tera Fire (for Volcarona and Zard-Y) or Tera Water (for Walking Wake) AV Kingambit, which honestly is just as good if not better than the AV Melm that was on the OG team. Mega Garchomp is the team's hazard setter, volt blocker, wisp-absorber, and Heatran/Zard-Y check. It sports a phenomenal special movepool capable of sniping common grass spam foes in Ferrothorn, Skarmory, and Corviknight, while also punishing common hazard removers like Great Tusk, Landorus-T, and Rotom-W.

The terrain users and abusers:
  • Bulu as the bulky Z-move user provides solid defensive utility while also being able to remove common grass spam threats in Ferrothorn, Corviknight, Heatran, and prospectively Volcarona and Zard-Y on the switch with its coverage.
  • Hawlucha as the Unburden sweeper: can single-handedly change the tempo of the game. Tera Flying to abuse Acrobatics to its fullest extent, as it is Hawlucha's most spammable move. Using Stone Edge over Sub/Taunt to hit stuff like Zapdos as the point isn't always necessarily to sweep, but to punch holes in defenses that enable the other abusers, such as this next mon...
  • Scarf Kartana: holy hell... almost always terastalize this. The damage output of this mon with Tera Grass and terrain up is godly. While I'm now in favor of banning tera, I would miss seeing the unholy amounts of damage this mon is able to dish out on this teambuild. Slot defog on this for emergency hazard removal but most of the time you're just going to click Leaf Blade. I don't think I've clicked anything other than Leaf Blade, Defog, and Knock Off on this set.
  • Grassy Seed Deoxys-D: I started off memeing with this set but honestly, the fact that I can switch into Knock Off on terrain and take nothing, or just switch in at +1 and continue setting up is so crazy sometimes. This mon is pure cheese, even after the recovery nerf. Deo-D can start setting up in the midgame if you have favorable enough conditions, or come clean up what's remaining at the end. Watching 4a gambit struggle with this mon is honestly incredible. Tera Poison is available in a pinch and synergizes well with Grassy Terrain removing the weakness to EQ, while also avoiding a fast Toxic from stuff like Tornadus-T.
(no I will not elaborate also just outplay or get good :afrostar:)


This team will definitely hold up post tera ban but please use it before then so you can truly appreciate how evil Tera Grass Kartana. Deoxys-D is also hilarious but is often the subject of haxx (perhaps deserved but certainly unjust).

Also shout out to my team @ Whole Lotta Agents!!! Enjoy the team :swole:

Edit: NOT a sample sub but just know Deo-D is coming back for the VR... also STOP sleeping on Hawlucha
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I like Chesnaught...

Chesnaught @ Leftovers
Ability: Bulletproof
Tera Type: Electric
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Bulk Up
- Synthesis
- Drain Punch
- Trailblaze

Tapu Lele @ Terrain Extender
Ability: Psychic Surge
Tera Type: Psychic
EVs: 160 HP / 96 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Aromatherapy
- Psyshock
- Energy Ball
- Taunt

Urshifu-Rapid-Strike @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Unseen Fist
Tera Type: Fighting
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Surging Strikes
- Close Combat
- Iron Head
- U-turn

Corviknight @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Mirror Armor
Tera Type: Flying
- Roost
- Defog
- Drill Peck
- Body Press

If anyone has any recommendations for his team, I'd love to hear it.
here are some teams that have found success up to 1650ish before I got ladder anxiety and switched to yet another alt

