Non-official National Dex DOU #3 - Mega Metagross

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Although not everyone has voted, nothing can be done to change the outcome.

Current votes: 33
Ban votes: 26 (63.4%)
Do Not Ban votes: 7 (17.0%%)

As the 60% majority has been reached for action to be taken, Mega Metagross is now banned from National Dex Doubles. Tagging Marty and dhelmise to implement; thanks!

Thank you to everyone for participating in the suspect test. This thread will remain open until the deadline outlined in the OP for those that wish for their votes to count towards the Tiering Contributor badge. If you qualify for Tiering Contributor following this suspect test (10 votes across all tiers), then please PM me, big pichu, Kyo, or R8 with links to all of your votes and we can process your request from there.
Not open for further replies.

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