2020 idm boomer's psyspam team w/ greedier EVs
:tapu-lele: :victini: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :kyurem: :mawile-mega: :landorus-therian:
OG team w/ nicks | my version
ok starting off strong with yet another stolen team from the WLA GOAT himself; all i did was change lele & lando EVs for preference
mega mawile as intimidate x2 and rocker/knocker utility p chill. the kyurem set simply wins late game -- no clue what the hell this black magic EV shit is i'm just gonna trust that it works. i am a huge sucker for mmaw HO and especially paired with z-celebrate victini. first time i saw it in gen 9 so of course imma use it. whole team has no switch-ins tbh this is a fire squad wp bro
gallade mega + ditto HO
:gallade-mega: :tapu-lele: :ditto: :rotom-wash: :landorus-therian: :kingambit:
with help from the aforementioned GOAT i made a gallade-mega squad. got some replays showcasing success in the 1500s lol 1 2 3 TL;DW: scarf lele cleans lategame (wow!). ditto and gambit fit on a ton of squads and i will be exploring more of that. tried a few variants like band/dark z gambit and trick scarf rotom + offensive scarf lando. have also tried focus blast over fsight on lele -- not sure which is better.
z move feels a bit forced vs leftovers. speed on gambit is guesswork, probably overkill.
you might as well remake this team with iron valiant though
hardest matchup so far has been opposing lele and wotom since there's basically nothing you can do safely vs those
i have beaten everything from rain to trick room to stall with this team (granted, not even in the leaderboard skill bracket)
edit: diancie webs
:diancie-mega: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :mamoswine: :ribombee: :kingambit: :gholdengo:
EDIT: ok someone just fucking destroyed me with this on my reqs run and they were 1700s this is APPROVED. original post: forgot to honorably mention this diancie ribombee + mamo webs team im working on. cant find any good diancie webs so we gotta fix that. this one aint it but it's fun. mamo can cook.
mawile mega specs koko BO
:mawile-mega: :clodsire: :corviknight: :hydreigon: :tapu-fini: :tapu-koko:
in the spirit of the theme of this post, i stole buayagator's regieleki team from early on in gen 9 and replaced eleki with tapu koko -- and water absorb with unaware on clod (EDIT: tbh tera fairy absorb clod for wake is good though). i originally had tera ice since i was coping w/ no tera blast (adaptability tera lele/koko r pretty busted). no knocker on this squad so perhaps i'll try SD maw w/ knock sucker +1. haven't run into any tough matchups but they probably exist. it's not the best team but i like it.
2x TR (WIP)
:porygon2: :cresselia: :hatterene: :slowking: :stakataka: :hoopa-unbound:
tera dark band hoopa u lmao. i got rinsed by this so i had to try it for myself. rockium z staka is experimental and idk if it is worth having 3 setters either.
:porygon2: :hatterene: :cresselia: :marowak-alola: :torkoal: :stakataka:
i straight up put this team in gen 9 with some appropriate tera types

DM me if u got ideas for tweaks thx <3
hope u enjoy thx for reading
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Went on a bit of a rampage and broke 1800 with this Mobamba Screens so thought id drop some heat for the people
:sv/grimmsnarl::sv/cyclizar: :sv/dragapult: :sv/armarouge: :sv/annihilape: :sv/abomasnow-mega:

Some lil features of the team id like to point out:
  • Grimmsnarl has atk evs invested to kill lead gambits that try and iron head you with superpower and twave to absolutely cripple opposing setup and bulky things that try and fog.
  • -Cyclizar does what it normally does and enabled all the other guys to go off.
  • Pult is also standard but with wisp to cripple opposing physical attackers and common switches like gambit(which i find very annoying so try to cteam often) and tusk, its surprising how many teams still autolose to this at +2+2
  • Armarouge is the star sweeper of this team and destroys stuff if you can bring it in behind a sub and get some defence boosts id commonly tera this.
  • While armarouge prefers setting up against physical mons to proc the weak armor ape is better vs special attackers and I bring it in instead vs special heavy teams, if you can bait the fire move and get setup ur laughing at the ops, this is my alternate tera usually.
  • Mobamba is dumb stupid thick with the new snow mechanic and ive literally had kart fail to break its sub with smart strike with reflect up 252 Atk Kartana Smart Strike vs. 204 HP / 252+ Def Abomasnow-Mega in Snow through Reflect: 69-82 (18.5 - 22%) -- possible 5HKO to give you an idea of how physically stronk this set is. speed is for pex so you can keep +2 after KO-ing IT honestly you could even give this thing leech seed and make it absurdly annoying but I prefer the purely offensive variant.
Things that bother this team:
:sv/tapu-lele: generally you sac grimm for screens to it (you live 1 specs moonblast if no tera) and then cyclizar into armarouge, if theyre scarf just straight armarouge.
:sv/hoopa-unbound: random scrubs using brick break hoopa-u on ladder too bother this team.
:sv/walking-wake: strong special attackers especially water can bother this team too u just gotta outplay or t-wave it with grimm.
:sv/garganacl: this mon seems to annoy every team its just a super BS mon thats a pain to deal with without armarouge im sick of playing against dirty salt stall with skeledirge.

This is not a sample submission only for the real G's who wanna tilt people on ladder with some heat.


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:sv/pikachu: :sv/greninja: :sv/goodra: :sv/noivern: :sv/hawlucha: :sv/talonflame:
Ash Team Balance - Sample Submission
Objectively the best team in the meta right now, should be sample since its way better than that bad HippoSkarmGarg team! @VR Council, make this happen.
Putting yourself at an inherent disadvantage not running Assault Vest Goodra, otherwise looks pretty solid! (for a noob)
  • Haha
Reactions: Kyo
:sv/pikachu: :sv/greninja: :sv/goodra: :sv/noivern: :sv/hawlucha: :sv/talonflame:
Ash Team Balance - Sample Submission
Objectively the best team in the meta right now, should be sample since its way better than that bad HippoSkarmGarg team! @VR Council, make this happen.
Using Hawlucha without terrain for seed :row:

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